Clipman AI Review, Bonus – Latest Ultimate Video Agency Tool

Clipman AI Review – Create UNLIMTED Videos For Yourself And Your Clients With Brand New AI Tech

Sure, making videos is now accessible to ANYONE with so many tools available.

But the 1 problem with video marketing is clear – if you don’t know how to monetize those videos.

Task #1. You Need Driving traffic and thousands of views to profit from them
Task #2. Selling Videos to clients.

Introducing: Clipman AI Edition.

Clipman has already generated over $10 million in sales for its customers thanks to their high-converting templates.

Solution of the task #1: Your videos not bringing in traffic and views?

Step 1 – People search for a keyword, trying to solve a problem.
Step 2 – They stumble on your video on YouTube, your website, Facebook, Google or wherever it is available that solves their problem.
Step 3 – They sign up for your offer.

Every video you put out, lives on the web forever and converts people into customers (like in the 3 steps above).

So doesn’t it make sense that if you could put our MORE videos FASTER than ever, you’d have more of these ‘video assets’ working FOR YOU?

Imagine a library of hundreds of videos working for you every day, driving floods of traffic to all of your products and services.

Clipman AI platform that merges AI tech, video creation AND Facebook’s love of video into ONE centralized platform just went live.

Imagine having UNLIMITED gorgeous videos sending FLOODS of targeted BUYERS from across the web and making money FOR YOU faster than ever, in just a few simple steps.

Here’s how it gets you MORE traffic is LESS time in just 4 easy steps:

Step 1 – Clipman AI intelligence will TELL you which EXACTLY which templates are going to make you the most profits based on your needs. Having generated over $10m in sales, videos created inside of Clipman are perfectly optimized to convert EVERY visitor into a buyer.

Step 2 – That template will then adapt LIVE as you make any customizations (so you can see your FINAL video BEFORE it’s even rendered). ZERO revisions!

Step 3 – When you’re ready, watch the brand new lightning fast video rendering engine pump out MULTIPLE videos at once (10x faster than your average video app)

Step 4 – Once your video is rendered, you can start getting views and sending traffic to your products and offers in minutes thanks to the built-in Facebook features.

If you’re looking for a way to kickstart 2020 the RIGHT way with LESS time spent on rendering, video creation and editing… This is for you.

Solution of the task #2: We all know the headaches of dealing with clients…

“This video is too short.”
“Can you quickly change these 142 things?”
“I know it’s 1am, but I REALLY need this changed?”

The list goes on.

With Clipman AI you can create AND SELL videos to clients, customers, local businesses, store owners and more:

[x] WITHOUT spending hours trying different templates
[x] WITHOUT being held back by rendering speeds
[x] WITHOUT stressing and twiddling thumbs waiting for a video to finish rendering before editing the next
[x] WITHOUT hoping that edits match the template

…But most importantly – ZERO REVISIONS mean you spend LESS time to make MORE money.

Clipman AI included commercial rights are a match made in heaven for anyone making videos for clients.

– Brand new AI tech merged with video creation.
– Create UNLIMTED videos for clients.
– Live Adapting Videos – watch as your video preview adapts LIVE as you type, so you can see EXACTLY how your final video will look BEFORE it’s rendered.
– Ultra-fast video rendering (10x faster than your average video app)
– PROVEN to convert templates make video creation the most lucrative service in your line-up. You won’t even have to browse the library wondering which template will produce RESULTS… Clipman AI tech will TELL you!
– Longer text fields to help sell MORE products with video.
– Create videos for MULTIPLE clients at the same time with simultaneous rendering!
– Double your client-income by offering built-in Facebook features to your clients.

Clipman AI Edition sells products using videos that look like a top design agency painstakingly built them by hand (…and you can PROFIT from them).

These powerful agency features come with no strings attached.

Sell unlimited videos, charge whatever you want and pay zero royalties.

It’s all included for a low one-time fee.

