VidSnatcher Review, Bonus, Discount – VidSnatcher vs Camtasia Studio

VidSnatcher Review – The Newest Video Editor with built-in Text to Speech for Creating Video Courses, Tutorials, Training Videos and More…

There is sizzling hot market out there that many of us overlook, time and time again. The ironic thing is it’s a market that every single one of us can capitalize on, and it’s growing at an astounding rate!

What is it? It’s the show-me, how-to, video course and video tutorial market, and it’s exactly how Todd Gross got started online many years ago.

Specifically, he used Camtasia when it first came out, to screen capture the inside of software and explain and train people on how to use it.

Software developers paid him handsomely for his services. The skillset also translated perfectly to creating powerful AFFILIATE promotional videos which helped kick off his affiliate marketing success and the rest was history!

Today Todd himself represents software developed with the help of his team and superior to Camtasia in many ways (PLUS is much cheaper).

VidSnatcher – What Is It?

VidSnatcher has been in the making for the past two years and is now completely ready for the masses to enjoy. It’s the ultimate Camtasia replacement, geared towards helping VIDEO marketers easily edit and create beautiful videos. VidSnatcher have text-to-speech, language translation BUILT-IN and many more – plus ALL in the Cloud!

• It opens business opportunities around the World and completely crushes language barriers, opening access to markets that were virtually impossible to reach before now.
• This Video App will enable ALL of us to tap into the fastest growing online video market for years to come.
• Includes Commercial License, is equipped with more features, and is easier to use.

ALL at a fraction of the cost to comparable video editors on the market.

And for the next hours (or possibly even minutes depending on when you’re reading this), you’re going to be able to get the ultimate discount – the lowest price you’ll ever see VidSnatcher, or any other similar video editor for that matter!

VidSnatcher Review – Features

VidSnatcher’s open canvas style with editing timeline makes it 100% flexible to fit your video editing needs. Create, add, edit and enhance virtually every type of video!

You can use VidSnatcher to create “how-to” and “show-me” videos that are value packed (this is how Todd Gross started years ago) – and it’s a market that’s growing like a weed.

The screen capture tool in VidSnatcher is perfect for tutorial and training style videos and it’s what people WANT.

With text-to-speech and language translation built in – it’s LIMITLESS as to what you can use VidSnatcher for to grow your business.

Remember this is the COMMERCIAL version of VidSnatcher with UNLIMITED projects at a ONE-TIME Low Fee.

Never worry about having to pay for a software update EVER again! Hurry the Early Bird expires any minute!

It’s the last video editor you’ll need…

VidSnatcher Review – My Experience Of Using

VidSnatcher is located in the Cloud. Therefore, we do not need to install anything on our desktop or laptop, which is certainly good because we are saving our resources.

So, we log in to VidSnatcher

You can see the options start here. This page contains the training video button where we can access all the training videos, the contact support button where we can get help all the time, a my purchases tab where we can see all the products that we have purchased we can directly access.

We will able to see all the projects that we have saved in VidSnatcher, access all the different ready-made niche templates to make professional videos for our business.

The next these options these are two canvases size. The first is one ratio one which is very popular on social media nowadays like Instagram and other canvas size is regular 16:9. We can choose either of them to get started with VidSnatcher.

Next we import media. We can upload image, audio, video. Formats supported for videos are mp4, avi and Move. Formats supported for images are JPG, PNG and SVG’s and for audio is standard mp3 format.

So we can upload an image and drag it to the canvas. Similarly we can upload multiple videos and audios.

Now we can add it into the canvas by just dragging and dropping the video on the canvas as you can see when I drop video or image on the canvas it automatically added on the timeline loading time.

We can see the panel right here that is project properties it is by default selected if we select media on canvas then this panel will show media properties and if we deselect the media by click anywhere on the panel except media that it will show project properties again.

Canvas size by default set on custom, we can also adjust the canvas size through arrow signs. If we want to change it like 1080 pixels for HD exported video then we can just click on it and select 1080p option.

There are also other options like YouTube and social sites Foursquare, Canvas and YouTube optimized videos.

We can set the canvas background color for exported videos whatever color we want.

There is another option to zoom the canvas through we can adjust our canvas size. There are some tools like alignment by which we can align the object on the canvas, collect a line or center a line we can adjust any media on canvas.

By these aligned tools we can also adjust the position of the object by entering the value or directly through the arrow signs.

There option is for x-axis and this is for y-axis and it will move accordingly by opacity slider and we can adjust the opacity of any object on the canvas.


VidSnatcher timeline has a lot of features so let’s get started when we import media and drag it into the canvas, it will be automatically added onto the timeline layers by plus sign.

We can add a layer on to the timeline and through these arrow signs we can scroll the timeline up and down.

There is a snap to grid option by which we can enable to snap an object to other object onto the timeline.

This is the time line tool box contain undo/redo, copy, cut, paste, break zoom in and zoom out using break option.

We can split the media, is for zooming in and zooming out of the timeline. It allows we to see more content in smaller area.

This box shows us on which second the timeline dragger is when I click on the timeline. It show me the exact time frame of the dragger.

Also when we import mp3 or mp4 file and click on it then volume slider will help we to adjust volume of the media.

When we import media and drag it to the canvas we can right-click on the part where we want to split the media and split it.

We can drag the splitted part anywhere onto the timeline and we can also play them simultaneously if we drag splitted part above this. This is the simple step of splitting media by just simple clicks.

If we want to crop the media or increase the media length then we just need to drag one side of the media up to our desired time.

If we want to separate audio from video we just need to right-click on the media and then select separate audio from video option.

We can drag audio into the timeline and adjust our desire position, we can also adjust the volume of separated audio.

When we add media on the canvas it is automatically added on the timeline. We can drag and position the media anywhere on the timeline.

