Big Slide Review – Create 1000s Of Gorgeous Sales Videos



Very easy to get started creating
Unlimited combinations of video
No skills or experiences needed
Low price (launch period only)


All the slides in the Big Slide Toolkit are created with PowerPoint and you will need PowerPoint 2016 to edit them.


Big Slide Review – Create unlimited combinations of video, sales presentation, sale pitch, promotional video and many more

Big Slide Review – A Preface

Do you want generate more traffic and sales but you don’t want to wait a year before you have to see results through channels like SEO?

The main thing about video is you can see results faster than traditional SEO or most marketing channels out there. Almost all the social media platforms are moving toward having a video component incorporated into them and you need to understand that this is something that’s very practical for you growing your business.

But creating videos isn’t as easy… The problem with videos are that they require quite a bit of technical and artistic know-how to do them right (potentially costing you hundreds of dollars).

Most people neither have the skills and time required to create a video all by themselves, nor do they have the money required to hire a professional to do it for them.

Big Slide Review – What Is It?

Big Slides is a new Multipurpose toolkit packed with 1000 over Multipurpose Gorgeous Fully Animated Slides which utilize the Power of PowerPoint that your customer can twist, mix and match to create Unlimited Unique Combinations of Presentations, Videos, Sale Pitch, Sales Presentation, Gorgeous Webinar, Real Estate Presentation, Product Presentation and Many More.

With Big Slides you can create unlimited combinations of video, sales presentation, sale pitch, webinar, promotional video, product presentation and many more unique digital media with this new multipurpose and versatile video creation kit.

Big Slide include us 1000 unique fully animated slides that utilize the power of PowerPoint allowing you to create various digital media easily.

Big Slide Toolkit is included with a big list of different modules allowing you to Mix and Match to Create Unlimited Unique Combinations of Digital Media!

The Some Modules you will Get with Big Slide:

Big Slide Review – Features

It is very easy to get started creating your new beautiful digital media with Big Slide, all it takes is twist, mix and match then you have a brand new unique digital media ready. You can create all sorts of contents not limited to:

Promotional Videos
Sales Presentation
Sales Pitch
Real Estate Presentation
Educational Material
Promotional Material
General Presentation
Product Presentation
Professional Slideshow
and much more…

Overall Big Slide offers the power and most importantly the versatility allowing you to create wide range of digital media easily.

The great thing with Big Slide is ‘SuperGoodProduct’ only use copyright free images and all other assets. So you can freely use them without having to worry copyright complication down the track.

PLUS you can usethe Big Audio Club library is massive and all the music tracks are organized into a long list of genres, you will find genres like Blues, Epic Dramatic, Happy Upbeat, Relax and Calm, POP and much more.

In addition to the music tracks you will also find a huge collection of ambient and sound effects sorted into a list of sub categories as well.

You will receive royalty free license with the product, you can use Big Slide for your personal and commercial projects.

The More Modules Inside Big Slide’s Kit

The sky’s the limit with Big Slide, you can create almost any digital media content you can think of, presentation, webinar, video, sales pitch, product presentation and so much more.

It’s on early bird sale so the price is atomic cheap at the moment, but the price is going up rapidly with each product sold so get in quick before price rises further.

All the slides in the Big Slide Toolkit are created with PowerPoint and you will need PowerPoint to edit them. PowerPoint 2016 is highly recommended as some transitions are available only in PowerPoint 2016. You can still edit these templates with PowerPoint 2010 but some templates that use newer transitions that available only in PowerPoint 2016 will not appears in PowerPoint 2010.

These templates are not tested with PowerPoint for MAC or any Keynote, so it is strongly recommended that you have PowerPoint 2016 for Windows to customize these templates.

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