Advertising in Instagram: how to set up and run how much

Advertising in Instagram: how to set up and run how much


The Instagram audience is growing – and advertisers follow users on this site. There are a lot of Russian-speaking audience, activity social network in second place in Russia, with all available advertising opportunities office of Facebook, and the cost of attracting the buyer or the visitor of the site, when properly configured, is lower than in other channels.

Talk about the types of advertising on Instagram, the correct setting of targeted advertising, its value, and also benefits this site.

What is advertising in Instagram

Forget about all the gray methods of promotion, like misspelling and asslicking and analyze only premium and effective methods today. Most advertisers today are working with targeted advertising and with bloggers. There are still members of “Huawei” but under the definition of advertising this type of promotion does not fall, therefore about it we will not tell.

So, two main types of advertising in Instagram:

1. Targeting

Promoting posts can be run from the account or from the office of Facebook, spend a hundred rubles to several million.

2. Bloggers

Market bloggers have increased significantly: in addition to accounts with millions of subscribers, advertising today sell microplanner and microinfinity. With them easier to agree on the placement, even if you promote not a BMW, and the interior colors in Saratov, and the cost of the post or storis is low enough to fit work with bloggers in the advertising budget of the aforementioned flower.


How to set targeted ads in Instagram

Targeting in Instagram can be used for all business accounts. Make sure you just like this, or transfer the account from personal to business settings.

For the launch of advertising on Instagram there are two ways: the promotion of posts from the profile, or complete customization in advertising account Facebook.

The promotion of posts is easier for newbies: simply click on “boost post”, select a few options and advertising will start. But opportunities are severely limited, and to promote only those posts that have been launched in the account. This method is not suitable for promotion of the website and any external resource.

Use it if you want to get coverage for a specific publication, and setting a little time.

Configure targeted advertising in Instagram through Facebook advertising Cabinet suitable for any purpose: live coverage, attract subscribers, increase website traffic, the sale of goods from the store.

To start targeting Instagram, go to advertising office: look under “Advertising” in the drop-down menu in the top bar Facebook. Further details on how to configure ads in Instagram:

1. Choose your advertising objective

Read more about order to help Facebook. If you still do not understand, choose “Coverage” or “Traffic”.

2. Determine a budget and schedule for display advertising

Budget will choose for the entire duration of the action (if you know when your ads should end, for example, together with the discounts in the store) or a daily budget. You will be able to change it.

Set the start date of the campaign (if it should be included right now) and the completion date. If you don’t put an end date, ads can still be turned off at any time, this function will additionally insure you to ad with irrelevant information are not cool if you forget about them.

3. Configure audience

Place: choose a country, city or specific address (for example, people spending time near your shop).

Age: set the age of your target audience.

Gender: choose the gender or leave the setting “All”.

Languages: here you can specify the interface language Facebook. Your Russian-speaking audience can use the social network in Russian and the other a different language. Ignore this field if you are not looking for expats.

Detailed targeting: the most important parameter. Here you can define the interests of the audience, the scope of work or studies, marital status, presence of children and much more. Enter the interest in the line, and when you choose a few relevant, click on the “Recommendations” and the system will tell you similar interests.

Setting “Connection” is needed if you want to interact with followers of your Facebook page, events on Facebook or mobile applications (it should also be associated with an advertising office).

4. Choose your ad placements

By default, your advertising campaign shows up everywhere: on Facebook, in Instagram, Messenger and even our advertising network partners Facebook (Audeince Network).

To only show your ads to Instagram, click “Edit placement” and uncheck all unnecessary fields.

5. Setting “Optimize and show”

You can leave the default if you don’t know how it works.

6. Create an ad

Choose the page for which to advertise in Instagram. First select the Facebook page, which is linked to your Instagram profile (he’s definitely tied to a business page if you have moved from personal to business account). After selecting the Facebook page you will have the opportunity to choose Instagram account.

If you don’t have (Yes, you), choose “Show ads as the page in Facebook”.

7. Choose ad format: photo, video, gallery

Test different formats and do not forget to change the creatives that they have not become familiar to the audience.

8. Upload files: photos, videos, add text and link

Now a campaign can be published. First it will go to moderation, and will spin in a few minutes or hours, depending on the speed of moderation. You will see the status of your ad under “display Status”. When is running, is the “Active” status.

Advertising in Instagram Stories

The launch of targeted advertising in the Storis is the same with one difference: in step 4, when selecting placementof, remove the checkmark from “Tape”.

For advertising in Instagram Storis prepare a separate creative, vertical. It can be done in any graphical editor or directly in the Instagram app, create Stories, as I do always, but don’t post, and save the result to your phone. Then open this picture (or video) on a computer and paste as image in the advertising office. Just remember that the links of the format @username will be invalid.

Advertising bloggers Instagram, cost and features

Among opinion leaders, you can publish a promotional post or story. Unlike targeted advertising, the results of the placement from blogger to predict more complex.

Imagine: you buy placement for $ 10,000, and after the payment and release of post understand whether it was effective.

Before you start an advertising campaign it is important at least approximately, but to know how much does advertising in Instagram and what to expect effect.

In targeted advertising Instagram to make conclusions about the impact possible, spending a much smaller amount. By targeting the line, you will see the approximate cost of advertising. And if the cost is not satisfied, disable the campaign.

On the other hand, advertising in Instagram-blogger can bring a target action at a price much lower than would be required to spend in targeted advertising. Blogger does not simply inform an audience about a product, but recommends it, and this recommendation audience trusts.

The advertising market to bloggers in Instagram rather chaotic: there is no convenient sites generated average prices and even rules. Be prepared to spend time searching for opinion leaders, chat with them, coordination of publications and the reporting.

1. How to find a blogger to advertise

Form the portrait of target audience and find pages, of which the subscribers — your potential customers. Start with the search directly in Instagram: you probably know a few opinion leaders within its field. Find similar pages, see their subscription: normally Instagram bloggers of similar topics and communicate followat each other.

2. How to negotiate with bloggers

Some accounts purchase advertising are handled by the Manager. His contacts will be listed in your bio.

Often the terms of advertising placed in “contemporary history,” header “advertising” or “pr”. Here you will find the price and procedure for filing of applications for advertising.

If any information was not found, write to direct. Most likely we are talking about a small blogger and your message he’ll notice.


3. Control publications

Let the blogger to write a text advertising the post in his style. The opinion leader knows what his audience like and how to make your product hooked subscribers.

Agree on the coordination of material before publication, to check for inaccuracies, but do not ask the opinion leader to openly publish a promotional phrase from your press release.

4. Analysis of the effectiveness

In advance agree with the blogger about the statements. For example, it can provide statistics on the publication or story a day after the publication in the form of a screenshot.

If you get the stats from blogger failed, consider publishing third-party services. Of course, you will receive less data than in the built-in Analytics Instagram, but will be left entirely without numbers.

For example, load account of blogger in Analytics service content Popsters. You will see all the posts for a certain period and will be able to compare a promotional post with other records. Typically, these publications get ER is lower than the unpaid materials, so don’t be put off by the deviations in the smaller side.