WP Training Kit Review & Huge Bonus – Multi License Included

WP Training Kit Review – [Multi License Video Course] Brand New ‘WP Training Kit’ with HD Video Tutorials

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WordPress is taking the online world by storm – powering-up 34% of the Entire Web!

WordPress provides an easy and simple CMS development option particularly for people with moderate knowledge of computers,novices and people who are inclined towards CMS development. The best feature of WordPress is that it can easily be used and implemented by any one who has basic knowledge of computers.

The best part about WordPress is that it’s easy to use and flexible enough to make different types of websites. Due to it’s robust features, many of the top brands use WordPress to power their websites including Time Magazine, The New Yorker, Sony, Disney and etc.

Want to take advantage of this WordPress fever for your business success? OR You just want to put-out pro-looking, profit-oriented WP sites for your business?

For both or either of them, you need to check out this HOT and Brand-New ‘WP Training Kit’ HD Video Training Course to learn WordPress and/or resell it further as your own for $67 a pop & keep 100% of the profits!

WP Training Kit Review – What Is It?

WP Training Kit is a complete step-by-step WordPress tutorial encapsulates everything about WordPress installation and functionalities from scratch.

The tutorial includes detailed screen recorded videos, training guide, presentation slides and many more… to make WordPress work for you without having to go through complicated coding process.

The best part is WP Training Kit offer everything with flexible licensing options of Resell Rights and Private Label Rights along with all the sales materials required to resell the product. Means now you can turn around and sell this complete package to anyone you want, in no time and you got to keep 100% of the profits.

This offer is at launch special discounted price now and ending in a couple days
so I recommend checking it out today, as of right now!

WP Training Kit Review – Features

Here’s Exactly what you will get inside:

Module #1. Step-by-step HD Tutorial videos:

You’ll get eight chapters of step-by-step training that will show you exactly how to make WordPress work for you to create engaging, attractive and professional-looking websites without having a lick of coding knowledge. Everything is screen-recorded and well-explained. We have covered several initial processes to get you going. Inside you’ll get.

Module #2 – Premier Training guide on WordPress Training Kit: A Resource for Marketers

This guide will walk you through every step and information you need to set up your own WordPress site, securely and efficiently. WP Training Kit have included everything you need to know about WordPress and its advanced features to let it work for you.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: WordPress – An Overview
✔️ What is WordPress?
✔️ What is Content Management System?
✔️ How does WordPress work?
✔️ Features of WordPress
✔️ The Benefits of Using WordPress
✔️ WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org
Chapter 3: How to Create and Maintain a WP Site?
✔️ How to Create a WP Site?
✔️ How to Maintain a WordPress Website?
Chapter 4: WP Admin Area – Introduction to WP Dashboard
✔️ What is the WordPress Dashboard?
✔️ WordPress Dashboard Screen Areas
✔️ WP Admin Area: Toolbar
✔️ WordPress Admin Area: Navigation Menu
Chapter 5: WP Plug-ins – Introduction & Installation
✔️ WordPress Plug-ins
✔️ How to Install a WordPress Plugin – Step by Step for Beginners
✔️ Best WordPress Plugins for Your Site
Chapter 6: What, Why, & Hows of WP Salts & Security Keys
✔️ What Are WordPress Security Keys & Salts?
✔️ How Does WordPress Salts and Security Keys Work?
✔️ How to Use WordPress Security Keys and Salts?

Chapter 7: Difference Between Posts vs. Pages in WP
✔️ What are Posts in WordPress?
✔️ What are Pages in WordPress?
✔️ When to Use WordPress Pages
✔️ When to Use WordPress Posts
✔️ Features of Both WordPress Pages & Posts
✔️ WordPress Pages vs. Posts (Key Differences)
Chapter 8: Deploying security measures in WordPress
✔️ Basics of WordPress Security
✔️ WordPress Security in Easy Steps (No Coding)
✔️ WordPress Security for DIY Users
Chapter 9: Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders
✔️ Why Use a Drag and Drop Page Builder for WordPress?
✔️ Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders
Chapter 10: What are the Limitations of WordPress.com?
Chapter 11: Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid
Chapter 12: Conclusion

Module #3 – Chapter Images

In this module, WP Training Kit are offering graphics for every topic which is covered in this course i.e. the Training Guide. These High-Quality graphics will enhance your product’s value.

