Loves blogging personality. He doesn’t like the person hidden behind seven seals and reluctantly going on contact, and regular people leading regular lives. Open yourselves to people, tell about themselves, their occupations, the vision of the world, ambitious plans to life. Even about my cat to tell.

To be secretive is now unfashionable, so you will not achieve anything in blogging. Share a photo with you and friends, shoot a video, record an interview, and people will be drawn to you, wants to communicate and cooperate. Assert yourself wherever possible: “I’m so-and-so and doing this, and it turns out I’m good at it”.

You should not be afraid of his popularity, on the contrary, you have to want to get it come what may. Then become the opinion leader and the main specialist on certain issues. Yes, there is much fun to write on some topic, be competent in a certain field, having a blog with a beautiful design, but if you can’t properly teach, then nothing good will come of it.

Blog to become a link between you and other people on the Internet. Is your business card, but the card should have a personality, not a set of letters.

Design and usability

Don’t forget that the blog you created first and foremost for readers, then for yourself. Mention the term “SDL” — a website for people. All that is on your site is clicked, read, commented upon, — for users on the other side of the screen. Make it so that most readers who come to your blog, loved to be in your party, navigate, and comment on posts.

Create your own logo, slogan, color palette, stand out among the thousands of other sites. If you have a standard template, make it unique: add your chips, change colors and shapes, customize it with plugins. And best of all purchase a paid template or order a design from a freelancer.

Improve the face of your blog. Modify the design until closer to the ideal. Look at the sites top bloggers, please note that they are all stylish and there is nothing superfluous.

Get a thousand commercials and teasers, remember how you yourself are an annoying abundance of advertising. After a while, if you are going to do a blog seriously, you will learn how to advertise correctly, without imposing it to the user.


Every blogger thinks that if he created a blog, written a pack of articles, all optimized, that now run across a bunch of readers and start this discussion and share posts in social networks. No, this will not happen. You first need to go to the websites of other bloggers, preferably on the hottest platforms and to Express themselves. Debate on hot topics, and sometimes to Express their position, which does not coincide with the position of the other.

Communicate, acquire new acquaintances, and social connections. Announce yourself to the world wide web.

Sign up on social networks, it is desirable to all, and chat there, too. Do not leave short comments, it will not give you any advantages. Communicate where you wonder to have found like-minded people, which will attract your personality.

Here are some guidelines for commenting on other blogs:

1. The main rule

Don’t want to comment — not necessary if not your article or your blog’s topics. Do not waste your time and strain for the sake of traffic (this way you get nothing). You should not comment just to be polite. Better spend this time on your blog.

2. Companionship

If you have a friendly relationship with other bloggers, communicate with them in their articles — so you work together to create a live blog, helping each other.

3. Great comments

If you have a deep knowledge on the topic or opinion about the article, then Express it in expanded comments to attract the attention of other bloggers, show off, and most importantly — to attract the attention of the author. But do not often leave great comments, as over time it gets boring, they stop reading.

4. Trolling

If you want to attract the attention of another commentator — patrolla it, argue a little, but not just in the spirit of “I disagree”, and very thin. Skill requires skill, but works flawlessly. If you have a good comment, another commenter interested in you, will come to visit you and, most likely, will become your regular reader.

5. Discussion

It is not necessary to take part in the active discussion of the topic is a waste of time and emotion. You can leave hundreds of comments, and the problem does not appear. Better spend this time on developing their own blog.

6. The ability to time to stop and think

Before you comment, think about if you look stupid trying to put yourself in a connoisseur of the case. Believe me, there are people smarter than you.

7. Begging

If you are in the comments asking, “Come visit me” or “I so much you have written, and when you come to me?” all you out of the game, and this is no way to fix it. Better wait until I have something to share: some useful articles or advice.

8. Responses to comments in his blog

Try to answer all. Sometimes Troll, but never get angry or argue stubbornly. Don’t need anyone to impose their opinions and try to persuade at any cost. Bante aggressors or those who just starts to talk nonsense, quietly and without a twinge of conscience. Always greet your readers, especially newcomers.

The generation of new ideas

You always have to write something new, to surprise your readers. For example, to tell an interesting story, to raise any topic or start your own marathon to studying macrame. If you write like found 101 way to make money online or set 35th plugin, you will not read for a long time: now it is irrelevant. Better write about how you stumbled or made a mistake in any endeavor — it will give a much better return.

Add something fresh to their posts: humor, polls, lists, finally, just the music. Read more, communicate, meet, experiment is the key to great new ideas.

But if you decided to write about SEO, plugins and promotion on the Internet, then get ready for the long, boring, exhausting way.

Don’t come new ideas, you can leave the computer and take a stroll in the fresh air, or exercise. Helps.

The content

And last, they say all the famous bloggers: write, write and again write! Write regularly, write a lot, write from the heart. Yes, at first you may fail, but then you will find your style, grip, possess skorabahataya and acquire other blogger skills.

Try to benefit people, solve their problems, answer questions, create instructions for use, consider any issue put into question established thought.

How many have written about earning money online, plugins, recipes, programs, sports, and all the dry language, without raisins, sharpened by the key words — boring. So if you write, we all get tired of it because your content is of no use for the man will not bring.

Write for people, not for Google.

Often people make the mistake of writing only articles of a single type. This is wrong. Try to alternate: experiments, sharpened on traffic posts, news blog, provocative articles, informational reports.

Think about how to attract a new audience and not lose the same readers as to revitalize them and to stir as to ignite interest when it starts to fade. Remember that the reading public is a capricious lady: don’t like it, go to another tab to another blogger.

Criticism and self-criticism

Ask friends or acquaintances for bloggers to evaluate your creation. But if you criticize readers, rejoice: this is a free audit of your website. Listen and check, maybe they’re right.


  • The ideology of the blog. All the same as the original statements?
  • The quality of articles. You need to improve?
  • Usability. Do not dig deep and evaluate how you and readers to comfortably navigate on your website.
  • Technical part: loading site, the buttons, the response in the comments.
  • Your audience. Whether it is CA, which you relied when you create a blog?
  • Feedback. Whether it? If Yes, what?

And one last tip. Do not chase a strange indicators: PR, attendance. Better create a blog, useful for people.