A man with 555,011 subscribers use Kllippyo

Get advices from the man with more video views than all the people on earth.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the world’s biggest video marketer and foremost YouTube expert stopped by to tell you how to make your videos 100% better?

That’s exactly what Derral Eves has done here.

Derral Eves’s YouTube channel has over half a MILLION subscribers.

But that’s not even the best of him. He’s won ad of the year awards. He’s responsible for viral campaigns you’ve DEFINITELY seen.

He’s got clients that read like an episode – scratch that – a SEASON of Madmen. (Red Bull, NBC, ABC, and Adobe to name just a few). And he’s been featured on more TV channels than Rice Krispies.

He’s also found the time to help his clients get over 9 billion videos views, which is 1.3 BILLION more views than ALL the people, on earth.

And he’s giving his best advice for making video in the modern-day away from free here

Also, he’s worked closely with the Klippyo team to produce an app that sits on your phone and lets you create video that’s beyond anything you’ve ever seen.

It’s helping everyday content creators create video that’s proven to be more engaging, capable of generating cheaper clicks and making your brand 78% more visible on the news feed. It’s even used by Derral himself.

People like Derral Eves don’t put their full support behind software that doesn’t excel. So take a look at why he’s endorsed Kllippyo and read his advice while you still can. Because this offer, and the FREE advice on the sales page, are only around for a few days during this short launch.

Below is a short list of all the great features Klippyo gives you for creating highly engaging videos.

But I want to tell you about the most important one.

This is so IMPORTANT that if you only make one change, you’d want to make it this because this change alone is proven to produce some stunning results:

• 80-100% more engagement.
• 30-35% higher video views.
• 33% less cost per engagement.
• 78% more visibility in newsfeeds.

The most important aspect of your video is its aspect ratio.

“So many people miss out on golden opportunities, not because of bad content, or lack of skill, but because they’re using the WRONG kind of video.”

Old school 16:9 landscape video is a throwback to the VHS. To TVs. Which is great, if it was still 1999. But it isn’t.

Today we have mobiles, iPads, and tablets in all shapes and sizes. We have applications built specifically for them. And we are using them to
engage with forms of media, radically different from the past.”

So recording, editing and publishing in the right aspect ratio for the platform you are publishing on is critical.

And doing it can bring a massive uptick in engagement. That’s proven.

Find out more here

So what else do you get from Klippyo?

Here’s the list:

Square videos… give you 78% more screen real-estate, increase views, engagement, and reduce your cost per engagement on mobile platforms.

Social video memes… produce stunning results from mobile newsfeeds on any platform.

Multiple aspect ratios… Shoot, edit and publish in any aspect ratio that suits your content, platform, or device.

Professional editing suite… purpose-built for mobile so you can create incredible social videos on the go.

Direct social media integration… Share straight to your favourite social platforms.

Emojis and Stickers… encourage likes, shares, and many other reactions to bring more people into your social sphere of influence.

Intros and Outros… customizable intros and outros to grab attention, create easy branding, and inspire action with direct calls to action.

Intros and Outros Pro… Integrate your Viddyoze account to bring world-class video animations to your Klippyo content.

Captions… boost viewer retention and interact with the hearing impaired, people in quiet environments, and the 85% of Facebook users who watch videos with the sound off.

Captions Pro… as an entirely optional extra, the team at Klippyo will create and sync pro-level captions for your video, for a small fee.

Quotes… quotes go viral like nothing else, and Klippyo makes it fast and easy to find a quote and publish it directly from your phone.

There’s a ton more detail on the offer page, and Klippyo is definitely worth your time. If for no other reason than to see what’s changed and what you need to be doing with your videos to succeed from here on out.

This offer disappears any day now, and the public price is significantly higher, so if you’ve any interest in shooting for that 100% engagement boost, now is the time to check it out…

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