The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Review – 4 cent Killer Content

The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Review – Why 99.9% of PLR is Just WRONG

How do you get an IM veteran to write you 32+ pages of amazing content each and every month for less than $2 a page?

Until now, the only way I could answer that question was like this: “At gunpoint.”

After all, why would an online marketing veteran who’s generated $millions online write PLR content? Real answer: He wouldn’t.

He might, however, be persuaded to sell private label rights to his members only monthly newsletter, (The Internet Marketing Newsletter).

And that is EXACTLY what is happening right NOW.



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The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Review – Creator

internet-marketing-newsletter-plr-review-nickNick James is a true example of a self-made success and it’s his own personal experience that make him understanding and approachable on all business levels. Business coach, mentor, software developer, internet marketing expert.

Nick has already helped thousands of entrepreneurs unlock their true potential and realise their business goals. From identifying key markets through to managing direct mail campaigns, from creating that first website to negotiating joint ventures.

An internationally acclaimed internet marketing guru, business coach and motivational speaker, Nick James offers the inside track in every aspect of internet business creation and development.

Now let’s go talk about PLR as content source.

Probably many of you in one way or another faced with PLR.

“Just change the author’s name to your own and you’re good to go!”

It’s false advertising.

99.9% of it is written by clueless ghostwriters locked in dark caves who get paid by the word.

This means that:

A: They know practically nothing about real-world marketing, yet here they are creating PLR for Internet marketers.

B: It’s written so poorly NO ONE will want to read it, including you, so now you’ve got to REWRITE it.

C: Since they don’t know what they’re writing about, you’ll have to fact check EVERYTHING.

You’d be better off starting from SCRATCH.

The problem with ordinary PLR is that it’s written to be PLR. This means anything goes, anything is acceptable, and it’s basically rubbish meant to fill up 50 pages and look halfway decent.

But readers know a good product from a bad product.

Your readers will know if you try to pass off crappy PLR on them.

And they will NOT forgive you.

And THAT, my friend, is why I don’t recommend 99.9% of PLR.

That’s why when these extremely rare chances come along to get truly First Class Content that was NEVER, EVER meant to be PLR, you’ve got to GRAB them.

The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Review – Product

Is a rare chance to get PLR rights of a 32+ page Internet Marketing MEMBERS ONLY newsletter that was NEVER EVER EVER meant to be PLR.

It was written exclusively for a small insider’s group of marketers and not meant to be seen by outsiders.

Yet here is the chance – the RARE chance – to grab your access to this monthly 32+page magazine package.


This is PLR so good, no one, and I mean NO ONE, will ever suspect it’s PLR.

These are real world strategies for online marketing that have been personally used by the author, tested, and proven to work. It’s backed by stats, data and personal experiences, not made up by some clueless ghostwriter locked in a closet somewhere.

This stuff WORKS, and it will blow not only your mind but the minds of your readers and your customers as well.

Plus there’s IM news, free resources, brilliant (and profitable) ideas and more.

The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR is like none other because:

It’s written by an IM professional and his team, not clueless ghostwriters.

This is content originally written exclusively for his $40+ a month subscribers, never intending to release the rights to it. It’s that

EACH ISSUE is in a 32+ page glossy e-magazine format – no other IM newsletter or magazine comes close to the size or quality of The Internet Marketing Newsletter.

The Internet Marketing Newsletter does something ordinary publications don’t do – it teaches REAL methods for making REAL money online.

The Internet Marketing Newsletter contains the latest Internet marketing news, resources, proven techniques and profitable methods for marketing online in every single issue

The PLR can be used in magazine format with a ready PDF you can distribute, along with its editable .doc file – just change the magazine name and author’s name to your own – excellent for list building – or just deliver it as is!

The PLR content can also be re-purposed in blog, posts, products, emails, articles, autoresponder sequences, videos, e-courses, etc. The ONLY limit is that you cannot resell rights to it.

Members still pay $40+ per month for this content elsewhere, but for A FEW DAYS ONLY you can get full Private Label Rights to it for just $1.50 PER PAGE.

You can use the prime content to produce your own monthly newsletter or magazine (template included) or to make products, write emails, make blog-posts, create videos, do e-courses, webinars, whatever.

You get full PLR to all the content, but it’s for an EXTREMELY limited time.

This is a package that delivers over 32+ pages per month. Just think what you can accomplish, what you can do, how much you can make and how far ahead you will be with that Prime Grade-A content at your disposal.

Stop waste your time writing IM content that may not work, when you can ‘hire’ a pro to create hot money-generating IM content for you, for just pennies?

Writing sucks.

You know it and I know it.

Would you like to know the REAL secret to business success?

It’s working ON your business instead of slaving away IN your business.

Extra Mega Bonus $497 Value COMPLETELY FREE When You Join Today

internet-marketing-newsletter-plr-review-bonusAs a special bonus, join today and you will also receive the most valuable extra bonus Nick James have ever published.

The Unfair Advantage Swipe Files.

They say ‘Copy Is King and Content Is Queen’ when it comes to marketing online. I think you’ll agree we have the content part nailed already… However what about a little help publishing great copy?

The answer can be found within these pages as they contain copies of all Nick’s sales letters dating back to 2001. Together they helped to bank a whopping $14,547,652.36 since Nick began his little online business.

In fact just ONE of the sales letters included gave a 7% conversion rate to a cold mailing and went on to sell 4,600 copies of a product at $143.95 – You work out the math on that!

Including Copywriter Notes: Plus hand written on each page are personal copywriting notes as to “why” wrote the copy the way did and “what” the sentence was trying to achieve.

This BONUS can be removed at any time.

The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Review – Conclusion

Nick James is an entrepreneur that cares. His website has some of the best Internet Marketing resources on the Internet that I have found to date. Also his introductory gift of two DVDs and a properly printed book (sent by post) are excellent.

If you invest in Nick’s website training, you will more than save the cost in time by having most of your resources readily available in one place.

I would recommend anyone with an interest in making money on the Internet to invest in the Internet Marketing Training Club and follow Nick’s methods to become wealthy.

Stop wasting your time creating mediocre content and start making money today.

Go here now, the price is extremely affordable but it won’t stay there for ever:

Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Review



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