Module #4 – 10 Unique Articles Bundled into One

WP Training Kit provide you 10 articles based on the topics related to WordPress, written by professionals which will further help you improve your sales. You do not invest your time and energy in it.

Article 1 – Dropshipping Made Simple: A Step by Step Guide for WordPress
Article 2 – WordPress Logo & Trademark – Four Must Know Rules About Them
Article 3 – Tips to Create Long Form Content in WordPress
Article 4 – How to Add Caption to Images in WordPress?
Article 5 – WordPress eCommerce Tips to Attract Traffic that Converts
Article 6 – Basic Settings – Every Blog Requirement
Article 7 – Password Protect Your WordPress Site
Article 8 – WordPress Website Logo Design for Every Budget
Article 9 – Why Word press is the best platform
Article 10 – Common WordPress Attacks

Module #5 – Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is a practical tool that will guide you with easy to follow steps of the whole training. Each and every aspect of training is broken down into easy and executable steps that will help you master the process and keep entire training at your fingertips. It makes the entire package more lucrative.

Module #6 – Mind Map

Mind Maps will be a broad outline of the entire training program. With this handy tool, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the complete training and will absorb the contents easily.

Module #7 – Top Resource Report

This is a comprehensive Research Report on using WordPress. It includes Videos, Tools, Training courses, Forums, Affiliate programs, Infographics, Facts, and Case studies.

Module #8 – Raw Video Files

You will get access to the raw video files of the complete training. The source files come in multiple text formats.

Module #9 – High Converting Sales Copy

This professional sales page copy can get huge sales rolling in as part of your front end sales drive.

Module #10 – Customer Sales Video

WP Training Kit giving you latest and updated Doodle style Sales videos that will drive traffic and improve your sales conversions. That is the reason WP Training Kit giving you these videos as a part of this offer to boost your sales to the next level.

Module #11 – Professionally Designed Graphics

WP Training Kit will provide you with a complete set of professionally designed graphics for selling the product. It will include necessary artwork to sell the product and make it more convincing; you’ll be able to use these graphics at your own convenience.

Module #12 – Animated Banners

Why create banners yourself when WP Training Kit team is working hard to make it easy for you. WP Training Kit providing you with superbly designed animated banners that will drive traffic and convert sales instantly.

Module #13 – Professionally created expert Email Templates

In this module, WP Training Kit providing you with professionally written email swipes that will substantially leverage your sales and earnings. You can always choose any one of them, pick a subject line and send it to persuade further.


Module #14 – Professional Minisite

WP Training Kit team have professionally designed the Sales Pages for you to just use them for your sales funnel. You do not have to invest your time and energy in hiring professionals or writing on your own. These templates are ready to use to improvise your sales.

Module #15 – Legal Pages

In this module, WP Training Kit providing you with 4 legal pages namely Anti-Spam policy, Earning Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms, and Conditions. You can edit or modify it based on your company’s privacy policies and legal terms.

WP Training Kit Review Comes
With 3 Flexible Licensing Options

Options Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, and Personal Use Rights are Available.

You can choose according to your convenience.

Bonus 1: WordPress SEO Class Video Tutorials

Improving your SEO is a crucial part of your ranking and traffic strategy. Within this special bonus package is a video tutorial course, you’re going to get over 45 videos all about WordPress and how to improve your SEO. If you’re a WordPress user and trying to learn how to improve your site with SEO, then this video tutorial course will help you out.

Bonus 2: Google Adsense WordPress Themes Collection

Setting up your website’s theme is a crucial part of your online presence. Your website outlook and functionality directly affect your business’s success. Inside this awesome bonus package, there is a collection of 4 WordPress ready to go themes. Easy to use and ready to go. Simply add your Google Adsense snippet and install your WordPress theme, and that’s it.

