Review of MaxConvert by Dr. Amit Pareek

Review of MaxConvert software by Dr. Amit Pareek

Stop Paying Monthly for Sticky Bars, Splash Pages, Popups, Countdown Timers & Web Notifications

Never been easier to engage visitors on your website and your clients website and guide them in the right direction to convert them into sales as a main goal.

Now you can relax – MaxConvert does it for you easy and fast. It combines the power of five apps in one central dashboard to build and publish personalised sticky bars, splash screens, pop-ups, countdown timers and notification boxes.

So with MaxConvert you get everything: max personalization, max engagement, max sales, max profits and max life in just four simple steps.

Turn any website blog or landing page into a personalized engagement leads and sales magnet.

MaxConvert Review 11Step 1: Choose a proven converting and DFY template. You get 100s of ready to use notification templates to choose from according to your goals.

All MaxConvert templates beautiful and built only to get you more conversion to the sales step.

Step 2: Edit your template with a drag-and-drop editor that gives you a complete freedom to create a campaign for any goal.

You can add or edit anything text video images countdown timers and more, it’s easy and fast.

Step 3: Make it personalized get more conversions. This advanced AI base targeting first helps you understand user behavior and then it shows your best offers to the targeted audience.

You can show your message according to geolocation, time spent on site, cart abandonment, any URL visit and much more.

Step 4: Copy, paste and profit. Now copy the one line of code and paste it on your website’s pages blogs or funnels and see leads and sales flowing in like a pro.

Turn Any Website, Blog or Landing Page into Personalized Engagement, Leads & Sales Magnet

Are you an info product seller, engage maximum visitors on your ebook or training sales pages or blog with personalized notifications and get them hooked for life…

Are you a freelancer agency or selling services to clients, sell more services and attract more clients by showing your portfolio, recommending your best service pack offering discount coupons…

All do you do online MaxConvert helps you boost your engagement and sales.

You create scarcity using countdown timers and get more clients like never before.

Do you run an e-commerce Shopify store? Recommend products show time based discount coupons and show them the product they left in their cart on their last visit to close the maximum number of sales.

Isn’t it super awesome? And that’s not all – you can do much more!

Are you an affiliate marketer or blogger show the best offers suited to every visitors needs according to content category, grab more leads and affiliate link clicks.

Are you a coach or consultant? Generate more appointments sell more training sessions, nurture your audience and get more and more high paying clients.

Are you a local business owner? Get maximum exposure to your top in-demand service, generate more leads and sell more services and products locally.

What makes MaxConvert a cut above the rest?

MaxConvert is developed it to be completely newbie friendly but to accomplish tasks at a pro level easily and effortlessly.

Images your logo, any video call-to-action buttons, headline text, social media icons, forms countdown timers, offers and discount
coupons, engaging shapes, fonts customizable colors, links elements and much more…

You get precise analytics to know your numbers and find out what’s performing well and what simply is not working and what makes it even more powerful.

MaxConvert works easily with all website and landing page building platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, Wix, ClickFunnels, Magento, Leadpages, Unbounce, WooCommerce and almost any website that’s built with plain HTML.

There’s also more than 50 other cool features in store for you well that’s something incredible. With MaxConvert your growth prospects are truly endless.

Just build your first notification campaign with MaxConvert and it will do the rest for you 24/7 even while you’re sleep.

No installation, no coding or designing and no other techie stuff required.

In just 4 easy steps turn your website and pages into personalized leads and sales magnets.

It’s easy fast and built would love it’s our ultimate business opportunity as you also get a limited-time commercial license to provide highly in demand services and charge monthly or yearly to your clients.

Skyrocket your Leads, Sales & Profits like World’s #1 Marketer Neil Patel

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