AdSense Lab Review, Bonus, OTOs – How To Get $341 a Day

AdSense Lab Review – The Single Most thing that is working for Adsense 2019 and beyond

Are you looking more knowleadge regarding AdSense Lab? Please check out my honest review concerning it before selecting to examine the weaknesses and staminas of it. If you get AdSense Lab from my link, you will receive special exclusive bonuses that help you make more money using it.

AdSense Lab Review –  Introduction

Listen, Adsense Lab is getting huge response. So far many clients had on boarded to duplicate exact system that is making $4,000-$5,000 in 2019 with Adsense for someone who is doing this by working 30-40 minutes a day.

You can see Today’s earning with this type of website he is having

As marketers we’ve all seen this happening for years. AdSense™ its Legit and exist in this Market from Long Time before you had seen Affiliate Marketing,Videos, YouTube™, Webinars and Funnels.​

AdSense™ working in 2019, It will not vanish from the Market for next 100 years, that is sure!

​It is Proven that AdSense is the Best Online Business So Far that works even you do it for 40 minutes daily and Lots of Publishers Leveraging their Business through Simple AdSense Websites working Few Hours compare to other Revenue Streams that are not a Long Term Solution and takes days to catch.

In Starting of internet era , there were few websites and not much competition.

Then People Started Creating websites on own and Google came in Picture as a Big Guy.

People started Earning with Google ADSENSE and those were the Days when they use to receive Adsense Paychecks.

Then more and more website’s started populating and internet became a Huge Battle Ground with New Powers. Everyone forgot about Adsense.

But now, I would like to let you know that 2 Super Adsense Guys is still doing Adsense with Great Numbers with simple websites!

They even made their own Software to cut the time to Create Content, Driving Traffic and made Adsense Super Easy for 2020.

AdSense Lab Review – What Is It?

adsense-lab-reviewAdSense Lab is an amazing Software that build instant websites without writing much content, Driving Traffic to any website in an easy way that is making our AdSense websites highly Profitable.

Not only that, you may add outcomes for Visitor’s Action based on their response or collect messenger and optin leads. It has direct integration with Facebook Messenger, Facebook App and AutoResponder services.

Loaded with Six Figures AdSenseCase Studies, AdSense Lab Generate viral content in minutes that goes Viral on different platforms that ultimately skyrocket your AdSense Dashboard Curves.

Just Four Easy Steps To Create Quizzes That Engages, Captures, Segments, and Converts Your Leads. Its also a best tool for Affiliate, Facebook Marketers, List Builders, Clickbank and CPA.

It’s will working for you every day and Night totally HANDS FREE

STEP #1: Just Quickly Choose the Trending Topic to which  entire world is getting attention in current time.

STEP #2: Populate engaging content based on that Trend with few clicks, Just entering few words and publish to your website directly from AdSense Lab platform.


STEP #3: Connect: The platform to Share it with hungry Audeince who are in that Trend and they will be forced to share it with like minded audience, resulting in Viral traffic totally hands free like someone had fired a nuclear weapon!

And Off course this is proven and working for us seamlessly Day and Night without doing extra work.


AdSense Lab Review – About the Creators


Anirudh Baavra, an AdSense™ is guy who making Multiple Figures with AdSense using simple but proven methods that he had automated in past 7 years.

Anirudh Baavra with Amit Gaikwad and his team had created an Amazing Software based on his Secret Methods to make this an easy task.

They about to Show you How you can benefit from this Giant which is Paying to 1,714,802 websites and How You can Tap into this $52+ Billion Industry by running Simple Websites as they do.

AdSense Lab Review – Features

There Is So Much Features Inside Adsense Lab That Makes It Literally a Game Changer

Less Content Creation Required
It’s a huge misconception that AdSense Only work with Fresh Content. Developers will show you How they are running. Multiple figure website without creating Much content.

Passive Income Months After Months
Inside AdSense Lab creators will show You how they are making Passive Income Month After Month. Without Much Work, Driving Huge Traffic to their Websites.

Without SEO, Google Ranking or Backlinks
AdSense Lab creators don’t care about these Hard Working Methods that generate little traffic after much efforts, They Get Traffic from Day #1 and Make it Profitable.

No Complex Software, Totally Cloud Based
Adsense Lab team use their cloud based Software to Generate Traffic Sucking Campaigns. it works on any website that embed code or use plugins. All Platforms included.

Automated Viral Keywords – Get Fresh Viral Trending Keywords that sucks Traffic Like a Tornado.

Ready made Campaigns – 100 Ready made Viral Adsense Campaigns so you can start your Adsense website instantly. No content to be written!

Lead Capturing – Capture your leads with different Campaigns like personality, diagnostic, trivia, true/false quizzes and build Your List!

Engage Visitors – Create text or image-based questions and open-ended answers.

Customize – Customization, i.e. color customization, fonts customization Supports 800+ fonts.

Embed – Embed anywhere – Integrate Vial Adsense platform on any website using provided embed code.

