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World’s 1st SMS Bot & Autoresponder That TAPS Into Mobile Traffic And Generates Leads And Sales!

If You Want 98% Open Rates, 90% Clicks With ZERO Extra Work Please Read Review Below!

Did you know that texting may replace email in the near future? It’s true: people today own more cell phones than desktops and laptops!

Although we still use email quite a lot, there has been a BIG explosion of small businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs using texting.

SMS marketing works the same way how you would send a text message to a friend, but with a business goal in mind.

These scenarios are so common nowadays! Why? It’s because the world has reached a mobile tipping point. It’s true what they say, we really are glued to our cell phone screens

This was a big revelation to me. Maybe it will be to you, too. You see.. A few years ago, it would have been totally UNACCEPTABLE to send a text message to a stranger with a solicitation, such as an affiliate link or a survey request or even a bill for payment.

But today… we have all those things already. So… With this affordable new product coming out, it’s going to make it a no-brainer for every marketer to tap into this technology.

Unfortunately, just like email marketing, this will get saturated sooner or later. But for now, sms marketing is an UNTAPPED niche. The good news is, if you use sms marketing, you will see that people typically open their text messages immediately! Whereas emails live there for a VERY long time until they’re clicked or delet.

SMS has 98% Open Rates, 90% People Read It Within 3 Seconds!

Most folks keep a neat message inbox on their cell phone, even when their email has hundreds or thousands of unread emails. So if you think about it from a marketing perspective, that means a much higher open rate on your messages!

What if there was a way to build a list of mobile phone numbers, just like you do already with email?

That’s exactly what this powerful new software is going to let you do. In a nutshell, this is the world’s first sms autoresponder to both generate you loads of mobile traffic and make you autopilot sales with industry leading delivery and response rate is now unleashed!

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SMSBot Overview

  • Product: SMSBot
  • Vendor: Gaurab Borah
  • Official Website:
  • Launch Date: 2018 – Oct – 12 At 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $47 – $197
  • Niche: Mobile Marketing, List Building


You’ve never seen anything like this before. I sure know I haven’t!

Remember how you felt when you first discovered that people can make money with emails? Well, get ready, because you’re about to get hit with a wave of nostalgia.

Today, people are making money with text messages, aka sms marketing. It’s not spam. It has nothing to do with email, actually. But if you do email marketing, it would behoove you to add texting to your tool belt.

When people get a text message, they tend to open it right away. Why is that? Because they hear an instant alert sound and/or feel the vibration in their pocket, causing an immediate reaction.

Whether your email marketing list is successful or not? Cell phones are here to stay. Once upon a time, we used to hear “You’ve got mail.”

Now, there is a new boss in town: Cell Phone. This is what’s grabbing our attention in the modern day and any age!

So if you do ANY sort of marketing whatsoever! Online or offline… Coaching or consulting… Ecom or Affiliate Marketing… Or even if you own a small business like a graphic design agency, a web development company, a freelance firm

You need to know about what kind of impact this technology is going to have on your business. That’s where SMSBot comes into play.

I Want You To Understand WHY You Need This And WHY It Can Change Your Life.

Get started with a budget of only $5 and you’re set or even try out free traffic alternatives.

No technical skills required at all, everything is explained so clearly in the modules so that you can get started as quickly as possible.

Anyone can do this and get fantastic results because there is NO COMPETITION doing this.

Is an easy way to make money if you know what you’re doing, and highly targeted, risk free paid traffic is the way to do so.

Unlimited potential, some people are making mid six figures with this… No kidding!

Very scalable and easily scalable and invest more only after you earn.

