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These are stats of FB messanger, so allowing INBOXR to message, engage and follow up WITH Your fans will not only increase traffic, but sales and trust.

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Luke Maguire has just released his highly anticipated Inboxr – a true set and forget system for generating massive online sales on autopilot.

I know that sounds too good to be true… But I’ve seen the system he has created – It’s the real deal, and I can’t wait to start using it and make a ton of extra sales myself.

Inboxr is nothing short of a revolution, there is nothing like it on the market.

It is the world’s first and only multi- social network chat bot and mass engagement tool.

Inboxr allows you to completely automate your Facebook and Twitter marketing and to…

Have your fan pages automatically engage with your target market 24/7… build relationships and most importantly make sales on autopilot!

There is no way I can do this justice in just one review. You need to see this in action and to see the incredible results it has generated for Luke and his students.

Facebook ads are obviously amazing and people are making money hand over firt with them.

But there is a very real danger with them…

If you don’t know your numbers and keep a close eye on them, you can quickly burn through a lot of cash without seeing any return whatsoever.

Most people who try out FB ads end up losing a bit of money and then retreating to a safer space without having achieved anything.

The key to getting cheap FB ads is to do what they want you to do… keep people on Facebook!

That’s why page/post engagement ads are the cheapest. They are also the easiest to run as you are just asking people to do what they’re already doing anyway… like, comment and share.

This used to be the long game though and it could take a long time before you would see any return on your investment.

But the game just changed overnight – watch this video to see how.

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With Inboxr you now have the option to:

✅ Instantly send an automated message to anyone who engages with your ad.
✅ Automatically get them on an autoresponder so you can message them over and over again, without having to spend more money on ads.
✅ Contact anyone who has ever engaged with your FB posts and ads – as often as you want.

As you can imagine Facebook ads just got a whole lot more profitable.

Now you don’t have to pay premium ad fees for the the buying clicks… or pay over and over again just to have the same people hit your site.

Now you can focus on getting as many likes, comments and shares as you can – and this is the easy part!

And then let the set and forget Inboxr system convert this into an infinite streams of free targeted traffic and hungry buyers.

The game has just shifted completely.

The people running Facebook ads without Inboxr next week are going to be at a serious disadvantage.

Don’t be one of them… Take action today and be the first to exploit this new Facebook gold rush!


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