Video blogging as a way to make money

Video blogging as a way to make money


Many of us in childhood were the journals. We wrote their thoughts, shared their most intimate secrets, and just let it go on paper. But progress does not stand still and with the advent of the computer, people prefer to share their thoughts on the Internet, including blogging and online diaries. And lately is becoming more and more popular videoblogging. For some it’s just a hobby, a way to share a part of my life, but for someone getting job, generating a steady income. How? About this we you and tell You.

What is videoblogging?

Start from afar, videoblogging combines two words: video and blogging. What is video know. Blogging is the process of blogging. Blog — a website that allows you to publish your photos, images, videos, posts, writing news. This is the main content of the site. The users themselves have to regularly fill the site with new information. In turn, vlog blog, basic information which is presented in video form.

To become a videoblogger maybe everyone who has a camera and Internet access. In their videoblogg users talk about different things, and just talk about yourself and your life. But score more views, subscribers and become popular not only interesting video. If You are going to create a video channel for personal entertainment only, in principle, the number of views You don’t matter. But if vlog is a way to make a profit, for a good income You should have a large number of subscribers and video should be in demand.

How to create a videoblog?

So, You decided to create your channel, and regularly delight users with their videos. What do you need?

1. To determine the topic. Creating your blog, you need to remember that the most important thing is the desire to share your videos, not just to make money. It is only in the case if You’re passionate, You have something. So carefully think over the theme of your blog: what are Your video that You will tell your subscribers. You should know the theme and it should be interesting to others. To tell You about anything, be it surveys, workshops or just a story about You, Your family and life. The choice is very huge. And only You can decide, most importantly, everything was done with interest and from the heart. The more You put forces in the video, the more chances to gain popularity.

2. Camera selection. Of course, the camera — the most basic that You need. Choosing a camera, pay attention to the quality of the video: there should be time limits, the presence of a sound when shooting and video playback, as well as on the quality of sound and image. The more professionally shot video, the more it is popular. After all, many unpleasant to watch the footage with a bad image, a hissing sound, noise, etc. To treat this item carefully.

3. Shooting. Not the only thing that affects video quality. A huge role plays the shooting itself. The first thing it is advisable to do: safely enhance the camera during shooting, the image should not be “jumping”, or even disappear — this video unpleasant to watch. Also take care of the lighting. In the Internet you can find a greater number of lessons teaching them the basics of shooting. Try before creating your own blog to study them.

4. Installation. Another thing that helps improve Your video installation. If You want video to become popular, you need to add effects, titles, transitions between fragments. Will help You with this special program that a great many on the Internet. Guide and instruction to the program You select will help to Orient.

5. Accommodation. Now that You have decided on the subject, the camera, has mastered the art of photography and picked up a program for installation, it’s time to choose an area where You will upload your video. The most popular are:

1) Youtube. Probably there is no person who does not know what YouTube is. Of course, this is the most famous and popular website for posting and viewing videos. Therefore, the videobloggers prefer this site. After all, the more users visit the site, the more people will see Your video. Moreover, to establish and maintain an account is absolutely free.

2) Rutube. A bit inferior to the popularity of Youtube. But it also remains one of the most visited, so it is also quite often used videobloom, CA area. Here you can also free lead and create accounts.

3) Social networks. Most people prefer not to register on the new resources, and run a blog, on familiar platforms — social networks, like Vkontakte, Yandex.Video, Facebook, etc.

How to start profiting with your own videoblog?

So You’ve created your channel, upload videos regularly, have their followers, and, of course, would like to have with this income. The question is, how? The answer is simple — advertising. Like normal blogs, You get paid money for advertising. There are three main ways:

1) Is in the video. Looking at videos, I think You noticed that in most of them POPs up at the beginning of advertising. Or right during the video appears at the bottom side a small ad promoting a particular product. For all this the author of the video gets paid. Most often payment is made for the number of views so more people will see Your movie — the more You get. The same applies to the number of videos. Therefore, the majority of videobloggers, constantly updating your feed.

2) Is in the description. Another way to earn is to advertise in the description to Your videos. You can add a referral or affiliate program, and also to offer advertising space to advertisers

3) Earnings on the video hosting. Many websites have their affiliate program which allows to earn on contextual advertising. However, usually have strict selection criteria. You must have a large number of subscribers and views. And pay an average of 20-50 rubles. per 1000 hits. Therefore, in order to earn a decent amount of video should be not one, and to be interesting a large number of people.

4) advertise in the commercials and the video directly from advertisers. In addition to the “official” earnings on watching many Youtube bloggers recommend different products and services in their releases. Such advertisers can apply themselves to the blogger the and blogger can find them on special advertising exchanges.

To sum up. To earn videoblogging everyone can, but it will have a good try, it takes a fairly large amount of time and need to be approached with the mind. You can try, despite all the difficulties. What if You have the talent of vlogs and succeed? Give it up you can at any time!