Is Your B2B Marketing Strategy Evolving with the Market?

With ever-increasing use of online and mobile business methods, decision makers’ purchasing habits have changed drastically over the past few years. Prospective clients now face a nearly endless array of options. What’s more, they can switch from one vendor to another with the touch of a button. Inbound has never played such a crucial role in B2B business strategy as it has in recent years.

To capture leads in a buyer-driven market, the question has become not one of how to convert, but how to evangelize your prospects though effective content that sets your brand apart from the competition. Demand generation has become a focus for most B2B marketers. If you’re new to this topic, it’s important to clarify that demand generation is a function focused on generating new leads for the business, while inbound is one approach to generate demand for your products/services.

It’s always crucial to know your target audience, so do some careful research. What are your prospects’ most pressing challenges, and more importantly, how does your product or service help solve those challenges? How and where do prospects search for information (this is especially useful for accurate SEO)? What kinds of content (i.e. podcasts, video tutorials, webcasts) do they find appealing and relevant? Keep an eye on traffic trends in your website analytics, and make strategic decisions based on the behavior of your visitors. Pay special attention to client postings on forums, blogs, and social media pages and learn from their input.

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