Animaytor Review and Bonus – Sell Videos For 100% Profits

Animaytor Review – Drag, drop, point and click NEXT Generation Software That Allows ANYONE Create Animation Videos

Animaytor Review – Introduction

Did you know that 96% of people watch explainer videos before investing into products and services?

Right now, video is booming. 86% of online marketers use video content. If today, you’re not using video, you’re missing out on the biggest pool of customers!

Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic. Videos are shared on social media 1200% more than images and text.

All that matters is what type of content you can create.

You can spend monthly fees for video software and waste hours learning how to use it. Alternatively, you could hire freelancers from the other side of the world and struggle to communicate your vision.

Either way, you have to make a huge payment upfront. And then wait weeks and hope to receive the first draft according to your requirements.

But today you can get special tool that help you in your marketing. It’s called Animaytor.

With Animaytor, you can create winning animated videos that generate surefire results. FINALLY you can capture, fascinate and get buyers like a pro.

Animaytor Review  – About the Creators

Brett Ingram & Mo Latif are not only a suppliers but also a talented marketers. They developed hundreds of products and launched them on JVZooand make huge sales records.

Some of their successful products are Flickstr, Pixamattic, Clipmagix, Socifeed, Social Video Suite, Profit Crusher and many others.

Animaytor Review – What Is It?

Animaytor is a revolutionary, game-changing software for animated videos on demand.

The world’s smartest and most powerful animation video studio with innovative drag and drop technology so you can create animation videos like never before. The finest animations you’ll experience without designing, video or technical skills!

You get professional, studio quality and highly engaging explainer videos to capture, fascinate and get you customer attention all within a few clicks.

You can create stunning animated videos within MINUTES and you won’t need any technical skills to get the job done!

– without spend months learning how to animate with sleepless nights
– without crawling through YouTube videos
– without testing out different types of animation until you get the transitions you like
– without pay for stock vectors, icons, and elements for your video
– without find stock music and sound effects from different websites
– without spend hundreds of dollars on royalty fees for each download and use.

Use the software’s drag-and-drop technology, with ready-to-use templates.

Animate your elements with the one click TransitionFX feature.

In just 1 click add elements, music, voiceover and sound effects you like from Animaytor’s huge media library.

You won’t spend a dime which means you can say goodbye to commercial fees as well!

You could even resell these videos and put up your own production house!

YES! You can keep 100% of the profits too!

Imagine all the money you’ll get if you can create UNLIMITED videos, on demand?

Example Videos You Can Create Using Animaytor

Animaytor Review – Features

Drag-N-Drop Animator

Inside Animaytor you can choose a template or start from scratch with a blank canvas. You can customize with ease, point and click to edit your content and effects for exciting and unique animated videos. You can drag every little thing on each slide to any position for perfect timing; change the duration and order of appearance.

Automated 1 Click Slide Creator

Simply paste your script or content and the Animaytor instantly creates your slides for you on your command. No need to paste your text line by line or slide by slide. Doing this saves you a ton of time! Gone are the days of manual slide editing and creation. You can now easily paste and go! Upload, click, tada! Instant slides done in seconds!

Kinetic Animation Effects

Thrill your viewers with transitions and text effects. Excite them with smooth moving elements, futuristic slide effects and appearances. Show them professional animation that you can create in just a few clicks. With all these movements going on, you’ll never have a bored audience ever again.

Background Wow Themes

Pick a background of your choice that is the right fit for your audience in 1 click. With done-for-you themes, you can easily preview, drag, drop and select the background you like. Choose pre-made themes without the hassle of creating them from scratch. Clone, edit and add new slides instantly!

Animate Transitionfx

Keep your audience glued to their screen with cinematic transitions and effects. Wow them with your professionalism that make their jaws drop. You get powerful engagement with animated movement at all stages. Even add titles with transitions, applying filters and so much more!

Textfx Special

Flat and static display of videos is so 1990. You need to shock, awe and surprise your viewers to keep them glued to your videos. That’s why you get multiple Entrance & Exit Directions with 120 combinations. Surprise your viewers with pro-quality effects. No more boring Powerpoints.

Text To Speech

No time for a voiceover? No problem. Animaytor have you covered. Simply pick a voice and let SpeakFX do the talking for you. You have 40 voices to choose from depending on your preference in male or female voices across 19 languages! Bye bye Fiverr.