Fast Network Sharing – Automatic Post sharing to Facebook, Facebook Pages, Youtube, Daily motion, Reddit, Flickr, Imgur, Instagram, Linkedin, Linkedin Companies, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Medium, Blogger, WordPress, VK, Vimeo, Telegram Channels, Telegram Groups.

AdSense Lab Review – Evaluation and Price

All OTOs are optional and you can consider them as additional sources of income.

AdSense Lab: The Secret AdSense Weapon – $67

OTO #1: Crazy CPA Formula: AdSense Auto Funnels – $47-$67

Make Your website an AdSense, Clickbank & CPA Magnet. This Proven Formula will get Crazy Results from different CPA Offers from existing Visitors.

The best thing is that it will expose the same Traffic to the next offer hence no work to Drive Traffic.

Offer your Audience a personalized experience by showing specific questions or results based on their answers.

Offer quiz takers different outcomes based on their answers – Add different CPAs .

Redirect your users on custom pages after the successful attempt of quiz.

OTO #2: Golden Traffic Magnet – $47-$67

Explode Your website’s Traffic and Build Traffic website fast. Use our Exact System that utilize chat, Leads and custom FB Pixel placements.

Force Your visitors to Drive Traffic for You while You Just sit and watch Your AdSense income.

Standalone Landing pages for your Content, no website is required. Make it a Big Business!

Direct integration with Facebook Messenger, Facebook App using manychat, Now you can convert your Visitors to as you wish.

with the application, just include the raw HTML code of form and capture Leads in an easy way}

Build custom audiences and execute the events based on data generated from visitors so you can spend on advertising to those who generate profits.

Show Different Popups to Visitors based on their different actions/responses , This leads to better targeted Audience that you can direct anywhere like CPA, Click Bank offer or anywhere.

Now You can look into details that what your website visitors love and what not. This will ensure that you replicate and scale on winners!

OTO#3: Viral AdSense DFY – $97-$127

Need AdSense Lab Team to Setup your Viral AdSense website with Expert Hands? Just Provide domain and hosting and AdSense Lab team will setup Viral AdSense website on best Niche with All Legal Pages and Full blown Content.

OTO#4: Reseller – $297-$497

Now you can Sell this All in One Viral AdSense App to your customers and get instant business opportunities. Just scroll on different Forums and websites and you will see hungry AdSense Publishers for new Methods and Software.

AdSense Lab Review – Conclusions

Now you can harness power of Real time trending content with Google AdSense to turn it into a Profitable business without doing much work.

Connect Adsense Lab to existing website or a new one with just few clicks …. create your viral trending formula and experience power of Hungry Traffic in any website.Top of that topics creators are building quality Leads on daily basis from same visitors to make more profit.

I hightly reccomend this tool and training, it’s really evergreen working system.

Get access to Adsense Lab and copy our proven system. Go ahead and get on board.


Adsense Lab Exclusive Bonuses

Soci Video Gamer

Engage and convert your visitors with interactive social network video puzzle!
The brandable HTML5 Social Video Puzzle is an interactive YouTube video puzzle game with social network share. It splits the video into several pieces, shuffles them and the user has to put them back into the correct order to claim your special offer. This script can be used for creating a “buffer” page for social media marketing or engaging landing page to convert visitors. Truly the easiest and most effective way to increase engagement and conversions!
STEP 1. Enter video ID and promotion details then upload to server
Just enter any public YouTube video ID and promotion details (logo, headline, caption and link to special offer e.g. coupon, discount or download) then transfer all files to your server.
STEP 2. Visitors play the video puzzle
When a visit the page, the script checks if the videos files exists (videoID.webm / videoID.mp4), if it does, the user can click to play the video puzzle immediately, If the file does not exist, it automatically downloads the video files from YouTube (with progress bar).
STEP 3. They claim your offer
If the user successfully completes the puzzle then can play again to beat there previous time or visit your link to claim your offer.
Not only does this tool offers easy and fast installation (no database or app setup needed), you also get the following benefits:
1. Attract more
It helps you attract more visitors to your website, products or services on a daily basis.
2. Engage more
The video puzzle game engages them and encourages them to share their excitement with friends.
3. Convert more
People enjoy a challenge and like to be rewarded for there effort so playing the video puzzle game gets them invested to take action – visit and claim your offer! Helping you increase conversions like never before!