SMSBOT Key Features

  • Sell on SMS Even When You’re Away
  • Complete Set & Forget System
  • Read and Reply To Messages Without Your Phone (Right Inside SMSBot Dashboard)
  • Ability To Import Contacts From A CSV File
  • Send And Schedule Mass SMS To All Your Lists In 1 click
  • Easily Collect User’s InformationEvery Step Of The Way (email, location, age, etc.)
  • Build Beautiful & Engaging Conversations With Your Customers
  • Works with all Kind of Websites i.e: WordPress, Optimizepress, Instabuilder, Igloo, Thrive Architect, Clickfunnel, Convertri & Others
  • Easy & Simple Instructions And Dashboard
  • 24 Hour Support Team In Dallas, TX
  • Enjoy A Whopping 95% Open RateWithin 3 Min of Texting
  • Unlimited Lead Capture SMS Bots
  • Unlimited Text Message Campaigns
  • Built-In Scheduling & Automatic Replies
  • Promote Special Offers, Coupons, Webinar Reminders, Affiliate Offers Anything You Like
  • Store Up To 10,000 Contact Numbers
  • 100% Legal & Ethical
  • BONUS: Copy Our Exact Blueprints
  • BONUS: Get Easy Free Traffic
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Live Webinar Training For Buyers – How To Maximise Your Profits With SMSBot
  • With Commercial License – Handle Clients SMS Marketing for 100% Profits
  • No Monthly Fees – One Time Payment


A few days ago, Gaurab sent me review access to this brand new software. And in this part of SMSBot Review, I want to give you a quick overview of it.

SMSBot is a web based software that helps create SMS autoresponder campaigns, just like email! You can capture mobile phone numbers from the web, or by having people text a keyword to your number.

No competition (totally untapped potential)
Zero bounce rate (100% deliverability)
Quick engagement (most texts are opened within 3 minutes)
If you haven’t seen it yet… Here’s how it works, in a nutshell.

1. You add a piece of code to your website
2. Visitors enter their name and phone number
3. Automatically, the bot starts asking additional questions (any questions you like)
4. When the visitor replies back, the bot stores their answer
5. You can ask their location, gender, age, or anything else that helps you close the sale!

Every returning customer counts! The sky is the limit for what you can do with texting autoresponder technology. Invoices, reminders, alerts, news.

Just insert your affiliate link and you’re good to go with your own complete autopilot campaigns! They even give 25 proven to convert blueprints.

So if you’re totally clueless and have no idea where to even start, they got your back.

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FAST ACTION BONUSES For The Fast Action Takers If You Get SMSBOT

These Bonuses Will Be Stripped After This Launch Special Is Over.


Insiders Mobile Secrets

Discover the drop-dead-easy strategies that will put your offer in front of thousands of mobile shoppers!

  • Uncover the one component that can drive unstoppable traffic to your website and get your offer in front of more people than ever before!
  • This is the secret weapon of ecommerce websites who pull in massive profits!
  • Find out everything you need to know about marketing your business on popular social platforms where it’s easy to find your target audience!

(Value $27)


Mobile eCommerce

Find out how to transform your website into a mobile friendly eCommerce platformeasily and quickly in less than 24 hrs.

  • Discover the tools of the trade that will help you maximize exposure and boost sales quickly!
  • Learn about the top ecommerce platforms and how to position your offer so that thousands of potential customers can easily find them!

(Value $27)


WP Affiliate Fix

People love to share about movies, music and TV shows on Facebook. Combine this with SMSBot to send latest offers and coupons. Promote music and profit! Now is your chance to tap the billion dollar music industry w/ WordPress + iTunes + Amazon

(Value $97)


WP EZ Viral Contest

EZ Viral Contest is a subscriber-increasing WordPress plugin that will allow you access to quick and easy responsive contest pages. It will keep your visitors engaged. The best thing is that you can do this in just a few minutes!

It’s very simple. People visit your site, enter a contest and will become incentivised to share it with their friends and families, causing your contests to go viral! Collect their contact numbers with SMSBot for 5x profits.

(Value $77)


$10,060 CASE STUDY

How I Made $10,060 In Commissions & Generated 6,424 Leads With One Of My Campaign!

The strategies you’re going to discover here are the exact strategies I use in my business. Learn how to build a long-term, reliable and profitable online business.

