How Google Analytics Can Help You Make Smart Marketing Decisions

If you have a website, chances are you’re currently connected to Google Analytics (GA). GA is an analytical tool that is extensively used worldwide and available for free. If you don’t have GA and would like to start tracking valuable data on your website, follow these basic instructions from Google.

Having an analytical tool connected to your website is extremely important as it helps you analyze your website traffic, which in turn helps you understand the behavior of your customers while they’re on your website. In the most basic sense, GA records various activities of your website visitors and matches them with the attributes of their Google accounts (when they’re searching the web while logged in) such as IP address location, user demographic information, and interests. GA aggregates all of this compiled data and offers you with an easy to read dashboard with information that can help you identify which online campaigns are working best, which websites or social media channels are referring the most traffic to your own website, which keywords drive the highest volume of organic traffic, and much more.

Google Analytics offers a wealth of information to be analyzed and transformed into valuable. By learning how to read and interpret this information you’ll be able to make better decisions to help you convert more customers and make more money.

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