Dual Timeline Editor

Editing is a pain. Until now. It super easy, simple and fun. That’s the experience you get with the beginner-friendly, yet precisioned interface, with multi layers for instant audio, sound and video edits for the ultimate director’s cut. It’s so easy, even a 12- year old can use it!

1 Click Perfect Syncfx

Ever watched a movie voice “synced” badly? It’s annoying so become GREAT with SyncFX “exactly” where you want, before and after slides. Get FULL control of your production and get your timing to match up all with one click! No more amateur mistakes because you’ve got a pro dashboard to do the work!

30 Done-For-You Templates

With 30 done-for-you animated templates, you can effortlessly create professionally engaging videos by simply point and clicking. You have ready-to-use templates that you can customize as much as you like. Change the animation, font, text, call to action or style — everything is under your control! You won’t need any editing skills or design background because everything is literally made for you!

Animaytor Review – Who Needs

Website owners
Give your website a facelift by adding vibrant animated videos on your home page, product and service pages. Welcome a new visitor or thank them for filling out a contact form with video. Increase conversions by 80% by adding video on your website!

Affiliate Marketers
70% of marketers report videos convert better than any other medium. Maximize your revenue by embedding them in your emails and on social channels. Use them on paid ad campaigns across your advertising channels to get more sales!

Create fun and new content for your viewers because 59% of people would rather watch a video than read text! Feature a new animated video for every new post you publish, or use these to promote a new giveaway you have on your blog! You have unlimited possibilities!

Social Media Marketers
Set yourself apart from the rest with these breath-of-fresh-air videos that attract attention, boost engagement and dominate the market! Use these videos to connect with your audience. Amp up your social media strategy and surprise your audience by mixing text posts, images and videos regularly.

Authors and Publishers
Advertise your new book or publication with a new explainer video with your book cover. Give your readers a teaser video and talk about your plot with a cool animated video that tell your story. Speak and connect with your readers through animated videos with every book you release!

Paid Advertisers
Brilliantly make videos that stand out from the competition and magnetize your buyers and viewers instantly. No need to worry about fees because you get 100% commercial broadcast rights too. Use these animated videos and advertise on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google and watch the sales pour in!

eCommerce Store Owners
Showcase your products and sell 792% more with gorgeous videos that impress your buyers. You can embed your videos on your product page and make a carousel promoting a special of the day. You can also create sale announcements or discounts and share these videos on paid or non-paid channels.

Offline Businesses
Distribute and promote your sensational videos with your products to your customers so they can visit your physical store without spending extra money on magazine ads, TV commercials or radio ads. That’s almost 100% savings on offline advertising and get the highest return on investment!


Launch Special Bonus #1:

Sell videos for 100% profits. Produce unlimited videos (yep, as much as you want) for you to resell to other clients. Advertise and promote your videos through paid ads or organic posts. Royalty fees? ZERO! Number of videos you can create? UNLIMITED. Profit? LIMITLESS!

Launch Special Bonus #2:

Look like a pro and let others see your expertise with branded videos with your logo. You can add watermarks to the videos you’ll be selling so people can’t use them without your permission. You have the creative freedom to adjust the transparency and the size. You’ll get the complete professional look and feel!

Create and SELL animated explainer videos in minutes to other clients with the commercial license!



The right background music brings life to any video you make. It sets the mood and connects with your audience. Choose from any of our 25 premium and entertaining tracks, perfect for your video. You can also say goodbye to music royalty fees! No more paying for stock music.. ever!


What’s animation without cool, inviting to captivate fonts that shouts “through-the-screen” to grab your visitors attention. Show your audience a fresh new look every time. Play with various styles and create captivating text slides with over 100 of these beauties to choose from.


Dramatically elevate your videos with sound effects to make each scene more realistic. No more searching the internet for the right sound FX because we’ve got 50 for you to choose from! Use our most popular and in-demand sound effects to get the job done so you can be epic!


Promote your social media pages by adding them to your videos. Increase engagement for your social profiles to encourage likes and comments. Pick and click any social icon you want to invite your audience to follow you across multiple channels.


When you make a video, you always want your viewers to take action, right? No need to learn Photoshop or create these icons from scratch. We’ve got them ready made for you! Whatever style or mood you’re in, choose from over 30 call-to-action icon designs!


Surprise your viewers with fresh elements and enhance your videos with different shapes to give more value to your presentation. Paint a better picture and tell a better story with 50 styles and designs to choose from!

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