The Super Affiliate System by John Crestani Review

The Super Affiliate System by John Crestani Review

Today I wanted to do a review of the Super Affiliate System created by John Crestani. For those of you that don’t know who John Crestani is he’s a pretty popular affiliate marketer that makes like six figures a month doing affiliate marketing.

He’s got a really unique way of doing it and so he actually teaches that inside the Super Affiliate System and so I wanted to do a little review on it.

If you do want to sign up for John’s free web class and learn exactly what he does you can check that out for yourself and learn a bunch from that I know from the web class itself. You can literally learn a ton – after the web class go out and actually start and make money so it’s definitely worth your time to do that after this review.

The first off I wanted to overview what he teaches inside the course. Maybe you’re have on a lower budget, and you will be pleased to know that he teaches free traffic methods that can help you generate your first affiliate commission.

John actually has like a little section where he shows you a video and how to get your first commission within two hours of watching his video.

That’s cool and the reason he does that is just to show you that this stuff works and then he also shows you how to scale free traffic and just keep getting more and more free traffic. So once this method working you can just keep scaling it up for free.

He also does paid ads training, he goes for YouTube ads, Google Ads, Facebook ads and native ads which are like banners on websites and things of that nature.

John teaches a lot about copywriting and that is one of the most important things in his course: a lot of data analysis. You’ll know what’s working stuff like that and a lot of research, like what to research what the data means and stuff like that in the affiliate marketing space.

This a super cool and then he also does a bunch of mindset training which I really liked because most courses don’t do that. And I think mindset is honestly if one of the most if not the most key thing to having success if you don’t have the right mindset you will not be successful.

It’s as simple as that so he has a bunch of different videos on how to get in the right mindset, he shows you a bunch of different goal-setting exercises to help you achieve your goals, he does a couple videos on how to not fall in a shiny object syndrome that is a problem for a lot of people.

I struggled with it myself and still do a little bit to this point but the videos do really help kind of you know show you how to kind of get away from it and stray away from it and stay on course for one thing.

His strategies are very unique right so if you guys don’t already know John and the way he does affiliate marketing you’ll must to know this.

John doesn’t use an email list at all and you know if you’re if you look around the affiliate marketing space, everybody’s always saying oh it’s all about building that list and so you can retarget blah blah blah.

John doesn’t do that but it works insanely well because he’s got a really good strategy and basically what his strategy is is he makes presale pages which were almost kind of like articles and so he kind of makes like an article talking about the product.

I’m trying to explain it the best as I can but basically it’s like an article but yeah it has links to the product but it doesn’t seem like it’s selling somebody if that makes sense so it just seems like a regular article with links to the product and throughout it’s informing you about the product and different strategies.

With this method cold traffic warmed up really quick without them even knowing they’re being sold – right so when they click that link John shows you the certain type of products to promote so people buy right away.

And so because you don’t need an email list this is low budget option. John shows you how to do free traffic and you’re not going to be having to pay for an email autoresponder which you know if you have a big list that’ll save you thousands of dollars.

The one thing I liked is the training modes very thorough and I just really like John as a person, I thought he does a great job in his training explaining things and stuff of that nature.

I’m really like that another thing he has a 30-day money-back guarantee so for those of you that are maybe kind of questioning whether should join or not.

There’s no risk because within 30 days you’re can get your money back right away no questions asked so there’s literally no risk to you and there’s also tons of bonuses included.

The next thing another thing I really loved is he does weekly webinars for people inside the course.

So you know not only do you have like a 12-week course you go through but still every single week he’s doing webinars and teaching you more and more.

I just want to give a couple results from this course he has had I think it’s it’s like three or five seven figure affiliates from his course so these people have made over a million dollars.

It’s insane because you almost never hear of anything like that. You can hear people get good results, like yeah I make hundred dollars a day from it.

But John got people making millions and that is insane to me and the course hasn’t even been out that long like one or two years.

Maybe so that’s insane he’s got thousands of people making five and six figures and they now do affiliate marketing full-time.

And I know that’s probably what you guys are looking to do right, you know get in that laptop lifestyle be able to kind of work whenever.

Now thousands of people being able to do that because of his training and he’s also got plenty more people just making their first affiliate commission’s online.

I know can be extremely hard for some people, I know it was for me and he’s able to give people that first commission. But once you get your first commission this game start for you on because you know ‘okay I got my first commission, this thing actually works, it’s time to get amazing results’.

I was really impressed when I saw those really really good results and the bonuses that I really liked inside course.

You get $900 in free advertising credit basically on all the different platforms he teaches. He gives you advertising credit so you don’t have to spend like money up front to run ads and he gives $900 so that almost covers the cost of the entire course.

John also gives you done-for-you downloadable presale templates so I know a lot of you guys are probably thinking like I don’t know anything about pre selling or anything like that he gives you the exact templates to use and then you just kind of plug and play based on the product you’re selling.

Those are his templates that he actually uses in his business so they are proven to get results with very high converting. John also gives you exclusive access to different high ticket offers that you can promote. ‘High Ticket’ means that you’ll get like five hundred dollars or more every single commission so you get exclusive access to those which is cool because high ticket affiliate marketing is really interesting.

He also gives you access to proven ads that you can just copy and paste the information about what you’re selling. So very cool really good bonuses so here’s what I recommend you do is John’s free training ok even if you have no intention of buying the course or anything check out in his free training.

You will learn a ton from it and you’ll come out of that free training you’ll be like wow I can’t believe I never thought of this like this is almost revolutionary!

That’s at least what I thought, I wanted, I saw the free training and if you are interested in getting the course go ahead and get it you know people have gotten amazing results and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you got nothing to lose you know if within 30 days you’re not getting results or you don’t like it you say ‘hey I want my money back’ money comes back you go on with your life.

Like I said if you’re not interested in buying the course just watch the webinar and you’ll learn enough to be able to go out and get results. Just from watching the webinar you might as well do it, I think it’s like an hour and a half. So do it when you have some open time or right now.

And yeah that’s pretty much my review on it. Really enjoyed going through the Super Affiliate System and the unique strategy it taught. I think it’s just a really cool idea that he does you know no email lists straight to pre-sell because that is like true passive.

You’re not gonna have to send out emails to people every day you basically just turn on your ads and sit back. It’s really cool like I said if you guys do want to check out the free training go my affiliate link here for which I will be sincerely grateful.

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