Get inside Clipman AI Edition today and you’ll be rewarded with the Clipman AI Shopify app – completely free.

Clipman AI Review – Features Built to Last

Lightning Fast Video Creation
Re-built from the ground up to render profitable videos 10x faster than your average video creation app.

50+ Top-Converting Templates
The templates inside Clipman are responsible for over $10m in sales for its customers. These templates are backed by REAL sales and our new AI technology uses this data to suggest the BEST templates based on your customers niche.

Commercial License Included
Sell videos to clients with confidence while Clipman handles speed, conversions and client satisfaction for you.

LIVE Adapting Videos
Watch your video preview update LIVE with each customization as you type. Forget ‘hoping’ your video edits fit each template. You’ll NEVER waste time on re-renders or revisions again. Just perfect videos on the very first try.

Create Dozens of Videos AT ONCE
Whether you’re creating videos for yourself or clients, it doesn’t matter. Create unlimited videos at AT THE SAME TIME with simultaneous rendering. No more waiting around.

Unlimited Videos
Create an army of high-converting videos for ALL your products – with Clipman there aren’t any limits.

Turn ANY URL into a High-Converting Video Ad
Copy any of your product pages (or ANY web URL) & paste them into Clipman and watch the AI engine automatically create high-converting videos for you in minutes.

Sync Profitable Videos Directly into Facebook Ads
Remove the confusion from the Facebook Ad Manager by using our built-in intuitive video ad syncing system for publishing your high-converting videos into traffic-pulling Facebook ads.

Included Shopify App
Create profitable videos without ever leaving your store. Be ready to start selling a product as soon as you add it to your store – with a high-converting video ad!

Fully Customizable
Customize your video the way YOU want it.

See Clipman AI Demo Video

Clipman AI Review – My Opinion

Clipman was the original ‘first-to-market’ video platform for creating amazing videos from any URL. It’s since grown to 14,000 users and videos created by the platform are responsible for over $10,000,000 in sales for its customers.

The same team is back again to address some of the biggest pain points in video marketing right now – with huge improvements to speed, industry-first time-saving features and a fresh collection of sales-backed templates.

The funnel also includes all new machine-learning technology that will helps you automatically maximize revenue from your videos created inside Clipman!

If You Get Clipman AI Edition today and you’ll be rewarded with the Clipman AI Shopify app – completely free.


Bonus #1: Clipman Shopify App

Create eye-catching videos in seconds without ever leaving your store.

Instantly create killer videos for ANY products you list in your store, at the click of a button.

Create video campaigns to scale your top-performers, while boosting conversions of high-margin products.

Effortlessly launch a video catalogue of your ENTIRE product line.

Bonus #2: Facebook Ads Authority

Discover how to use Facebook ads to get more leads, build brand awareness and make more sales.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to get started with Facebook ads, attract the right audience, bidding strategies and much more!

Are you lacking leads, traffic and sales?

Do you want to gain a constant stream of visitors to your website?

More sales? More subscribers? More followers?

Every business would love all that, but the question is “how?”

It’s by using Facebook Ads!

Bonus #3: How to Build Profitable eCom Stores

Having your own eCommerce website to sell *multiple products* that generate hands-free commissions is one of the best ways to scale your income, even if you’re just getting started.

If you’re ready to shift your business into high gear by building profitable eCommerce sites that attract free traffic & sales, then you won’t find an easier way than this…

Even without any technical skills or a large budget, this eCom Profits Course gives you a powerful system for building eCommerce web stores step by step.

Bonus #4: Shopify Secrets

Become a successful Shopify store owner no matter what your current level!

