Do Google My Business Reviews Impact SERP Rankings?

Every SEO specialist will know about the “obvious” factors that influence search engine rankings.

Mobile-friendliness, content relevance, link-building authority, and keywords are all some of the most important SEO metrics, and SEO marketers will be vying for dominance in each so that their respective websites will soar to the top of the SERPs.

Given that the competition is fierce in these metrics, it becomes important to look for other SEO-affecting factors that can be exploited. You’ll need every advantage you can get if you want to stand out from the crowd.

One topic that’s been of perennial interest to SEO marketers is the humble Google My Business (GMB) review and rating, and whether it has an impact on SEO performance.

It’s true that reviews and ratings strongly influence customers’ first impressions of a business and whether or not they choose to explore them, but is there more going on behind the scenes beyond this organic influence? If this is the case, how can business owners leverage and optimize their My Business listings?

We’ll explore these and other topics about GMB in this blog entry, and hopefully provide insight into how you can use it to improve your SEO standings.

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a feature that allows business owners to manage the way their business appears on Google.

In their My Business panel, owners can input information that customers will find valuable, such as contact numbers, comprehensive business hours, shop locations, and more.

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