How to do advertising and promotion on Pinterest

How to do advertising and promotion on Pinterest


Pinterest was established in 2010, but not all brands use this platform for promotion. Although Pinterest is dominated by content from weddings and food, benefit from advertising on this platform you can get, even if your brand specializiruetsya on something else.

Pinterest users are always looking for ideas, inspiration, products and services that can improve their quality of life. If you make time for Pinterest you’ll be able to find advertising opportunities that will give a favorable result.

Where to start?

Create a business account or convert an existing account to a business account. When you do, Pinterest will automatically create for you advertising.

You can then create additional accounts or to bind the other business profiles. To create other accounts, you’ll need to make new business profile and enter for each payment information.

Adding Pinterest tag

Like other advertising channels, from Pinterest is my tag — a unique code that the user adds on your website. The tag will allow us to better measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, will help to understand the customer path from interaction to conversion, to identify the audience for remarketing, and track visits to pages, category browse, search, add to cart, purchases, video views, registrations and potential customers.

To add a tag, add code to all pages of your website and attach tags to events to the pages on which you can track conversions. Also note the Pinterest Developers, where you can find useful manuals add a tag.


Pinterest offers two types of campaigns: information and influencing decision-making (Consideration). The information campaign aims to tell people about the brand and to attract potential buyers into the funnel.

Campaigns, influencing decision-making (Consideration) is an effective tool that invites users back to the website or the app page and make a purchase if they haven’t already.

Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins — standard advertising on Pinterest. Such advertising can support different marketing objectives, such as awareness, increasing engagement and traffic to the site.

One of the advantages of a business account — closed Board invisible to other users of Pinterest, where you can create pins for your campaign. Like most organic pins, Promoted Pins have access in two clicks, such as in the advertisement below.

This is naturally looks in the Pinterest newsfeed, and therefore, better covers the target audience.

When you click on the preview pin drops out the same advertisement with an invitation to test. Similar creative way to attract audience, you can then use in the campaign, drip marketing, remarketing campaign Pinterest or on other channels.

Promoted Pins Video

Many advertisers are wondering how to make a pin that will stand out. One way would be to use autoprogram video on Pinterest for more vivid and catchy effect. By the way, recently Pinterest launched video ads in the new format.

Campaigns, influencing decision-making (Consideration), the video gives large values of CTR and conversions, as this is helps to see a clearer picture and to better visualize the products and services that improves performance and reduces cost per conversion.


It is worth noting that the video often has high levels of cooperation in information campaigns.

At the moment, Promoted Pins Video available only in USA, UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia, and the specifications they have the following:

  • File type: MP4 or MOV, H. 264 encoded.
  • Max size is 2 GB or less.
  • Length: Min. 4 seconds, max. of 30 minutes. We recommend the video in the range of 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Aspect ratio: square (1:1); vertical (9:16).
  • Resolution: Min. 240 PPI.
  • Frame rate: Min. 25 FPS.

The example below draws attention at once. On the pin we see the woman doing the exercise, and the pin is shown in the app on yoga. Easy movements is very important for moving metrics.


One-tap Promoted Pins

As you can see, most pins require two clicks. One-tap promoted pins (pins simple one click program) make the transition to your website much faster.

Here you can expect higher CTR, however, make sure that your landing page and the message on it is flawless, otherwise the increase in clicks will only lead to an increase in failures and loss budget. Suggest to check first simple one click program pins on the audience potentially ready to make a specific purchase (also called “warm”): these users have a greater chance of conversion after the click.

In the example below, SmugMug effectively promoted the keywords associated with the photos, take your photo shooting service. Easy, relevant and easy to understand.

It is also worth noting their strong call to action (“Start your free trial now”) which leads directly to the target page instead of the preview on Pinterest. This technique allows you to go straight to the point, but in this case, make sure that the audience has no reason for failure.

Promoted App Pins

This format of advertising is effective for increasing awareness and the number of downloads, so lets go to the installation page in one click. Users do not need to leave Pinterest, making the process continuous and pure, and therefore benefit both you and the users themselves.

Strategies for success on Pinterest

Stand out, but do it naturally

Create advertising that looks natural on the platform and relevant for your brand.

Walmart creates a bright, aesthetic and stylish advertising that looks natural in the film. Similar pins (in this case, the is seasonal clothing) has a positive impact on sales.


Set new goals for a successful organic pins

If you already have effective advertising, you can extend her life by using organic pins and promoted them using one of the above mentioned formats. This will increase coverage, traffic and conversion.

Remarketing for conversions

Invite your subscribers, website visitors, objectors and potential customers to return to the site and complete the conversion process. Test different messages, images and videos to warm audiences and if you offer discounts, then be sure to use it in advertising.

Add a call to action in pin description

Regardless of the ad format, you should add a powerful call to action in the pin description, especially if we are talking about odnaklacnik pins.


Forget about hashtags

Although Pinterest supports this feature, excessive use hatagami may be perceived to be spam, so on Pinterest use them not as often as on other social channels, like Instagram or Twitter.

Use keywords in the description of the pins: they look more natural and acceptable.

PC vs. mobile

80% of users come to Pinterest with a tablet or smartphone. PC share seems insignificant, but we should not ignore: here is the untapped opportunity. While browsing Pinterest users tend to see more advertising on mobile devices, so you should use a less saturated advertising PC environment to see what advertising has a greater effect on the target audience.

Run a separate PC and mobile campaigns-this will save you time and will help better assess effectiveness. If you see that some format does not work in the long term, you will be able to easily disable it.