How to Best Respond to Posts and Comments Online

When it comes to managing a brand’s online presence, there is no question that responding to comments and reviews is an important element, no matter the platform or industry. This includes replying to comments on social media, customer review sites (such as Yelp), and your blog, if you have one. When done well, social interaction with your brand can go a long way towards managing and developing valuable customer relationships.

When you receive a question or comment, it might not always be immediately clear why or how you should respond to it — especially if the commenter is upset or degrading your brand. Remember the following goals as you look to craft your response:

  1. Build rapport with your audience. Whether it’s through humor or empathy, try to find common ground among even the worst comments.
  2. Reply quickly to comments. Response time goes a long way in providing top-notch customer service.
  3. Stand out from the competition. This is your chance to make a good impression, so be sure to set yourself apart from other brands in your response.
  4. Be consistent. You’re likely to have a wide variety of comments to manage and you may have a team helping you manage them. Whatever the case, be sure your style of response is consistent throughout to maintain your brand’s image.
  5. Manage customer feedback. Before responding, take an outside-in approach and ask yourself if your response would satisfy the commenter. Is there more information you could share? Could you be more clear?

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