Bonus 3: Photo Blast Plus WordPress Plugin

Great blog content can be as diverse as the bloggers themselves but there appear to be a few “tricks” that continually crop up and one of them is the use of images in their posts. It really is true: A picture is worth 1,000 words. The point is that adding an image to your blog post, even it requires a little more of your time per post, is worth the effort and cost that may be associated with the effort. And this incredible bonus plugin will allow you to do just that.

Bonus 4: Money Blog PRO WordPress Plugin

Blogging can make you a great income. Monetize your blogs the easy way… Adsense and Amazon offer an easy way to get paid for your visitors. You don’t need to put in an effort to find suitable ads. Just let the system find suitable ads and serve them up automatically. The process is generally complex and time-consuming. Our Money Blog Pro plugin offers a very quick and easy solution that can have ad units up and running on your blog in two minutes flat.

Bonus 5: Install SEO WordPress

Having a WordPress site is one thing, but what makes one website stand out from another is how it can get ranked in search engines such as Google or Bing. To do this you need to know basic and advanced SEO. Within this amazing video training course bonus, you’re going to get a tone of videos that will uncover everything you need to know to get your website ranked higher to bring in loads of free traffic.

Bonus 6: Designing A WordPress Website

Designing a full-fledged WordPress is a neck-breaking task. It takes weeks or even months dedication, technical knowledge, and optimum creativity skills to make a fully functional professional looking attractive website for your online business. Inside this mind-blowing bonus package is an audiobook with 10 MP3 chapters. These professionally recorded audio files are perfect for creating videos or audio files.

Bonus 7: WP On Fire

WordPress eats memory resources like crazy. Even if you’re using plugins to cache your WordPress sites, you need to know that… not every resource can be cached and you’re still consuming resources when you are serving those pages. Which could mean that your sites could go offline with more frequencies? This unique bonus WordPress plugin allows you to automatically redirect your visitors to any URL when the memory of your website starts to collapse. A great method to redirect your traffic to another sales page to make more sales.

WP Training Kit Bonus #1
Product Launch Workshop LIVE


Are you willing to make money from selling your own infoproduct? If you want success in your infoproduct, you must know a few things to get your product up and running.

Don’t worry, with this 5-part video course, you’ll get live sessions taught by an experienced marketer getting your product up and running quickly. You’ll learn to set your funnels, sales pages, autoresponders, sales buttons, graphics, and much more.

This bonus when combined with WP Training Kit , proves to be a great resource for every success hungry marketer.

WP Training Kit Bonus #2
How To Create And Launch New Products Every Month

Launching a product is exciting as well as stressful. The only way to ensure a successful product launch is to start early and get as much real-world feedback as possible before you launch.

If you are searching for some result grabbing tips, here comes an end to your searches. These video tutorials will teach you how to get ideas for a new product, how to create a new product, how to write a sales page, how to search a platform etc.

You can easily use this bonus software with WP Training Kit and create a big business booster to secure best results with greater traffic and more profit.

WP Training Kit Bonus #3
Your First Sales Funnel

If you are an affiliate marketer or digital product owner who aims to have a hugely successful product launch, having an effective sales funnel will help you close more sales to your product.

The good news though is that inside this product is a video tutorial that will guide you on how to make your sales funnel for the first time in your internet marketing career.

Now, stop thinking and build your website with this software and use content curation with WP Training Kit to boost rankings like you always wanted.

WP Training Kit Bonus #4
W+ For New Warriors

Are you looking for information on WarriorPlus or confused whether WarriorPlus is a legitimate company or not?

To solve your doubt, we have come up with a video series that will explain to you what Warrior Plus is and what are its advantages. You will also get to know the process of selling products on warrior plus.

So, what are you waiting for? Combine this package with countless benefits that you get with WP Training Kit and take your profits to the next level.

WP Training Kit Bonus #5
JVZOO Conversion Secrets

Whether you use JVZoo or another platform, you need to know how to boost your sales and how to implement realistic methods fast.