There are also some options like hide layer and lock layer. When we lock the layer it will be fixed at one position and will not change until we unlock it.

If we hide the layer the media on this layer will not be visible on the canvas.

If we need to record voiceover we just need to click ‘Record Voiceover’ button and the pop-up will appear that says Record and Stop when we hit record it will start recording.

When we click stop it will be automatically added into the media library when we drag it to the canvas it will be added onto the timeline layer. Clicking Play button we can listen our recording.

When we click on record screen button a pop-up will open and there are some options enable or disable microphone.

After that we need to select one of the options Full Desktop or Current Tab and click on Start Recording button and all we do on our screen will be recorded.

There are some option to cancel or pause our recording to stop recording. We just need to click on red button after that our recording will stop and will be automatically added into the media library.

When we drag it to the canvas it will be added onto the timeline layer.

The left tool panel are some features like media icons, text shapes, transitions, background, music, translating, text-to-speech.

In media section is an add media option by which we can upload audios videos and images. We can also upload media like videos and images by using a direct URL.

Through delete media option we can delete uploaded media by click on media we want to delete and then click delete button

There are 100-plus animated icons and we can add animated icons by just dragging it to the canvas.

In simple section we will able to add static icon to make best video for our business, in text section we can add text, translate it, change style and font of our text, change size of our text, add stroke and also change color of text.

In transition section we will get some amazing inner and outter tween effect through which we can put some eye-catching animations in our video.

In the background music we get background music collection to give fantastic theme in our video.

And finally, a wonderful feature which is not have Camtasia but which is very necessary for many of us. Is an awesome feature translating text-to-speech!

In this feature we will able to translate and convert our text into speech by just simple clicks.

We just by clicking on Text-to-Speech option type or paste our desired text.

In drop-down we can choose to which language we want to translate our text, select our language and click Translate.

We select a language in which we want to convert our text into speech. There are multiple languages and accent to choose, male or female vote.

We can listen the audio and add to media library by clicking on Add to Media Library button. Our speech will be added into media library and we can listen to our audio by clicking the Play button, drag it anywhere on the timeline, adjust volume of the speech and can split our audio for some delays in the voice.

When we are done with our project and we want to save it we just need to click on Project option. A drop-down will open where we can click on Save Project, a pop-up will open where we have to enter our project’s name and then click Saveand our project is saved.

VidSnatcher has many more great features like Editor Option, Media Resource Export, Pre-Made Templates, Green Screen, Share Media, etc. that you can see for yourself on the VidSnatcher home page.

Bonuses That Help You Make More Money

NOTE: You will get all these bonuses when buying any software from this offer.

Bonuses You Wiil Get Into JVzoo portal

Grab your access at the lowest onetime price it’ll EVER sell for . . .

VidSnatcher Review – Pricing and OTOs

This OTOs is desirable but not required. They are designed to give you additional sources of income using VidSnatcher additional functions. The FE version of VidSnatcher is significantly superior to Camtasia in both low price and hight functionality.

VidSnatcher Unlimited Commercial – $37-$47

Brand New Video Technology Helps Entrepreneurs Create The Perfect Online Courses, Training Videos, E-learning Videos and More!

Combine, Edit, Create, and Remake Any Video, In Any Language!
Complete Blank Canvas Editor for Full Flexibility.
Perfect for creating E-learning Video Courses & Tutorials.
Jam-Packed with Must-Have Video Editing Features.
Built-In Text-To-Speech Engine with Language Translator.
Cloud Based for Maximum Compatibility on All Operating Systems.
Sell ANY Video you Create For 100% Profit (Commercial License Included).
Screen and Live Voice Recording.
Unlimited Projects at A Low One-Time Fee

OTO 1 – VS Pro Editor’s Suite – $47

Bring Your Videos To Life, Boost Your Video’s Value, and Blow Your Clients Away With This Pro Editing Addition.

Tap from an unlimited source of high-quality image & video libraries.
Media libraries are integrated directly into VidSnatcher.
Access an ever-growing background music library.
Unlock in-app URL screenshot import (Very cool feature).
Boost the value of each video you create.

OTO 2 – VS Agency Suite – $67

Equipped with a professionally designed website, marketing video, and 50 local niche video templates – VidSnatcher Agency is a turnkey business-in-a-box opportunity with massive potential!

Access to 50 Pre-made Local video templates ($497 Value).
Professional plugin/agency website ($297 Value).
Agency Marketing Video to Sell Your Services ($197 Value).
100% Full Agency Rights (Priceless).
One time fee!

OTO 3 – Local Video Templates Pack – $27

These templates auto-populate in the VidSnatcher editing timeline saving you massive amounts of time! You can use the exact template we offer and resell it as is or you can customize each of them for clients.

Load any of the 50 premade local video templates with one click.
Increase productivity and save time with premade templates.
Targeted at the hottest local niche markets.
Full commercial rights to resell the videos you create.

OTO 4 – VS Template Club – $37 One Time

Grow Your Agency, Target Even More Prospective Clients, and Increase Your Potential Profits With VidSnatcher Template Club!

10 New Local Video Templates added monthly for 1 full year.
Increase the number of potential clients to sell video services to.
New templates will be driven by your suggestions.
Over $1000’s in total value at a very low one-time fee.
Full commercial rights to resell the videos you create.

OTO 5 – VS Animation Suite – $17 One Time

Get Instant Access To 125+ Highly Engaging Animated Icons To Boost The Quality and Appearance Of Your VidSnatcher Videos PLUS Access To Newly Added Animated Icons At No Charge!

Unlock a giant library of animated icons.
Easily Edit Icon properties for customization.
Get instant access to newly added icons.
Never spend another dime on icon animations.
One-click upload into your editing timeline.
All at a low one-time price below.

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