Honest AdsCrisp Ovrview: Is it really worth it?

Honest AdsCrisp Review: Is it really worth it?

Have you ever wanted to create a video ad for a product but didn’t know where to start? You spent 6 hours thinking of an idea for the video, spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how to exactly use the software until you finally gave up and then looked the job up on some freelancer website, only to realise that they charge over $200 just for a video ad, not only that but the video isn’t even proven to convert in the market.

If you don’t go the freelancer route then the only option you have left is buying an expensive video editing software and trying to make the video ad by yourself. Now that isn’t really any worse than hiring a freelancer because you’ll still be wasting a ton of money on the actual software and the time that you will have wasted cannot even be measured. It takes months for people to master a video editing software because they’re very tough and I never could get myself to learn one though.

Worst case scenario, you spend $200+ on getting the video made not including the time you’ve wasted going back and forth with the freelancer only to create an average video that doesn’t get you any sales. Wasn’t that the whole point of running a video ad? To boost your sales?

How do I know all this?… Because I’ve been in your shoes, looking for the perfect software to make a video ad.

There are a bunch of softwares out there that promise a lot of things, but none of them are able to deliver on those promises. I know that because I’ve bought a few of them and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes. Most of them have the same features that are pretty much useless:

  • They have crappy templates that don’t really convert well in the market.
    (They just don’t get me the results and that’s what I’m looking for)
  • They only are able to make videos for specific social media platforms and they don’t even cover all the different type of placements on one platform.
  • They have a very limited library of resources and they prompt you to pay more if you need more resources. (One time payment just wasn’t enough, was it?)

So I went on a quest, to look for a software that would cater to all my needs and let me create a video ad without the hassle. And finally I did find another quality option. A software that would let me make video ads that actually convert and the interface is so user friendly that I absolutely love it!

It’s called AdsCrisp and it really changed the way I looked at video ads. They don’t really scare me anymore and I’m just able to pump out high-quality videos in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

You can visit this link if you prefer to see the software in action to learn more or keep reading…

What is AdsCrisp:

AdsCrisp basically is a cloud-based software that allows you to make video ads in a very simplified way and very fast. I haven’t come across any other software that actually delivers on what it promises. This software not only delivers what is promised, it over delivers… Let me explain:

The templates that are used in the software are not only eye-catching but they’ve also been tested by the AdsCrisp team. They’ve only been added to the software if they’re PROVEN-TO-CONVERT.

They cover all the major social media platforms, 7 in total:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

Have you ever had a problem with setting the aspect ratio of your video to fit the type of ad that you want to run?… Well, AdsCrisp has a solution for that too. It covers a total of 37 ad placement options. I’ve never seen another software offer this type of detailed ad creation options, it’s like the developers thought of every problem that the user could ever face and put in a feature that would completely solve it.

Here are just some of the features that AdsCrisp has to offer:

— Easy interface, create videos in about 3 clicks.
— Pick from their library of over 1.6 million stock images
— 100+ music files for you to use in your videos
— Videos are rendered in 60 seconds (when was the last time you did this?)
— Upload your own music or voice-over in your videos
— Publish your creations directly to social media
— Cloud-Based (never go through the struggle of having to look for your files)
— And a lot more…

Is it worth the money?

I honestly think that AdsCrisp is the BEST video ad creation suite that has been created up until now, especially for it’s one-time price of $47. But my opinion might be biased because it has provided a ton of results for me and has allowed me to generate A LOT of revenue. I personally would love each one of you to check this out if you’re thinking about creating your own video ads.

If you are new to the concept of video ads then I think that you should seriously do some deeper research into it because that’s going to be the future of internet marketing in 1 or 2 years for sure.

Grab your copy of AdsCrisp as soon as possible because right now it is available at a launch discount of $47 and the prices will be increasing soon!

Now AdsCrisp is available for a Highly Discounted Price!

Exclusive Bonuses So You Can Make More Money Using AdsCrisp

The Extra Method To Make Money With AdsCrisp

There’s a really, really simple way to pocket an extra $150-$500 per day without much real “work” at all.

Have you heard about the freelancer websites where people charge as much as a $1000 dollars just to create High-quality videos for others?

There are tons of people online looking to hire someone to create videos for them. The simple reason for that is… creating a High-quality video and editing it is a tough job that requires a specific set of skills that can’t be developed overnight.

It requires TONS of time to actually master a video editing software and the equipment required to shoot a High-quality video also takes up a lot of money.

You already know all of this?… Well, I have something for you.

With AdsCrisp you that you could do it too without actually putting in the effort that it takes to create a High-quality video. You could be one of those freelancers and charge clients anywhere from $100-$1000 for High-quality Videos.

What would an extra $100-$1000 do for you in your life? You can start it as a side hustle or even make a whole business out of it… by taking on a couple of clients and easily earning upto $5000 per week or more.

Inside AdsCrisp cloud you could pump out High-quality videos using Done-for-You templates that are already proven to convert in the market.

Use different templates for every niche. You could either use it as a freelancer or promote your own products using the software.

This is a major shortcut for creating High-quality videos and since AdsCrisp use proven to convert templates, your clients will always be satisfied. And if you can do that for them, then they’ll keep coming back to you for more!

You could either get in on this or miss this simple business opportunity because honestly I don’t know how long this product will be available for or if it’ll even be this cheap later on.


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