MailSniper Review and Bonus – 100% Control on Your Business

MailSniper Review – The Most Powerful Autoresponder software you can own FOREVER (no recurring fees)

Get Our Exclusive Bonus Package and Start Getting Results Like this

MailSniper Review – Introduction

As marketers, we’ve all at one point used Aweber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign or some other autoresponder service?

I started using ActiveCampaign and back in the day after seeing my open rates drop, switched to Aweber, and then now to GetResponse

And still, my messages still land in SPAM.

As if that wasn’t enough, for no reason, GetResponse banned my card, meaning I could no longer pay the monthly fee, meaning I lost my list of about 10,000 subscribers.

So I went off, bought me a self-hosted autoresponder at the cost of $500, and for no reason, my emails wouldn’t just land ”inbox”

And maintaining it was a headache, it got more costly than my Autoresponders at one point..

So just recently, about few weeks back, Daniel Adetunji sent me access to an email marketing tool he’s been working on for 6 months now, and having used it to mail customers in some niches, the results have been nothing short of amazing.

And I don’t even get to pay a monthly FEE. One time, and that’s it!

MailSniper Review – What Is It?

MailSniper, the NEW TOOL for EMAIL MARKETING just went LIVE on JVZOO that doesn’t requires you to pay monthly like Aweber, Getresponse.

You can send emails to their subscribers through an SMTP service. Through Mailsniper, you’ll be able to import list, send broadcasts, create follow up series, segment their list, create web forms, email templates and extensive email reports.

This new autoresponder with no monthly fees – pay only once then own it for life.

NO RECURRING FEES! Unlimited Subscribers & Unlimited Messages.

Completely Newbie Friendly Software with Astonishing Results. No Technical Skills, No Headaches, No Restrictions.

MailSniper takes is just 3 simple steps

Step #1: Upload Your Contacts

Just upload your existing lists or create optin form using our high converting templates in no time. No fear of losing a single lead or getting rejected and you are ready to setup highly profitable campaign righy away

Step #2: Send Emails

Select from our high converting email campaigns, customize it according to your business or campaigns, Just schedule or sent immediately. Just sitback and relax while MailSniper do all the grunt work for you and you are all set to get most out of your campaigns

Step #3: Schedule or send immediately

Just select the list, and hit the send button to send to unlimited leads and sit back. Let MailSniper do all the grunt work and you enjoy more profits

This is truly revolutionizing email marketing. You owe it to yourself to go check it out now.

MailSniper Review  – About the Creator

Who is the software developer of MailSniper? Daniel Adetunji is the famous internet marketer and software developer who has launched a vast number of products for marketers, example PixieLogo, ViddyGenie, Soci Lead Messenger, Stockily, DescovaApp and many more.

Daniel invested all his experience and has spent lots of effort and time on developing revolutionary software MailSniper, that help us to achieve success in email marketing.

MailSniper Review – Features

There are many things MAILSNIPER can do which other autoresponders that charge $79/month or more monthly cannot do.

MailSniper can show you stats of how many people opened your email, how many clicked through on your links, exactly what time they clicked the link, how many times they clicked.

I can send an email at an exact time. I can move people From one list to another without having them opt-in manually. All they have to do is click a link. (This one is BIG)

I can do a whole lot of things I can’t do with other autoresponders that charge monthly, same with my self- hosted platform.

Even more…

You get 100+ Mobile Responsive Email & really nice, neat 100+ templates, Drag/Drop Email Editor, GDPR- Create emails w/ no compliance hassles; HECK, you can even import an unlimited number of subscribers, no restrictions! 100,000 and even more!

Segment your list with tags based on what users do.

You can even connect your OWN SMTP settings, (MailGun, SendGrid, et al, track every campaign you send) plus we can also help you too.

MailSniper Software Literally have no competition

Don’t let the big autoresponder services take away your business overnight!

Go here and see what MailSniper can do for your business!


