Begin advertising in social networks

Begin advertising in social networks

Begin advertising in social networks

Consider how to use tools so that your advertising was effective. For convenience we have divided the material into two parts. First, we will discuss targeted advertising. Secondly — about e-mail newsletters, PR and content marketing.

Targeted advertising

About the powerful weapon a marketer can say in two words “targeted advertising”. This is advertising which shows a certain category of users. The category parameters set by the advertiser.

Social networks allow you to advertise not to everyone indiscriminately, but only to people who may be interested in your event. These people are called the target audience (TA). You will get to the goal, if you create an accurate portrait of the TSA, that is the exact set of requirements. A portrait of your audience will help you to promote the event across all social networks.

Target audience — make a proper portrait

The accuracy of the description of his audience depends on the effectiveness of your advertising. You need to consider to produce a portrait of a visitor of your event, to find him and invite to your social networks:

Where does he live? This item is optional, if you are planning an online event. But if you will have a concert in, say, Nizhny Novgorod, this item is very important.

Gender, marital status. Let’s say your meeting is “How to find your one?”. It is clear that you will want to invite women, preferably single. If you are a psychologist and are planning to hold a lecture on “How to motivate your child to school”, you would be looking for people who have children of a certain age.

Age. This criterion is important to create ads. Young people clearly react to one of your message, while people who belong to the age group 35+, need a completely different appeal, they have a different motivation. (And good social networks allow you to divide your audience into segments and for each contact in his language).

Position and income level. If you are planning a demonstration of the premium clothing, or exhibition of expensive cars, you are unlikely to be interesting to the students.

Needs and desires. For example, for a seminar on weight loss, people you want to attract, you should look for in certain thematic groups. And if you need the fitness activities, you will need people with the interests of the “sport”.

Keep all the data in the table — it is easier to plan an advertising campaign in social networks. The more questions you ask a potential customer, the easier it will be to find words to compose a perfect catchy ads. Accurate selection of your target audience will give you most interested participants of the event.

Separate campaigns for each and write their ads.

How to determine which networks is to advertise your event

The audience of social networks is different from each other. Worth watching for the theme of the event and TSA, and based on this to determine where to show your ads. Marketers believe that Facebook is easier and cheaper to promote a video ad, users of this network are more demanding of the quality of the content, but rather subscribe to the brand pages. Facebook gives you the opportunity to display ads and even in Instagram.

Approach to advertising opportunities.

Facebook more work promopost (when you pay for promotion one post) and targeted advertising (specially formulated ad), and Vkontakte in great favor you can give more and ads in promoted a thematic publics.

Do You Need to use only one social network or several?

The “correct” answer to this question depends on:

Target audience;
The amount of time that you have;
Resources you have (budget specialists);
Test data pre promotional launches (if you, despite the last question, is used).

If you want an answer “for all world”, it is this: use ALL the social networks that give a positive result in terms of the final ROI.

If you want to use only one social network, then:

— that from which you have bought before;
— the kind where you have a community;
— the one in which you have experience (and technical sense).

Whatever your target audience is likely to it is possible to reach to any social network that is widely used in the world. So don’t believe me, stranger cases and friendly advice — rely on your own empirical data.

And yet, each social network has its own audience. When resource and time is limited, you need to make the right choice.

We test is each time there is a new product. According to our inside observations, the world audience sitting in Facebook — this social network is easier and cheaper to get subscribers and clients for us.

But Instagram is good sell women’s, fitness and more expensive products.

But my advice is always to test all of the social network and never rely on “feelings”. Sometimes there are unexpected surprises.

Pros: you can use different formats to display video and photos and even make a mini-landing pages for mobile (only with Facebook).

Cons: people in social networks do not suffer from a burning desire to make you buy, in contrast to contextual advertising where everyone knows what they want.