To learn the methods, you can grab this 8-part video course and understand how to increase your digital product sales. You will find out what JVZoo features are helpful in boosting your sales. Also, you will learn the methods and reasoning behind it to understand whyyou need to use them.

This bonus, when combined with WP Training Kit, becomes an ultimate growth booster for business owners.

WP Training Kit Bonus #6
Joint Venture Marketing

You might be learning what to do while preparing for your first Joint Venture project. There are important details you have to learn, concerning the right professional steps to set up and take.

With this bonus package, you will learn effective tips for a successful partnership that will cover the entire JV partnership spectrum.

This bonus is a boon and when combined with WP Training Kit, this package becomes a top-notch business booster.

WP Training Kit Bonus #7
JV Secrets 2.0

Are you finding a way to generate a huge amount of traffic without depending on any kind of platform or websites that are only looking to profit themselves and fatten their bank account?

Your wait is over! With this bonus, software discovers the secret of driving massive amounts of server crushing traffic without spending any time or money and learn how to build your business from scratch again if you were to lose your list, blog or sites tomorrow.

So, what are you waiting for? Just combine this ultimate package with WP Training Kit and take your business to the next level.

WP Training Kit Bonus #8
Social Traffic Plan

Social Media has numerous advantages for your business. Learning about effectively utilize the most popular social media platforms is the first step to driving more traffic to your site and finding success.

This simple guide will guide you how to boost your targeted website traffic using social media and how to utilize social media platforms to increase traffic to your business site properly.

This package is a must have and when combined with WP Training Kit, it reaps great results for you in the long run.

WP Training Kit Bonus #9
Backlink Bandit Software

Backlinks help you grab lots of quality traffic that comes most of from search engines results. The higher the number of quality backlinks you have, the better you rank, and backlink bandit does it for you. So, this ultimate software creates over 5000 backlinks for your website.

This package is a must have and when combined with WP Training Kit, it reaps great results for you in the long run.

WP Training Kit Bonus #10
How to Convert

Conversion is an industry term commonly centered around product launches, sales pages, and by this term, we measure the success of a product launch. If you want your visitor to become a buyer, you must master this term.

This video course will teach you how to convert your visitors into customers. Also, you will get to know how to attract affiliates and raise a buzz and awareness to make more sales.

This bonus is a boon and when combined with WP Training Kit, this package becomes a must have for every growth hungry marketer.

WP Training Kit Bonus #11
Effective Paid Traffic Sources

If you are a blogger, affiliate marketer or a product launch owner, traffic is very important for your online business. But Traffic is not that easy to get a thing. What if you want quick traffic? Paid traffic is the solution there.

Paid traffic can be paid advertisements like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads and other web property platforms. With this bonus guide, you will learn more about Paid traffic, its various platforms, and how to use it to boost your benefits.

When combined with the ultimate software WP Training Kit, this package will reap great results in the near future.

WP Training Kit Bonus #12
Traffic Meltdown

We all want more and more traffic to grow our businesses. The increased audience is the only medium to sort out the leads into paying customers to your product or service offers.

This guide helps you learn the process of traffic generation very easily so that you can get your work started without any hindrance.

When combined with WP Training Kit, it becomes a lethal combination and boosts traffic and profits hands down.

WP Training Kit Bonus #13
Traffic Splitter

Advertising online results to be costlier as it involves many quality solo ads. And, sometimes these ads just don’t perform as well as you might have hoped. But in order to get traffic for your business, you will need them. So, do you want to reduce the cost and risk of advertising online?

If yes, then you need to find other webmasters selling something similar and then split the cost of the advertising with them. Traffic Splitter is the one that will work for you, and take your efforts in the right direction.

This bonus when combined with WP Training Kit, proves to be a great resource for every success hungry marketer.

WP Training Kit Bonus #14
Membership Mogul

An online membership website is one of the most profitable types of membership programs of all because you have no inventory or shipping to deal with!

In this guide, you will learn about how you can start your own membership site in just about any niche or genre you can think of, how to find members and successfully launch your membership program even if you haven’t done it before.