PageZon: This is specially designed for you to list down Amazon affiliate store products on your Facebook fan page, This app will create a new tab “Amazon Store” on the fan page. This is very good tool to combine with shopabot and make a presence on facebook to get more business and traffic on your store. Once you do it, your amazon listings will be loaded to your Facebook store and your Facebook visitors will be able to see/buy your items by clicking on the same button from your Facebook fan page.
Here Are The Amazing Features We Have Customized Into PageZon:
  • The application complies with all Facebook terms and conditions.
  • Application is 100% responsive and works on every mobile devices.
  • Application support multi languages..
  • Custom headers can be added with store.
  • Can grab a huge no of products from your amazon store.
  • Display list of categories on your Application, used for filter products.
  • Search your ebay store items on the base of keywords.
  • Filter with respect to item types.
  • Facebook comments, share, pinit, like are part of it.
  • It is not necessary to be logged on to Facebook in order to access the Admin Control Panel
  • Full support for the following browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox

Bulk Blaster

Bulk Blaster – This Can handle huge lists of emails without straining the server thanks to a powerful “threads” system that divides the email lists into smaller chunks. Supports a huge amount of features including external smtp servers.
These are the most notable features:
  • Can handle huge mailing lists (tested with 300k+ addresses).
  • Avoids mail server congestion, e-mails are sent in chunks you’ll be able to monitor the process in real time thanks to the power of AJAX.
  • Supports both csv files and mySQL as email lists. Easy to use with an existing mySQL database: create a schema or even a custom query to access your data
  • Multiple configurations, switch between lists and mails with a simple click.
  • Sends mixed html/txt emails. Sets the correct mail headers to avoid being marked as spam.
  • Uses the powerful Pear Mail library (can fall back to the standard mail() function).
  • Remote HTML parsing. Mailing Master can directly send a webpage (as well as a local files).
  • All options are configurable from the web interface, and no database is needed for Mailing Master to work.
  • Complete e-mail validation, checks if the address actually exists with a dns query.
  • GET strings passed to the template for user based customization.
  • Powerful log system.
  • Uses twitter bootstrap for the interface.
  • PHP4 compatible.

WP Contentio

Contentio – This is an Advanced Floating Content plugin that is customised for you to use as an all in one purpose tool plus it’s not difficult to use, The interface covers everything in one single plugin to assure you won’t need any other plugin…
With WP Content Floater you can demonstrate a sticky footer notice or sticky header warning, feature advancements which floats into site, you need this to pass an important message to your social networking connections, a commercial picture or altered HTML coasting content, Every content on your website can be boosted with this and You can check Statistics from admin dashboard to show your floating content meets the desired reach.
Here Are Some Advanced Features Built Into WP Content Floater
  • Advancement and Promotions: Advancement and Promotions: Advanced Floating Content can be used for commercial or advancements.
  • Single Plug-in for all: With boundless Options You Can Present you?re all content by using our single plug-in such as:
  • Control Impressions : Control your banner/floating content impressions by enabling control impressions from plugin admin and after end user close the banner/content then it wont shows again on their system.
  • Video Embedding : If you love video anywhere on web, and you wish to embed them on your own web that float all over the theme, then you have to simple embed the code in your Advanced Floating Content and that Video is in your website. All embedded videos are supported such as Youtube, Daily Motion, & Vimeo.
  • Social media Sharing : By Using this advanced floating plugin you can embed all big social media sharing icons on your web in a single click e.g Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Responsiveness at peak with it’s auto fit feature This plugin comes with responsive feature, it adjust automatically according to your device (mobile phones, and tablet).
  • Html Codes In Your Control: If you have knowledge of html+css then you can customized your content by using WordPress default editor, and your stylish content that will float over the website.
Control Your Floating Content anywhere in your website: This feature of Advanced Floating Content stands out from the crowd and you have your control on your content anywhere in website. If you want to control your floating content to complete website or on selective pages / posts / categories then it is possible now. Just chose the right option for your content placement with a simple interface.

WP IG Auto Poster

WP IG Auto Poster – This is a premium customized WordPress Instagram Plugin that helps to exclude the manual work of posting from WordPress to Instagram.
The plugin can help you post video and images automatically from WordPress to your Instagram account. It supports WooCommerce Product, WordPress Page, WordPress Post….No need for API ID and APP Secret.
Here Are Some Amazing Features Built Into WP IG Auto Poster
  • Multiple Accounts – the ability to use any number of accounts.
  • Proxies support – use a proxy for Instagram accounts.
  • Images support – posting images from WordPress to Instagram.
  • Video support – posting video from WordPress to Instagram. Video should be less than one minute.
  • Different post types – WooCommerce Product, WordPress Page, WordPress Post.
  • Categories posting – just select categories and post to Instagram.
  • Schedule posting – set the time interval for posting.

WP IG Feeder 

WP IG Feeder – This is also a premium WordPress plugin for creating pretty Instagram feed media walls of Instagram public posts on your website. The plugin lets you aggregate and stream posts of Instagram accounts, hashtags and locations. And the great thing is that you can mix any of Instagram feeds in the same social media wall.
Customization possibilities of IG Feeds Machine are so rich and powerful that you can change and setup almost every aspect of your Instagram feed galleries. Imagine, you can recolor your Instagram post, re-position elements, change different design layouts and so on! I believe this is the most advanced and beautiful Instagram feed aggregator you will ever see.
Seriously, This is the ONLY Instagram feed plugin with posts approval system, drag & drop card design builder and 4 kinds of stream layouts including classic grid, justified grid, masonry grid and slider. And yes, you will get access to Instagram public content with  WP IG Feeder.
PLUS More Than 50+ Bonuses You Wiil Get Into JVzoo portal


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