(Value $97)


Branding Secrets

Find Out The Tips, Techniques And Exact Steps To Build Your Brand And Develop a Social Media Strategy!

  • How to define your brand and all that it represents.
  • How to create your own, unique identity.
  • How to create relevant content.
  • How to develop a buyer persona so you know exactly who you’re targeting.
  • How to leverage industry leaders to leapfrog your way to success.

(Value $67)


Push Notification Profits

Uncover the secrets to getting more traffic & making more money with push notifications!

  • Find out how why push notifications can massively increase your profits!
  • Discover the proven strategies to using push notifications to reduce shopping cart abandonment, bring back visitors, and more!
  • Learn how to create the most effective push notifications in just minutes!

(Value $27)


Chatbot Marketing Mastery

How To Save Insane Amounts Of Time And Money And Get More Sales Using Automated Chatbots.

  • Find out how to get more sales by offering offers directly in your chatbot window!
  • Discover the verybest tools for creating your own custom chatbot without any programming knowledge!
  • Learn how to use chatbots for customer support, sales, market research, and more!

(Value $37)


Mass Persuasion Secrets

Finally… Uncover the Secrets to Mass Persuasion and Make More Sales! Discover the Mass Persuasion Secrets and Learn How to Get Customers to Know, Like, & Trust You!

  • Six powerful sales triggers that will persuade people to buy from you.
  • How to use reverse psychology to get more customers to trust you.
  • Understanding Social Proof and learn how to use it to persuade.
  • Why being an authority in your industry is important for persuading customers to buy your products.

(Value $47)


Native Advertising Exposed

Want to get more exposure to your sites? Use Native advertising to Get Massive Traffic in no time and increase your profits.

  • Uncover the secrets to getting massive traffic with native ad networks like Taboola!
  • Find out how why native advertising is the perfect evergreen traffic source!
  • Discover the proven strategies the big boys use to get traffic day after day for next to nothing!
  • Learn how to analyze successful campaigns to get laser targeted traffic quickly and easily!

(Value $47)


Google Ads Mastery

Google AdWords is one of the most powerful advertising tools ever created. It deals with millions of searches by internet users every day.

It gives business owners a unique opportunity to convert many of these people into business leads and customers.

This guide will show you EXACTLY how to set up your Google AdWords campaigns properly, so you get more clicks, cheaper clicks, slash your ad costs, and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

(Value $47)


Easy Online Income Streams

A good majority of online incomes are easy to achieve and often they do not require much investment except for time and dedication. If you are looking for some easy online incomes then you can apply some of the tips from this guide.

Topics covered:

Developing Websites, B2B Marketing, Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, Rakuten LinkShare, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, LinkedIn, Blogging, And more!

(Value $47)

Plus Extra Bonuses From Gaurab Borah


(Value: $97)

Get 25 proven blueprints that elicit guaranteed 90%+ engagement. Just copy-paste our templates into SMSBot and your leads will do the rest of the work for you (i.e., answer all the questions you need to be able to sell them whatever offer you have available).


(Value: $97)

After this launch, standard edition of SMSBot will allow you to store up to 1,000 numbers only. If you want more, then you will have to upgrade. But during this launch, we are going 10x. Right now, you will get the ability to store up to 10,000 numbers for the price of 1,000!


(Value: $197)

LIVE TRAINING webinar with the creators of SMSBOT. He will walk you through how the app works, show you best practices & troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing during a real-time Q&A session.


(Value: $197/m)

Handle Clients Campaign right inside your SMSBot dashboard With No Limitations. It takes few minutes to setup campaign of sales, support, lead generation etc.

Charge them $100 or $500 per month or any amount you want.

How To Access Your Bonuses?

You’ll receive all the bonuses in your JVzoo Portal. If there’s a problem with your SMSBot Bonuses please send us an email at within 24 hours of your purchase. Please put ‘SMSBot Bonuses’ as subject line.

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