ThemeMaker Review – Build Your Own WordPress Themes From Scratch

ThemeMaker Review – Build Your Own Custom WordPress Themes in Minutes and NEVER Buy A WordPress Theme You’ll Never Need One With This…

ThemeMaker Review – A Preface

How create WordPress theme from scratch?

If you know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you can make beautiful themes. Maybe you’ve heard about WordPress, but aren’t entirely sure how to implement it, or why you might need it. Maybe a client asked for WordPress, but you’re not really familiar with it. Maybe you’ve worked with it before, but don’t know how to make your own theme from scratch.

You do need to know how to set up a local server environment. You must take an existing HTML website and convert it into a custom WordPress theme. Create Pagination, comments, single post, functions, custom posts (intermediate), custom fields and meta boxes (advanced)

And this is just the beginning. Imagine how much time and knowledge you will need for this.

But today you can easily achieve this goal.

Introducing ThemeMaker. This innovative new product allows you to build your own WordPress Themes without coding in minutes.

ThemeMaker Overview

ThemeMaker takes WordPress site design to another level and you can make your own WordPress themes from scratch… but that’s not all…

You can use pre-made drag & drop elements so you DON’T have to build stuff from scratch

You can create your own content blocks saving you time designing stuff again

You can even use a ready made theme framework saving you 95% on design time

It literally turns WordPress site building possibilities on it’s head…

But the best bit is you can build Agency Quality Themes without coding

ThemeMaker Review – How It Work

Let me show you thing maker and how you can stop wasting money? Why would I bother using anything else? Why would I bother buying WordPress things? I can just make my new WP theme from scratch.

I’m gonna lead you break the way through to some more of the advanced features, but I want to be with you every single step of the way So let’s start with the members area and of course this user ThemeMaker.

So let’s login and here we are on the ThemeMaker dashboard. This is where you gonna find everything you need to know when it comes to theme maker.

But for now, I’m gonna head on over to the training page. ThemeMaker team not just interested in giving you the tool. There is tailor-made training for every skill level, so no matter where you are whether you’re completely new to WordPress.

With ThemeMaker you’re gonna get 11 pre-made themes and these install with one click, so let’s import the magazine theme click import Let that run, and now we open our website. ThemeMaker have a full-blown magazine website theme all loaded ready for us to jump in and start at him and of course we don’t make it you can always on install another everyone.

The first powerful feature inside FEMA kit is the options panel. This is where we set up the defaults for our WordPress theme to use So we can set the main colors that our websites gonna be using the font, the buttons the layout, our logos.

So that when we start creating our theme We haven’t got to be messing about with certain fonts finding colors. We can just jump in and start creating the next feature we have is the template creator. And there is nothing else on the market that has this.

This allows you to create the templates for all your pages to use you posts, to use your search page, your category all from directly inside this section.

You can even create your own posts loops now for beginners. We have a wizard for you to use to create your theme and all we need to do is click page wizard.

The wizard load up and now we can design our theme. Visually I get the structure of the page exactly how we want to instead of messing about with a pre-made theme where you delete and bits that you don’t like.

We can plan our page exactly the way we want it so I can open the categories, I can select headers, I can drop this header on with an opt-in form.

Next I can go I want some content, and I can go write. I like this one so I want that section there. I can open this up and I’m on this blog, and I want it below there done And of course we can preview in real time on mobile tablet and desktop once we’ve structured the theme how we want.

Lot of things ready to go and I’m ready to customize now all of these colors are Automatically using the ones that we’ve already set up inside the theme options panel.

Once we have the page structured exactly how we want it you click ‘generate page’ and then we can go in and customize the content now for intermediate users.

ThemeMaker have a framework and this basically creates your pages and your templates so that all you have to do is jump in and start customizing.

So once you’ve created ThemeMaker templates you can start adding our content and to do that we have to theme make a builder so I click ‘Edit’ on the home page.

This is where we can then go in and completely customize our site and change the headline. I can just open that tape in my new headline and I can see it in real time and then from there we can go in and we can style it.

We can change the color, make it a custom font, increase the size. ThemeMaker have tons of elements that you can just drag and drop inside your page want to display contents inside.

Let’s open up one of our smart elements. Inside this we can put YouTube videos, we can have the slider, we can put images. And then we just pick what device you want to use: desktop, IPad, MacBook… We can adjust the size we’re going to style and we can see live as we read in elements.

Inside ThemeMaker we can use presets so I can use the ‘Select’ mode I can highlight something that I’ve made and I think I like, I’m going to reuse. I Can click save to preset give her a name save.

And now I can reuse this preset anywhere on my page. Plus I can use preset from the preset library, so if I go preset slow preset are getting ADIZ in I can also drag in the one I’ve just made my preset. And of course you can also use the wizard to structure posts and pages.

Let’s move on to the next powerful feature. I use elements so instead of just being stuck with the pre selection of inside theme maker you can make your own custom ‘Elements’ from a combination of any of these and then use them anywhere on your site. So I want to make a latest post element on any page or post and just go insert elements Custom elements Blog elements now.

Here’s where the real power! I want to make an opt-in form with an image, and I want it to show on every single post. I can make it custom elements in here place it inside my template and Then if I ever need to go in and make a change I can just change this element and it’ll update on the entire website now.

It doesn’t matter what skill level you’re at. Whether you’re brand new or what the in advanced don’t worry about having to pay a coder to make changes on your website.

ThemeMaker Review – Features

It’s Fully Loaded with features too:

🏆 Super easy and quick to use:
🏆 Effortless drag and drop builder
🏆 11 ready-made Agency Quality themes included
🏆 Fully customize mobile & tablet experience
🏆 Make custom WooCommerce stores
🏆 Classy stand out animation effects
🏆 Beautiful responsive sliders & carousels
🏆 Use the Wizard to create your theme
🏆 100’s of eye-catching Google fonts
🏆 Create your own Custom headers & navigation bars
🏆 Create pricing tables, video mock-ups inside devices
🏆 Scalable device mock-ups for video Presentation

You can build ecom stores, blogs, local business sites, minisites, marketing pages, sales pages more…

This product has great heritage too… it comes from a 5 STAR elite vendor with over 150 five star reviews.

And the cool part is… whatever you design in this product cannot be used by your competitors like regular themes as the designs you make are bespoke and not subject to GPL

This is a great selling point if you are designing for clients – you can make up to 5 times more profit than conventional themes as people pay way more for bespoke designs.

Your Going To Get My FAST ACTION Bonus Package When You Grab ThemeMaker Today!

FAST ACTION Bonus 1: Video Agency Business In A Box!

FAST ACTION Bonus 2: A Ready To Go Musician Theme!

ThemeMaker Review – Pricing

For a limited time ThemeMaker slashed the price on the product. You’re also going to get 11 agency quality screens where $490 value. You’re also gonna get ThemeMaker company website and blog framework with $49, and it’s an early adopter.

You’re also gonna get one free theme every single month with another $588. And ThemeMaker agency customers will also get a complete business in a box with ready-made content, white paper and theme. Now you get trainer for all skill levels from beginner to intermediate plus you’ll know show you how to speed up and secure your website.

So you need to make the most in this product and right now with maximum discount, the price would be the lowest it will ever be. So join ThemeMaker and thousands of other customers and members and make it today Thanks for reading. ThemeMaker team look forward to seeing you on board and the beautiful websites that you built.

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