MarketPresso Review and Bonus – Time to say Goodbye to Fiverr & Upwork


Are you looking more knowleadge regarding MarketPresso? Please check out my honest review concerning it before selecting to examine the weaknesses and staminas of it. If you get MarketPresso from my link, you will receive special exclusive bonuses that help you make more money using it.

MarketPresso Review –  Introduction

Do you know what the biggest struggle is of Freelancers?

Bagging Orders & Getting New Clients!

It may sound ridiculous when I say that in the era of Fiverr & Upwork!

The reality is service providers are undervaluing their offers to bag orders! Freelancers end up Selling $300 worth Video services for $40 and further pay a massive cut to the freelancing sites.

All this is changing from Feb 2nd, 2020. Indeed get ready to witness a Freelancing Revolution!

Freelancers, Agency owners & Service Providers can now have their own branded MarketPlace which lets them sell with Authority, name the price, grow their list, and repeat selling on a loop!

MarketPresso Review – What Is It?

MarketPresso, the world’s first & ONLY MarketPlace Builder is going live on Feb 2nd, 2020!

Here is why you need MarketPresso to sell your services Or products

1. Zero Competition
2. You build your list
3. Get started with zero profit sharing
4. Complete Authority
5. Charge anything you wish
6. Sell any number of services

You can sell anything on MarketPresso!

-> Physical Products & Digital Products
-> Services like Graphics, Video, Content, Marketing Voiceover, Consulting, Web Development, Chatbot and More…

How can you offer these services?

If you have products with commercial licenses and have been trying to sell them as services to local businesses, this is your chance!

Dust all those commercial license products and put them to use with MarketPresso.


You can be a middleman by getting clients for sellers on Fiverr through MarketPresso and deliver the job to make profits!

Worried about Traffic?

MarketPresso covers that too!

1. Blog feature with automatic Google Indexing
2. Smart LinkedIn features Training to get Big Ticket clients
3. Local Business Scraper (Bonus Tool) to get you buying clients
4. FB Ads Training by Forbes recognized co-founder of MarketPresso
5. Revenue Rolodex Training to get Free Traffic from online sites!

Without any further delay pick MarketPresso for an all-time low price using coupon ‘success2020’

MarketPresso Review – Features

What features differentiates MarketPresso from the rest of the Freelancing platforms?

1. Competition

Fiverr has close to a million freelancers competing in various categories! The chances of getting an order are too slim!

In MarketPresso, you own the MarketPlace! You are the boss, and you have zero competition.

2. Whose List are you Building?

We all know money is in the list!

In Freelancing platforms there is no provision for sellers to have buyer details. You try to get them, and you will be banned from the platform. You are literally growing these platforms with your sweat!

With MarketPresso, you grow your list. You own your customers!

3. Distressed sale due to heavy competition!

Because of stiff competition, sellers are in a position to undervalue their offering and sell for an extremely low-price.

With NIL Competition on MarketPresso, you fix any price you think is right!

4. Profit-Sharing

There is not a single platform that charges less than 20% on a sale.

With MarketPresso you get started with Zero Commissions. You keep every penny you earn!

5. Unlimited Services

Other Platforms allow you to sell a maximum of 7 services.

With MarketPresso, create multiple categories and sub-categories and sell as many products or services as you want.

There is so much more you can control in MarketPresso in comparison with other platforms!

Today you can get MarketPresso for discounted price + limited time commercial license. Use coupon ‘success2020’ when you pick MarketPresso!


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SMMA Audit & Proposal Checklist

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Social Media Marketing Agency Resources And Tools

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Perfect Ad Copy Cheatsheet

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This same checklist resulted in a revenue of $250,000 in 7 days in one of the product launches.

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This is the ultimate checklist you need to pay attention to be successful.

High Paying Clients Acquisition Cheatsheet

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People are moved by power words. Power words are what that get us to click, share and buy – what more could a marketer want!

This list of 390+ Power Words will trigger an emotional response and pack some serious punch to the allure of any sales page, headline or ad. Therefore more sales for you!


