Progressive Apps Builder Review

Progressive Apps Builder Review – Worlds Easiest App Builder Without App Store Approvals Required

Progressive Apps Builder Review – Overview

Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram used this Exact Strategy AND Converted their Websites into a Progressive Apps & Reduced App Size by 90% & Saw increased engagement across the board!

Progressive Apps Builder is Based on the Same Tech Which Tinder Used for their App. Progressive Apps are the next big thing after the Mobile Apps Boom.

Using the Progressive Apps Technology, you can convert your existing Responsive Website into a Sales & Leads Generating Mobile App which can be directly installed from your website on Mobile Browsers & the best part, you don’t need any Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store Developer Account & any without any approvals from them. Progressive Apps are saved on your users Smartphone Browser just like normal Mobiles and Support Push Notification Messages as well.

And the Best Part, you can convert any type of website, in any niche into a Progressive App.

Running a Local Event ? Have a Website ? Convert it into a Progressive App!

✔ Have a Small Barber Shop ? Have a Website ? Convert it into a Progressive App & Stay in Touch with your customers!
✔ Running a Dental Clinic ? Have a Website ? Convert it into a Progressive App & Update your Patients!
✔ Running a Boutique? Have a Website ? Convert it into a Progressive App & Let your Customers Buy Directly from your App!
✔ Running a Affiliate Blog? [Of Course you have a Website] Unable to List it in App Stores ? Convert it into a Progressive App!

As you can see, the Possibilities are endless!

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Progressive Apps Builder Review – Features

– Turn Your Website Visitors In App Users With Over 90%* Open rate
– Broadcast Push notification messages to 100s of 1000s Of Visitors In 1 Click
– Increase business revenue and growth up to 3 Times
– Works better than traditional mobile apps or even website
– Your Own Futuristic Progressive App ready in Minutes
– Create Apps that loads lightning fast – Better than website & Traditional mobile apps
– Companies like Uber, AliExpress, Trivago, Pinterest, Instagram Using It
– It’s like retargeting but free
– No Coding Skills Required
– No App Store Approval Required
– Directly Install the app from the browser
– Send Install Link to Users Via Email or Sms
– Fully GDPR Compliant
– Completely Newbie Friendly
– A-Z Video Training Included
– 60 Days, No Risk Money Back

You’ll can convert your existing website into progressive web app in less than 2 minutes that can

– Work without internet
– Send unlimited push notification
– Installed from browser

Its very interesting.. Click here to see the full demo here

With Progressive Apps Builder, you can convert Any website or URL int PWA in 3 simple steps

Step #1 Login and Enter the URL of your website
Step #2 Upload the generated files on your website
Step #3 And done… Your Site is converted into PWA now

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Progressive Apps Builder Review – Who Need Mobile Apps?

No matter what business or niche you are in… Progressive Apps Builder will work for you whether you are in,

Small Business – Small Business don’t generally require a full fledge Android or iOS App. Mostly they just need a Mobile App so that their customers can be in touch with them. And Since small business generally just have a static website, their Apps generally gets rejected by the App Store if it is not created from scratch & specially for Mobile.
These Business will Strongly benefit from Progressive Web Apps, as their Current website can be simply converted into a App which will also have Push Notification Support in Android Version. Their customer can directly install these from their websites in just 2 clicks and without wasting any of their precious mobile storage

Offline Business – It is a Great Boon for Offline Business like a Barber Shop or Florist who just need a functional mobile app for their business using which their customer can book a appointment or reserve a Seat. We can quickly create a mobile app for them using Progressive web app builder using their current website.
Since Progressive Web Apps are not required to be Submitted in a App Store, they will also save on the Google Play and Apples Annual Developer fee of $100.

Events – Perfect for Routine Events. Just Create a Website for your Event, Convert it into a Progressive Web App & You are good to go. Now all your participants can quickly install this App from your website and get regular updates and informations via push notifications.

Consultants/Agencies – Now you have a extra Opportunity for more business. If your customer Doesn’t have a Mobile App, you can easily sell them a Progressive Web App by converting their existing website into a App. Its as simple as 1-2-3. You can charge your customers depending on his budget and even charge him monthly for using Push notifications.
If your clients already have a Mobile App, you can still Pitch them a Progressive Web App Since they would be able to Convert All the SEO Traffic into App Installs as Progressive Web App can be directly installed from your Website. And with our built in Smart System, your website will automatically prompt your visitor to install your app.

Shopify Stores – Shopify Store owners are know to spend $1000’s on Facebook Ads. This is a Great Opportunity for you, now you can prompt Visitors from your paid ads to install your app. And Once they Install your app you will be able to keep engaging them and selling them more using Push Notifications (on Android Devices). Now get more bang for your buck from Facebook ads.

Bloggers – Converting a Blog into a Mobile App is Very Tedious. Additionally If you are submitting such type of Apps on Apple’s App Store, they will most likely be rejected citing that they are just webview of your existing Website.
Progressive Web Apps Are Perfect in such cases. Not Only you can by Pass Apps Store All Together, but you can start getting App Installs from your Organic or Paid traffic on your blog. And with the help of Push Notifications, this can become additional revenue stream for you/

Amazon Affiliate – Convert Your Existing Amazon Affiliate Blog into an Android App & Publish on Play Store & Grow your Amazon Income 10 folds.

Video Marketing – Convert your Existing Video Marketing Blog into a Android App & Publish on Play store to Attract new customers & generate more revenue for your business

Youtube Channel App – Want to Make Money with Youtube, simply Create videos on specific niches from youtube on your website & convert it into a Android app.
Eg. Create Funny Cat Videos from YouTube & Make a App. Start Getting Visitors & make money using Admob Ads

Convert your Affiliate Marketing Blog into an App – Do you have a Existing Affiliate Marketing Blog which is making you money?
Now you can make even more money just by converting it into an Android App & Uploading in on Google Play Store. You can easily monetize your blog with the help of affiliate products, Admob Ads & be in touch with your users with the help of Push Notifications for free.

Just unlock the untapped market which is growing superfast and can get you targeted traffic and leads without any extra work

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❹ FAST ACTION BONUS #4: WP Sticky Bars (VALUE: $47)

Create Scarcity Sticky Bars (Fixed Date or Cookie Based) with just some clicks. Works with WP Pages or Posts!
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❺ FAST ACTION BONUS #5: Amazon Marketing Made Easy (VALUE: $67)

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❼ FAST ACTION BONUS #7: TurboZon Builder (VALUE: $67)

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Create your own social pop up widget for your WordPress blog! Take advantage of this offer to improve your social conversions.

❿ FAST ACTION BONUS #10: Global Countdown (VALUE: $97)

If you’re looking into a solution of creating scarcity for your customers, you’ve found it. Global Countdown is the easiest way to attach countdowns within your emails, in less than a few minutes!

Total Value Of These Incredible Free Bonuses $5526
+ Many Great SURPRISE Bonuses As Well In The Exclusive Member’s Area!

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