Increase Your eCom Store Profits With EngagerMate

EngagerMate Review – How To Get Your Competitor’s Customers To Shop At Your eCom Store!

Instagram is by far the most effective social network for promoting your ecommerce stores and products.

There is a reason why companies pay influencers big bucks to wear some clothing or a pair of sunglasses in an Instagram post.

But why pay an influencer when you can be the influencer yourself?

Luke Maguire’s brand new Engagermate completely automates building a huge instagram following fast and engaging with your followers and turning them into paying customers.

Check out the demo video to see how it works:

As an ecom store owner you should already know who your competition is and this is where Engagermate really excels for ecommerce…

1) Find your competitors Instagram profiles and enter their usernames in Engagermate

2) Let the system automatically start liking and engaging with their followers – luring them over to follow you!

3) Send direct messages to your new followers and engage with them on autopilot.

4) Allow Engagermate to learn and optimise… bringing you the followers who are most likely to engage with you and buy from your store!

Are you starting to see the picture – Engagermate will quickly become your #1 way of getting new paying customers to your store… and for turning them into repeat customers!

Storymate is a without a doubt a complete game changer for ecom and the early birds are going to catch some big worms when they start using it this week.

Don’t get left behind, give your ecom stores (and your own bank account) the boost they deserve today!

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