MailSniper BONUS #1

Video marketing has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade. To promote your services video marketing is an ultimate strategy and this software will do it for you without using cameras PowerPoint, Camtasia and even voice overs. Uncover the secrets to create your own professional videos in minutes with this useful package.

This course would help you reap out maximum benefits from the MailSniper.

MailSniper BONUS #2

Getting more leads, subscribers and sales are the topmost concerns for every online marketer and if not looked into properly, it can give dire consequences. Fortunately, today with your purchase, you are on a smooth ride to kick out this problem forever.

With this Turbo Video Genie package, you will be able to create your own high-quality video presentations which you can upload to video sharing sites.

This package is a must have and when combined with MailSniper, reaps long term profitable results for business owners.

MailSniper BONUS #3

Video marketing is one of the powerful marketing media to drive traffic to your website or even make sales from the product offers you market.

To help you get these benefits, checkout this product that helps you to rank your videos over your competitors and shows your videos on other search terms over YouTube.

Now, use this helpful bonus along with marketing MailSniper, and take your business to the next level.

MailSniper BONUS #4

Link building is one major aspect of search engine optimization that you ought to know. It helps you make your webpage higher in Google SERPS.

Video Backlinks Bomber is an automated software that will help you start putting your backlinks on the top-ranking videos.

When used with MailSniper, this package will surely become a top-notch business booster.

MailSniper BONUS #5

These days almost any type of business can benefit from the production of a short video to introduce their products and services. Therefore you might need a tool for creating video sites to make money online.

This package will help you create your own complete moneymaking video site featuring AdSense and Amazon Ads, unique web pages, SEO solutions and much more.

This bonus when combined with MailSniper, becomes an ultimate growth booster for business owners.

MailSniper BONUS #6

Want to create a polished, professional video that impresses your audience? It’s easier than you might think.

With this practical video course, you can easily create professional videos for your business or any other occasion and create an extra revenue stream.

When combined with the MailSniper, this bonus becomes a lethal combination and boosts traffic and profits hands down.

MailSniper BONUS #7

Graphics enhance your communication with other people. It serves to convey your ideas in a way that is not only effective, but also beautiful.

If you are looking for a tool that helps you with amazing graphic, here you Graphic Generator that will help you create all kind of graphics, banners, buttons, badges, tabs, full templates and WordPress themes.

This bonus when combined with MailSniper, proves to be a great resource for every success hungry marketer.

MailSniper BONUS #8

Great designs starts with a great idea. If you want to become a perfect graphic designer, you need a roadmap that will take you from complete beginner, to employable, to running your own business.

With this ultimate guide, you too can grab the early steps of learning and training, so you’ll have the essential tools, skills, and knowledge to build a career with longevity and meaning.

This package is a must have and when combined with MailSniper, it reaps great results for you in the long run.

MailSniper BONUS #9

Infographics have the power to make broad or complex ideas more refined and simplified. When text and graphics are used together in content marketing strategy, it becomes a better communication method. They are used to showcase statistics, to sell products, to advertise, promote, attract and connect better with your audience.

This bonus package provides you a collection of high quality, evergreen, powerful infographics that you can use for your eBooks, marketing materials, blog posts, product line, social media sites, and more.

So, get in active mode and use this bonus with MailSniper to intensify your growth prospects like never before.

MailSniper BONUS #10

Every business whether online or offline is using videos to communicate with their clients. Video presentation is becoming a common expectation amongst businesses around the world.

With Magic Video, you can easily create your own animated video in just minutes using nothing but PowerPoint. The tool is also compatible with all the top video and graphics editors like Video Motion Pro, Explaindio and Video Maker FX. There are more than 100 slides that you can choose from.

When used with the MailSniper, this package will surely become a top-notch business booster.

You have a great opportunity ahead + My Bonus Package are making it a completely!!


MailSniper BONUS #11

To build a successful online business empire learning the information and acquiring the technical skills is not enough. After setting up your product, you have to take the next step that is marketing.