Part One: Introduction to eCommerce

Choosing products that are right for Shopify
Determining your market size
Identifying your target customer
Evaluating the competition
Making yourself unique among competitors
Understanding digital, physical and subscription products
Choosing which products your store will sell
Laws, regulations and restrictions for your business & your products

Part Two: Setting up Shopify

What can you sell on Shopify?
Choosing the right Shopify package
Shopify compared to other ecommerce platforms
Your initial setup
Adding your products to your store
Customizing your ecommerce website
Setting up your shipping and taxes
Customizing your payment solutions
Launching your store

Part three: Introduction to eCommerce

Bonus #5: Shopify Traffic Secrets

As you well know, ecommerce is a very popular topic when it comes to earning online. And one of the most popular platforms for ecommerce is Shopify.

Course the problem most store owners have, is how to drive traffic so they can make sales.

The Shopify Video Series shares how to drive customers and buyers to any e-store.

This series could help online business owners to drive traffic to any e-store for that matter.

Clipman AI Review – Price and Upsells

Front End – Clipman AI Edition (Commercial License Included) – $47 -> $67

On the front end, you can choose to create videos from a product URL, or by selecting a template and entering your video details.

With current video apps, it’s a waiting game. When you create a video, you sit around and wait for it to finish rendering to be able to use it, or create your next video

That’s why Clipman’s video rendering engine was completely re-built to be 10x faster than your average video app, and to support simultaneous rendering. So you can pump out dozens of videos at the same time – faster than ever before.

As a HUGE time-saver, you also added real-time adapting video previews. This means the video preview adapts as you type in your customizations! All edits you make to any template are shown directly in the preview and you will never have to render a video just to see how it looks again.

It shows them EXACTLY how your template will look BEFORE it’s rendered.

What has always set Clipman apart are your templates. You responsible for over $10,000,000 in sales for Clipman customers. You have a meticulous process of finding and modelling your templates off of the most profitable Facebook video ads in the world. This version is freshly packed with templates optimized to sell more products.

Front End Summary

– Create Unlimited Videos (Create an Army of High-Converting Videos for ALL Your Products)
– Specialized AI Technology Recommends The Most Profitable Templates Based on Your Niche (Backed By THOUSANDS of REAL Ads).
– AI Tech Creates Optimized Videos from Any Product or Web Link For You.
– LIVE Adapting Videos (Template adapts LIVE as you type – see EXACTLY how your final video will look BEFORE it’s rendered)!
– New Lightning Fast Video Creation (Render Videos 10x Faster Than Your Average Video App)
– Simultaneous Rendering (Create DOZENS of Videos At Once)
– Powerful Sales-Generating Templates (50+ Top-Converting Templates)
– Longer Text Fields (FINALLY Enough Space to Sell With Video)
– Sync Videos to Facebook Ads Directly inside Clipman (Save the Ads Manager Confusion!)
– Included Shopify App (Create Videos in 1-Click Without Ever Leaving Your Store)
– Commercial Rights Included (FULL Agency Rights)

Upsell #1 – All-in-One Video Growth & Automation Suite – $37/Month

The all-in-one video automation suite includes a smart ‘brain’ that helps you improve your sales (removing all the guesswork), machine-learning to uncover the most profitable strategies for scaling you Facebook video ads and then scales them automatically and an exclusive template club.

It has the following 3 powerful modules:

– Template Club – Generate more sales with new templates added to your account each month.
– Make Zero Mistakes with AdBrain – Smart AI ‘brain’ that analyzes you funnels and tells them what to fix/change to optimize for more sales.
– Automated Scaling Engine – Helps you by automatically scaling your campaigns to maximize revenue (backed by machine-learning technology).

The upsell helps them generate more sales and maximize revenue from each video you create inside of Clipman. Here’s an example:

Step 1 – Create Multiple Videos Simultaneously Using Lightning-Fast Video Engine.
Step 2 – Sync The Videos Into Facebook Ads Directly Inside Clipman.
Step 3 – Automated Scaling Engine Takes Over & Scales Your Videos Campaigns For Them

Upsell #2 – Video Ads Masterclass Training – $197

Exclusive training that reveals how you can build-out video ad funnels that convert, and how you can set them up so that you run automatically.

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