Voice Autoresponder + Funnels Creator – Voicematic Review

Follow Up All Calls Automatically – Voicematic Review

If you understand the VALUE of your potential client, then you know FOLLOW UPS are key!


Dr. Ope Banwo

Imagine being able to FUNNEL incoming callers into a systematic Ai Platform that followed up with callers.

Dr. Ope Banwo have come up with this amazing tool called VOICEMATIC, your complete Ai voice platform, voice mail dropper, voice funnels creator and voice responder that makes following up hot prospects who call you, faster and easier, without ever having to touch the phone!

VOICEMATIC is an AI Voice Responder And Voice Funnels Creator to Engage Your Prospects, Generate More Deals For You, and Make YOU More Money Round-The-Clock.

Here’s Why 6 Figure Marketers & Industry Leaders Trust VoiceMatic…

As Soon As You Get Started With VoiceMatic, You Will Immediately Experience:

X No More Struggle With Following Up Prospects who call you while you’re attending to clients, or on another call with a prospect or simply unable to answer the phone. Voicematic acts as your receptionist and automatically takes care of business when you are unavailable

X No More Worries About Your Lack Of Technical Skills to setup complicated Voice Mail or text-to-speech voice calls, or having to pay someone to do it for you. Everything in Voicematic is Drag-N-Drop. The Text to Speech creates your audio messages in a snap and it even allows you to upload your own audio messages in a matter of seconds!

X No More Lost Prospects Due To time lags created when you’re busy and can’t take their calls immediately, causing them to call your competitor or refuse to deal with you. The AI Powered Voicematic takes care of all that for you while you just keep enjoying your life!

X No More Losing Money you spent Getting Hot Prospects To Call You, but couldn’t make the sale because you have nothing to do the follow-up when you’re not available. Voicematic puts an end to all that and makes voice follows with your prospects a simple drag and drop affair!


VoiceMatic – Features

Here Are Some Amazing Things You Can Do With Voicematic To Take Your Business Leads, Prospects and Contact Management To The Next Level.

voicematic-review-1-2– Create Unlimited Text-Speech: Create an endless amount of text to speech messages for all seasons and different promotions.
– Resell a Unique Service No One is Offering: Right now, VoiceMatic is the World’s First AI Voice Autoresponder. There’s nothing Like It!
– Maximize Your Contact List: Now you can start generating deals & sales from your existing contact list, in a few clicks.
– Get Better Results from Every Promotion: Send offers, sales, discounts and more directly to your customer’s phones for higher closing rates.
– Good Sounding AI Bots: Unlike several text-to-speech bots, our AI bot sounds amazing and won’t turn of people.
– Upload Unlimited Contacts: Push voice drops & auto responses to as many contacts as you want with a few clicks!
– Sell Something Customers Want: Start Reselling something unique that local business owners need and will buy.
– Broadcast Your Voice Messages Easily: Start creating unlimited text-to-speech voice messages in a snap without any tech skills.
– Increase Customer Engagement: Send preset automated & sequential voice messages with news, offers, tips & product updates to your list.
– Follow Up Leads Like a Ninja: Let VoiceMatic do the heavy lifting for you, so you close more deals without a lifting a finger.
And lot more….

How VoiceMatic Work

For example I’m on the phone with the client. I have a system here that automatically follows up with any incoming calls. so if I’m running promoting ads and things like that and I have one specific number that’s being targeted as those calls are coming in they’ll get an intro message and then get put onto a funnel.

Take a look at this dashboard here. You have your total inbound calls, total outbound calls you have, your total inbound calls for the day and total outbound calls.


So there are two key components within VoiceMatic platform the first one being in Bound calls okay so these are the calls that you receive today.

The second – outbound calls are the calls that the system made out or maybe you scheduled them.

Go into our profile and we do integrate with Twilio. You’re need setting it – add your name, your Twilio ID, your token, Tullio number, your preview text-to-speech number and you’re ready work.


Your preview text-to-speech number is a number that you’ll use for previewing your text-to-speech or your mp3.


Is a default message that you can set on your own this could be like “Hey! I’m really busy at the time but if you really like to speak with me leave me a voicemail and I’ll follow up with you in a second”

You can do your text-to-speech messages here. You can type those in or you could just go ahead and upload any messages that you might have recorded.

You could just upload it to VoiceMatic system, just click add speech okay and you could give that a name there right on this area.


And here you could either choose text or voice whichever works fine you. You can do MPEG or mp3 files super easy.


You can see here the speech name the text-to-speech audio, you can preview it, you could remove it or you can edit it.

Next you gonna go in to schedule a call because just like this area here is super important.


In this area is cost to schedule so these are the caller’s that have called you okay these are just a bunch of numbers that have called us

You could go ahead and choose a specific text of speech, you could choose this one here and you could drag and drop it over to 8:00 a.m. for 7/27


You can continue this on for as long as you want, you could continue dragging and dropping super easy.

If you want to sync your calls through Tullio connection that you have you can do just click sync and you’re ready.

Now this area here allows you to schedule a call manually. so let’s say you have a hot lead or potential client that you want to reach out and you want to send them out “hey, I’m thinking about you” message, you can put their number, choose the recording or the text-to-speech, the set up the time and date, click Add and it’ll show up in the calendar.

You can choose a specific text-to-speech you can send out your morning follow-up every Monday you know gonna be like that 9:00 a.m. and the for every day for one year.

You’ll just click Submit it and you could also extend that for every Thursday, Friday etc. and you could continue dat to add as many presets as you want.

When someone calls you they get put into our system but when you set up a preset you’re setting yourself up to streamline that process so you don’t have to drag and drop anything.

All you could – just simply continue to streamline these calls for the span of a year so whenever they keep calling you they’ll be greeted and they’ll also get this specific message that you set up yourself.


So you can extend this out for as far as a year all right it’s super easy to set up.

You can remove any of these by just removing them. Maybe you’re not getting a good response for the specific date and time – you can remove them, you have complete control over that.

Really strategic with this platform you could have the lead potentially leave you a voicemail , you could do whatever.

If you want that lead to do business with you can have them real leave you a voicemail.

So you can view those voicemails here.


Let’s say you have a bunch of sequences set up when you know just you could acts like “Hey! If you’d like to be connected with me just leave me a voicemail right now after this beep” and you’ll see it here.

So if you have a lead that wants to do business with you you can see it all from right here. You have a lot of control because this is the area where you can see all your incoming calls.

You can export these calls and keep recycling them over and over!

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VoiceMatic Review



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