BotStar Review & Demo – How Create Chatbot In 15 Minutes

BotStar Review – How Create Automate Money-Making Chatbot In 15 Minutes?

Mo Miah with his team developed unique intuitive full-fledged platform for building chatbots. And it’s suitable for all kind of users regardless of experiece or tech skills.

BotStar Review – What Is It?

BotStar is a new A.I chatbot software for FB Messenger & Websites from Mo Miah team.

This is an all-in-one, AUTOMATED solution that your online business must have in order to survive and grow. Over 1 year in development, it uses A.I. technology to:

✅ Easily growing HUGE lists of targeted buyers fast
✅ Maximising reach & engagement like never before
✅ Double or even tripling sales without extra work
✅ Handling your customer support 24/7 without you being online

You’ll realise the quality of the app when you start using it, the drag-n-drop technology, 50+ done for you templates, unlimited versatility built in and all it’s powerful features is unlike anything else out there.

Anyone can build engaging, high converting Chatbots with the best conversational editor in the market.

Build your dream layouts with no coding skills and the help of BotStar’s Visual Flow Editor – the most powerful chatbot editor ever.

Create your bot in just 15 Minutes.

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Attention: COMMERCIAL rights and the one-time cost is only available for a limited time … so hurry before the price jumps to a monthly subscription.

For example we’ll build a simple chatbot using BotStar App

Now we’ll show you how to step-by-step build a simple chatbot using BotStar App. In the followinh example, we’ll build together a simple chatbot that takes orders.


Before doing anything, the very first and most important thing you need to think about is defining a clear goal to accomplish. You need to define which purposes your chatbot have to satisfy after being completely built. We draw a mindmap to better visualise what need to be done.

Mindmap for Flower Shop chatbot

And our expected outcome is as below:

This chatbot will use 2 typical features of BotStar that are CMS and Checkpoint:

  • CMS (Content Management System) is where you organize and manage all your bot data. This data is organized as Entities.
  • Entity is a set of items that have the same attributes (fields).
  • Item is a data object that has attributes (fields) defined in an Entity.
  • Checkpoint helps you to save the user’s responses. This feature is used to store user’s enquiries for products/services and their personal information (if bot asks for).

Start building chatbot

Before designing the conversation flow, we should build a database for products or services. As in this documentation, Bot will show type of product (flowers or vases) firstly, after the user chooses type of product that he/she needs, Bot continues to show list of corresponding products. That’s why, database includes 2 Entities: “Category” and “Product”. These two entities will help you easily manage data now and even in the future.

Step 1: Create a database for chatbot

In order to create a database for chatbot, use the CMS feature on the left column of the screen. As we introduced above, we create 2 entities that are “Category” and “Product” for this bot: “Product” contains items which are products of the flower shop; “Category” contains 2 items which are “Flowers” and “Vases” – 2 types of product of this shop.

To create the Category entity, click Create New Entity and set the entity name as “Category”. In this Entity, you create 2 items: “Flower” and “Vases” by selecting Create New Item then filling name of them into the name box.

Create New Item in Category entity

To create the Product entity, select the Create New Entity button and set the entity name as “Product”. After that, select the button on the upper right corner of Product entity to edit its fields. Besides two default fields which are Name and Status, we create three more fields: – Photo (Photo type) – image of product – Description (Text type) – description of product – Category (Entities Reference type) – type of product
Read more about data type in CMS

Select the button on the upper right corner of Product entity
Setup fields of Product entity

After setting up data fields, select the Create New Item button and start filling in information of products. The result is as below:

Database of Flower Shop Chatbot

Step 2: Setup Global Variables for chatbot

Before creating a conversational flow between the bot and the user, we recommend inserting the value for text that are repeated many times like your brand name, contact number or address, etc. called Global Variables. Global Variables can be used at any place where you want to replace text with.

To setup Global Variables for Flower Shop chatbot, open Build tab on the top right corner of BotStar app, click on tab Global Variables as the figure below:

Setup Global Variables
  • Name: fill in the name of variable you intend to use. Here, we use “Shop_Name” and “Address”.
  • Value: fill in the detail that you insert to the name. Here, “Shop_Name” is “365 Flowers Shop” and “Address” is “123 ABC Road”.

Click Save when completely setting up Global Variables.

Note: If value of your variables is too long, the output message will be cut off by our system.

Step 3: Create a Block asking the user to select category

After setting up some basic functions for bot, we are guiding you to setup the conversational flow between the bot and the user with some features by BotStar to complete Flower Shop chatbot. The first is to create a block for bot asking the user to select category:

With this Block, we recommend you using Text Block and using CMS for Quick Reply.

  1. Firstly, you drag and drop block Text into Flow Editor, name Block as “Select Category” for the convenience of management and search.
  2. Enter the text for bot asking the user to select category. For lively conversational flow between the bot and the user, you should Enable and enter the Random Text as the figure below:
Create a Block asking the user to select category

3. Next, click on Block Category, choose Tab Properties on the right column of Flow Editor:

  • At Quick Reply, choose CMS.
  • At Use CMS Data, select “Category” for Entity.
  • At Display Field, select {} for Text.
Using CMS for Quick Reply button

4. The last operation of this block is Save Response To Variable. The purpose of this operation is to store the user’s response in Select Category (flowers or vases). From there, the bot will display a list of products corresponding to the user’s response about category. You enter the name of response variable with Category for retrieving data in the following step.