To help you learn marketing concepts, IM How to Video Pro Version provides you the latest updates and tips of fast traffic and gather the targeted leads.

So, get in active mode and use this bonus with MailSniper to intensify your growth prospects like never before.

MailSniper BONUS #12

Are you looking for a software that will help you create high-quality professional videos in a few minutes?

With this software, you can create professional videos in a few clicks and also figure out what type of video you need to create to fulfill all of your current objectives.

When combined with the MailSniper, this package will reap great results in the near future.

MailSniper BONUS #13

Video marketing can be a unique idea, if you want to capture the attention of potential customers so you can scale your business may seem like an impossible challenge.

So, would you like to learn the secrets to multiplying your online income using videos that are very easy to create? With this guide you’ll learn various ways to use videos, either professionally created, or home-made videos, to our best advantage to use on our websites and on the internet to procure new customers, keep existing customers and increase our sales and profits.

So, what are you waiting for? Combine this package with countless benefits that you get with MailSniper and take your profits to the next level.

MailSniper BONUS #14

It’s a well-known fact that video marketing is an essential channel for marketers. A successful video marketing keeps viewers engaged and let your story reach the right audience at right time. And it will be possible with the appropriate strategy.

With this video marketing guide discover the secrets to video marketing and leverage its power to bring countless targeted, relevant visitors to your offers.

This bonus is a boon and when combined with MailSniper, this package becomes a top-notch business booster.

MailSniper BONUS #14

Podcasts are an incredible way to reach both current and new prospects, no matter what type of business you’re running, or what niche market you are positioned in.

Keeping this in mind, we’re providing you this report you will learn how to create a successful podcast for your business.

This package is a must have and when combined with MailSniper, it reaps great results for you in the long run.

MailSniper BONUS #16

Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but videos are worth thousands of pictures. This is the one-stop resource you need to use if you are serious about video marketing.

If you are confused about which type of video you should create, this course can be a great help for you. With this video course you will learn how to pick the right video and save money on video creation.

So, get in active mode and use this bonus with MailSniper to intensify your growth prospects, and become an enviable success story.

MailSniper BONUS #17

Creating a marketing campaign that “goes viral” is the goal of every marketer. In fact, it’s almost impossible to predict what campaigns will go viral. But there are some secret strategies that will help you predict them.

With this video training you will discover a shortcut to online viral marketing secrets and you learn the steps to increase your chances of having your campaign go viral.

When combined with MailSniper, this package will reap great results in the near future.

MailSniper BONUS #18

Video marketing is one of the easiest ways to get highly targeted traffic, but you have to do it right. There are tons and tons of different marketing strategies out there online. Many of these works and many of them have faded away.

With this step by step course you will learn the most updated SEO strategies that you must do before you make your YouTube videos live.

This package is of multi-utility when combined with the immense powers of MailSniper.

MailSniper BONUS #19

It’s not too hard to see why video is so popular these days. It gives our eyes a rest from the overabundance of textual information online.

For a successful video marketing, you must create engaging videos. With Video Traffic Guru, you’ll discover top 3 ways to create faster videos and strategies to promote them.

Now, stop thinking and combine this ultimate software with MailSniper to get best results in your business.

MailSniper BONUS #20

Video is the fastest growing type of media online. For many, uploading videos to their own hosting account is time-consuming and expensive, and while embedding videos from third-party services simplifies things, marketers often end up losing a lot of control over how the videos are displayed.

In this guide, you’re going to learn some of the best ways to use video on your websites profitably, and just how easy it is to get around some of the biggest issues you might face when using it.

Combine these techniques along with the top-quality MailSniper, and build a qualified customer base in the long run.

PLUS Get these limited time bonuses from vendor

Bonus 1
Email Marketing Basics

This ultimate bonus package will take you behind the scenes to help you understand how to build a relationship with your list & also help you Set Up Your Email Autoresponder with GetResponse so that you can grow an email list that gets clicks and converts into sales.

