TV Boss Fire Review and Bonus

The Results From BETA TESTERS Of This System:

When you’re looking to bank online, it’s important to understand what DOESN’T work. It’s tricky, because clever vendors and advertisers can make almost anything sound easy and effective.

But – with the 95% FAILURE rate for online marketers – it’s obvious most methods don’t work that well.

Sure – affiliate marketing, product creation, eCom, and arbitrage CAN work … but you’ll need to learn new skills, pay for a bunch of expensive tools … and work your butt off.

> THIS is the easiest way I’ve EVER seen for cashing in online!

TV Boss Fire
Internet TV For Personal Profit

  • Cloud-based software puts YOU in front of millions of engaged viewers on BOTH Roku & Amazon Fire – with ZERO tech skills, hassles or outsourcing
  • Create MULTIPLE income streams: passive profits, recurring payments, MORE sales of your own products & offers … WHILE building targeted niche lists!
  • Make life-changing 1st-mover profits exploiting these traffic goldmines that are UNTAPPED by 99% of marketers!

Very few moving parts – you won’t even need a website. Unlimited, free traffic BUILT right in. SIMPLE to monetize with the included step-by-step instructions.

It’s so easy, that a struggling marketer used a beta version of this software to make her 1st $10K online … and hundreds of others are making even more.

On this page you’ll see results from DOZENS of users … Including some that have ALREADY made 6 figures in just a few short months.

  • WITHOUT paying for ads.
  • WITHOUT creating content, making videos or trying to sell your own products.
  • WITHOUT any previous experience or tech skills.
  • WITHOUT Social media or content marketing
  • WITHOUT SEO, PPC or any other time-sucking, expensive tasks
  • WITHOUT Building squeeze pages & lead magnets
  • WITHOUT Coding or paying for outsourcers & developers

With this 100% unique software system, you can cash in on one of the fastest growing traffic platforms on the planet.

If you want a fast and easy way to make a few thousand bucks in monthly passive income …

Or quickly create job-replacing cash …

This PROVEN shortcut is exactly what you need!

This Demo Shows How FAST You Can Set Up Your Own Traffic, Lead & Income Generating Channels:

TV Boss Fire Guide Branding Checklist & Templates

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in your branding has to be powerful, on target, and show you are the expert and professional they need to follow.

This is especially true if they are watching you on TV.

So, in this guide you get:

  • Teaching Worksheet Template.
  • Top Tips & Ideas Template.
  • Ebook / Report Template.
  • ‘How To’ Guide Template
  • ‘Must Have’ Checklist Template.
    These are perfect to hand off to your outsourcer to use to create cutting-edge marketing materials for you.

TV Boss Fire Guide Outsourcing Templates

You are only one person. In order to build a business that scales you need to build a great team.

The challenge becomes how do you hire, manage, and help that team with feedback.

You have to become the leader in your business. It takes time.

This is why we’re giving you powerful, easy to use outsourcing templates, so you have a starting point to start recruiting, interviewing, and building a great team.

You’ll also be able to have templates for project specs and project listings as well.

Here are all of what’s included:

  • Hiring and Management Templates
  • Constructive Feedback Template
  • Evaluating Applications Checklist.
  • Directory of Outsourcing Sites.
  • Quality Check Checklist.
  • Suggested Interview Questions.
  • Project Listing Templates
  • Template for Graphic Work
  • Template for Virtual Assisting Work
  • Template for Web Development Work
  • Template for Writing Work
  • Project Spec Templates
  • Project Specs for Writing Work
  • Project Specs for Web Development Work
  • Project Specs for Virtual Assisting Work
  • Project Specs for Graphic Work

TV Boss Fire Guide Customer Service Templates

​We all want to be treated well when we do business with a company. Your customers are no different.

At times it can be challenging to know what to say, and how to say it.

This is especially true when working with virtual assistants.

We’ve got email templates, checklist, and customer support templates as well for you.

  • Customer Service Email Templates.
  • Customer Service Best Practices.
  • Customer Service Checklist.
  • Customer Service FAQ Template.
  • Customer Service Email Template.
  • Customer Survey Template.
  • Refund Policy Template.
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Grab TV Boss Fire Now And Take These Bonuses

SPECIAL BONUS #1: 200+ premium video animation graphics (Real value $97)

Instantly make your videos look slick, professional and grab the attention they deserve with 200+ high quality animation graphics. Suck people in with awesome intros and keep them glued to the screen with pro animations that breathe life into any video! Just one of these animations could easily cost you $50 or more when hiring a freelancer on Upwork!

Instantly make your videos look slick, professional and grab the attention they deserve with 200+ high quality animation graphics. Suck people in with awesome intros and keep them glued to the screen with pro animations that breathe life into any video! Just one of these animations could easily cost you $50 or more when hiring a freelancer on Upwork!

SPECIAL BONUS #2: Time Lapse 4k UHD stock videos (Real value $148)

Time—lapse videos are all the rage these days and for some weird reason, they draw viewers in like crazy. You’ve seen them on all the major product launches, major TV documentaries and world class marketing videos… now they’re yours to use in your videos to engage your audience like never before. You’ll get instant access to a wide range of time—lapse videos

SPECIAL BONUS #3: Secret stock video bundle (Real value $148)

Act fast and you’re also getting 4 secret stock video packages, totaling $148 in real world value. Inside these packages are tons of premium, high quality video footage you can use for just about any niche or type of video you ever publish — or for your client’s videos too!

This amount of premium footage would usually take months to shoot and edit, along with thousands of dollars in production costs… but for a limited time, is all yours for free… only when you click below to purchase TV Boss through this page.

SPECIAL BONUS #4: Mega music soundtrack bundle (Real value $199)

When it comes to creating videos that grab and hold attention, it’s often the music that does the heavy lifting.

Think about it… ever watch a move trailer on silent? Nope, because music is so powerful. Movies and videos are just not the same without it. Music gets under our skin. It gives us feelings that talking simply cannot.

With this incredible music bundle package, you can use professionally produced music tracks to grab attention like never before, create stronger emotions with your viewers, add tension and turn ordinary videos into mesmerizing content that people can’t ignore.

Inside this huge bundle, you’ll get access to hundreds of professional quality audio tracks for your videos, covering all styles and moods, ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

Just one of these tracks would typically cost you $19 on a stock music website, so you’re getting the steal of the century here!

SPECIAL BONUS #5: Freshentation (Real value $39)

Now that you have an amazing secret — a traffic portal stuffed with millions of viewers and hardly any competition… do you think your clients might want a piece of that too?

Well, now you can win them over easily, with these amazing sales presentation templates.

Create killer webinars or powerful “in person” sales pitches to close clients on your video marketing services using this little—known video traffic portal.

In each template, you’ll get polished slides loaded with beautiful backgrounds, animations, graphs, transitions and so much more.

Just drop in your details and save hours of backbreaking work… and hundreds of dollars on professional freelance fees!

SPECIAL BONUS #6: Beginner’s guide to video marketing (Real value $29)

Just getting started with video? Watch this power packed beginner’s guide to creating and marketing your videos for maximum views, clicks and sales from day one.

It’s the perfect primer for anyone who wants to get a solid understanding of how video marketing is done right…

… arming you with the skills you need to sell video marketing services to hungry clients for big bucks in days from now… and create your own videos to upload to this secret video traffic portal that most people have no clue about!

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