MarketPresso Client Finder App (Worth $997)

Once you create your world class services marketplace, the only thing that you will need help with is finding high paying clients.

Because simply “More Clients = More Revenue”.

We have developed this groundbreaking app that helps you find the EXACT contact details of businesses all over the world.

You will be able to find business name, phone number, email id & website of any business in any niche in any city or country all with a single click.

So now you have your own advanced marketplace plus you have a way to find high paying businesses & contact them easily. You don’t need anything else other than this to run a super profitable business.

Mega Bonus For First 250 Buyers (Worth $497)

For the first 250 buyers of MarketPresso, our experienced team will create a high converting ad for you.

We will design your first ad for your first ever marketplace.

The fact that you are looking at this right now means that right now you have the chance to be amongst the first 250 buyers.

Free Advertising Credits (Worth $600-$800)

Advertising your marketplace is the FASTEST way to generate unlimited traffic & sales right away.

We are giving you free advertising credits worth $600-$800 on premium networks like LinkedIn, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, etc

This is a limited time bonus which would be taken down really soon.

AI Logo Creator Software (Use for your business or sell as service) (Worth $697)

A Brand’s Logo is its identity. Companies have even paid even millions to designers for creating their logo.

We are giving you this artificial intelligence based Logo creation software that comes up with relevant icons, images, font & color suggestions.

Add logo creation service in your marketplace & sell the service for $100-$300 each (or more) to clients & local businesses.

AI BrandDomain Software (Use for your business or sell as service) (Worth $497)

In our study we found that finding the best domain name for a business & finding that keyword’s availability across all social media channels is one of the most popular services.

That’s because thousands of new businesses are register every day.

We are giving you this advanced AI based software that finds domain availability, comes up with extra domain suggestions according to niche, and finds your domain’s keyword availability across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Medium – all of it with just a click of a button.

Do not forget to use code ‘success2020‘ when you pick MarketPresso AND Get MarketPresso now with all the bonuses!

How To Claim Your Bonuses?

Step #1: Get MarketPresso From this page.
Step #2: Bonus Delivery. After your purchase is complete, our bonuses will be waiting for you inside your JVZoo customer portal and or member area.

MarketPresso Review – Evaluation and Price

MarketPresso – $47

Create online marketplace for anything you want to sell online
Messaging & Texting
Creating categories
Creating sub-menu
Payment Gateway Connect to collect payment
Unlimited Hosted on our servers
Custom Domain Setup
Put your own logo & branding
Ability to add custom code (for retargeting users)
Profile page for branding
Offer categorisation
Badges on offer
Inbuilt Checkout System
Languages Translation
Order Notification & Message Notification via Email
Notification system like FB on the main interface
User login
Customise your order processing form
Order Info
Panel to show product details
Service Info
SMS Integration
Email Integration
FAQ Addition
Mobile Friendly
User Management
Customers Profile
Add To Cart
Ability to create basic/standard/premium package
Adding Blog/Content for Traffic


Multiple Upselling ability for users
Recommended for you
Immediate Order upsell
Cashback reward method (Wallet)
Upsell feature
Ability to give coupons
Ability to give bundle deals
Ability to give 1+1, 2+1 giveaway deals
Loyalty Points
Upselling based on delivery time & number of words
Customisable Pop Ups for showing offers/etc
Ability to send special offer via chat
Unlimited Marketplaces


Template club for a ONE TIME PRICE
No Recurring
Freelancing Theme
Agency Theme
Local Business Theme
10 DFY Marketplaces
50 DFY Services Description in Internet’s Most Popular Niches
DFY Marketplaces Crafted by 7-Figure Copywriters


Allow others to sell in your marketplace & take commission on every sale (just like Fiverr)
Allow others to create their own marketplace using the agency login


Mobile App Version of the website

Let me warn you the price will not stay the same after Sometime. And do not forget to use code ‘success2020’ when you pick MarketPresso!

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