Bonus 2
Simple Social Expandable

With the growth of social media, the use of social media buttons is continuously increasing on most webpages and blogs. Sharing buttons help create a presence on social media platforms as well as providing other benefits for your brand.

Bonus 3
WP Viral Click

Getting content viral on the streams of internet is every marketers dream. But it takes time, skills and sometimes a bit of luck and doesn’t seem to be everyone’s cup of tea.

To bail you out from these issues, here’s a GOLD package that automatically generates content for your site from an external web page. Furthermore, you can customize the page by adding custom elements like modals, info bars and slide in to promote user engagement to your offers.

Bonus 4
Article Analyzer

This cool package helps you analyze articles for keyword density so that you can get more targeted search engine traffic for your website.

In addition, you can either open an existing article (in .txt format) or write/copy/paste the article in to the Article Analyzer interface.

Bonus 5
Website Pouch Pro

Showing offers on your site with the help of banners is a strategy used by top brands and marketers today. If you’re also looking to avail these benefits, then you can breathe easy. This amazing package will help you easily show or hide any content or banners within your website with just one easy click.

Bonus 6
WP Video Attention

With the help of this new powerful and Easy to use WordPress plugin, you can add engaging video as a widget to any corner on your webpage so that you can keep your viewers engaged throughout your entire video while they are exploring the content/other part of your page – So you will never lose the engagement & attention of your viewers.

Moreover, you can add countdown-time, share button and animation effect that will help your page get sky high conversions and engagement.

Bonus 7
X-Treme List Build Plugin

For running businesses email lists are very important. Businesses and individuals use email lists in a variety of ways. With this ultimate bonus package, you can easily start creating engagement with your new leads by making your landing page memorable and enjoyable.

Bonus 8
WP Simple Geo

If you really want to make money online, having a strategy to deliver your content would be a killer idea to boost your conversion rate. Your content should be relevant to a specific group of people based on geological approach as people will see relevant content on a specific areas or country. 

This bonus package is one of the easiest and fastest way to generate commissions and reach your audience. By using it, you can instantly reach out to your audience without sparing a thought for geographical locations.

MailSniper Review – Evaluation and Price

3 Hours Eearlybird (11AM To 2PM EST)
Mailsniper $34
Mailsniper commercial $64

EARLYSNIPER – $20 Discount on commercial plan

2PM to 11:59PM
Mailsniper $37
Mailsniper commercial $67

EARLYSNIPER – $20 Discount on commerical plan

OTO1: PricePoint: ($47/67)

  • Unlimited Lists
  • Advanced List Cleaning Tool
  • Advance Subscriber management – suppression list, message wise, bounce wise, export, create custom fields etc.
  • Advanced messages management
  • Multiple SMTP for leads
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited mailing per month
  • Detailed reports – Opens, clicks, graphs, country, unsubscribes, OS, browser
  • Advanced message management
  • Adding images from media library
  • File attachments

OTO2: Pricepoint: ( $47/67)

  • 100 Lead Form Templates
  • 100 Email Templates
  • 100 Landing form templates
  • 50 templates per month

OTO3: PricePoint: ( $47/67)

  • Link Cloaking
  • High Inboxing
  • Fb Remarketing
  • Geotargetting
  • Device Targetting
  • CTA Overlays
  • Email timer
  • Webinar Integration
  • detailed reports
  • Custom Domain
  • Social Media Integration
  • Lead Analytic
  • Link Expiration
  • Password Protection
  • Mass Cloaking

OTO4: Price Point: ($297/497)

  • Reseller License
  • All reseller material

MailSniper Review – My Opinion

There’s nothing like it on the market. Powerful cloud based autoresponder with premium features and a one-time fee. Just WOW!

The only email marketing service that allows you to:

– Have UNLIMITED subscribers
– Send UNLIMITED emails
– SMTP – You can make use of MailGun, SendGrid or any other third party SMTP-plus.


It’s just launched and it’s a revolutionary new software that comes with a one-time fee.

Pick it up at an early bird discount as soon as you can!

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