Save Response in Category To Variable

Step 4: Create Block for list of products and instructions Block for the Product

With this step, the bot will display a list of products corresponding to the Category that the user has selected from the previous step. For example, if user choose Flowers for Category, the list of Flower products is displayed at this block.

  1. You drag and drop block Vertical List into Flow Editor.
  2. At Properties tab, enable Use CMS Data feature.
  3. Set Entity as “Product”.
  4. At Filters, make a condition with CMS Fields like this: “Category” – “is – “Category” (this variable is stored at the previous step). You can also create Block “Instructions” and turn on Save Response To Variable option in case you want to have more requirements on products from customers.
Create Block for list of products

Step 5: Create a Module for Pickup or Delivery

For the convenience of managing blocks that have similar functionality and involve in the pickup or delivery, we recommend using Module to gather blocks that require users to provide information about the pickup time and the address for delivery.

  1. Drag and drop Module Block into Flow Editor, name it as “Module Pickup/ Delivery” as in the figure below
Create a Module for Pickup or Delivery

2. Click View Module and proceed to create Blocks as illustrated below

  • Block Pickup/ Delivery: Ask the user to pick up the product at the store or home delivery. With this Block, you use Text Block as well as choose Static for the Quick Reply button. Then, put in 2 Quick Reply which are “Store Pickup” and “Home Delivery”. Lastly, Save Response To Variable for this Block
Create Pickup/ Delivery Block

Block Pickup Time: If the user choose “Store Pickup”, the bot will display block Pickup Time that asks user to select date and time to pick up product. To create this Block, drag and drop Button List Block into Flow Editor. Here, add a button for Block and name it as “Select Date/ Time”. Next, choose “Open Webview” for Behaviour, “Date and Time” for Type, then select Data Format and WebView Size. At the same time, enable Save Response To Variable and name the variable of this block. You can refer to the illustration below:

Create Pickup Time Block

Block Deliver Address: If the user choose “Home Delivery”, the bot will show Delivery Address block for user to enter the address. Drag and drop Text Block into Flow Editor. Then, proceed to Save Response To Variable and name the variable of this block.

Create Deliver Address Block

Step 6: Save Order with Checkpoint and Add Tag to users

The feature Save to Checkpoint helps you store order and information that user provide through Save Response To Variable option in Blocks that you enabled. For Flower Shop chatbot, we have guided you Save Response To Variable for Block “Select Category”, Block “Products” and all Blocks in “Module Pickup/ Delivery”.

Here, drag and drop Save to Checkpoint, then name “Transaction Name” for this Checkpoint.

Save Order with Checkpoint

You can also add Tag for user to broadcast the promotion announcement and manage the user in the future. Then, name “promotion” for this tag.

To express your gratitude to the customer, you should create Block “Thank you”, which is also the last step in the process of setting up the conversational flow between the bot and the user.

Add Tag for User and Create Block ‘Thank you’

Step 7: Preview chatbot and Setting Behaviors for chatbot

Before publishing your bot on Facebook Messenger or Website, you probably want to know whether your bot is working or not, how the conversation between the user and bot will work on Facebook Messenger, the information that user provide bot is stored in Checkpoint or not. Understanding this issue, BotStar provides the feature Preview that helps you test your bot.

To preview your bot, choose Preview on the top right corner of BotStar app.

Preview Bot

After previewing your chatbot, you can set up some behaviors that help the bot do its work, such as: Read Receipt, Typing Indicator, Human Takeover or Greeting. However, there are two behaviors that we recommend that you should set up for your chatbot: Auto Fallback When Bot Cannot Respond and Assit User Navigating Upon Dead-End Message.

  • With Fallback Block of Auto Fallback When Bot Cannot Respond, you can create a Block with content “Sorry I don’t know how to respond to that. Try asking me in another way, I might be able to understand.”
Setup Auto Fallback When Bot Cannot Respond
  • With Fallback Block of Assit User Navigating Upon Dead-End Message, if you want to avoid dead-end conversation with user, you proceed to create Quick Reply button and select a Block for bot to take user go back to the selected Block.

Note: There are 3 cases for the conversation hits a dead-end:

  • A Block does not have any outgoing connection to any other block.
  • A Block does not have quick replies.
  • Block does not capture or expect user response.
Setup Assit User Navigating Upon Dead-End Message

Publish your chatbot

If the bot is running smoothly with the user and does not meet any problem, you proceed to publish your bot on Facebook Messenger as the figure below:

Publishing your Bot

Finally, you have your own Shop chatbot!

Chatbots are the future of internet marketing and if you are not using this technology now, you’ll risk losing thousands of dollars down the line and so much time.

I’m sure that you cannot find a deal like this awesome anywhere online. That packs so much value and gives you the results you want.

This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


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