This package is a must have and when combined with WP Training Kit, it reaps great results for you in the long run.

WP Training Kit Bonus #15
Membership Launch Formula V2

A membership site is simply an online location that allows people to browse through products, services, forums, and other online functions by signing up with the site.

If you’ve been struggling to earn tons of income in your Internet marketing endeavors, inside is a great solution for you.Membership Launch Formula is the complete step-by-step system that walks you through the process of easily and effectively launching your own WordPress Based Membership Site.

So, get in active mode and use this bonus with WP Training Kit to intensify your growth prospects like never before.

WP Training Kit Bonus #16
Internet Business Models Video Upgrade

There is a proven sequence of steps you can follow to guarantee your success when you’re starting a small business online.

With this step by step video course, you will learn about 4 proven internet business models in the least amount of the time.Models explained inside this course are easy to set up, low cost, evergreen, low risk and highly scalable.

This bonus is a great add-on to the info selling powers that WP Training Kit possesses and will take your marketing benefits to the next level.

WP Training Kit Bonus #17
The Sales Funnel Playbook Video Course

One of the core concepts in the digital marketing industry is the sales funnel that can take a business from virtually non-existent to a multi-million-dollar marketing machine. A sales funnel is divided into several steps, which differ depending on the particular sales model.

This course will demonstrate the steps you’ll need to take to make sure you have a Sales Funnel thatis effective in maximizing your profit.

When combined with WP Training Kit, this bonus becomes a lethal combination and boosts traffic and profits hands down.

WP Training Kit Bonus #18
Easy Video Sales Pages

Sales page plays a very important role in converting your website visitors into buyers. All you need is to create an engaging one.

If you want some proven formulas to create an engaging sales page with which you can expect a huge sale in your offers, this bonus guide will help you learn them.

This package is of multi-utility when combined with the immense powers of WP Training Kit.

WP Training Kit Bonus #19
Webinar Fever

Hosting a webinar allows your business to showcase its expertise, industry knowledge, abilities, skills, products, and services. Your webinar also benefits helping your audience to engage with and even become emotionally invested in your business.

Webinar Fever gives a general overview of the Webinar, how to use them, and the general direction of this technology and ultimately boost production in your business for higher profits.

This bonus is a great add-on to the info selling powers that WP Training Kit opossesses and will take your marketing benefits to the next level.

WP Training Kit Bonus #20
Covert Video Squeeze Page Creator

The money is in the list. That’s what many successful online entrepreneurs are saying.And if you are not doing it, you are leaving a lot of money in front of you. But, how to build a list? The most effective way to do it is by using video squeeze pages.

If you are not a web designer, you might want to hire someone to do it for you and the fact is that it cost a lot of money.The good news is that you can now build an amazing yet high-converting squeeze page that will generate a lot of subscribers using this amazing software.

This bonus, when combined with WP Training Kit, becomes an ultimate growth booster for business owners.


1. Buy WP Training Kit From My Link

2. After your purchase is complete, our bonuses will be waiting for you inside your JVZoo customer portal and member area.

If you’re interested in cashing in on a very lucrative niche, check this out today!

WP Training Kit Review – Evaluation and Price

Personal Use: $7
Resell Rights: $11.95
Private Lable Rights: $12.95
Personal Use: $29.95
Resell Rights: $35.95
Private Lable Rights: $37.95

What’s inside:

Module #1: Step-by-step Tutorial Videos (22 Chapters)
Module #2: 15 Professionally designed PPTs
Module #3: Video Raw Files (w/ PLR only)
Module #4: Product Graphics (PSDs w/ PLR Only)
Module #5: High-Converting Upsell Sales Copy
Module #6: Upsell Minisites
Module #7: Expert sales video
Module #8: Professionally written follow-up email swipes
Module #9: Complete Lead Magnet System…Inside this you will get:
Sub Module #1: Squeeze Page Index File
Sub Module #2: Squeeze Page Copy
Sub Module #3: Squeeze Page Graphics
Sub Module #4: Squeeze Page Free Report
Sub Module #5: Squeeze Page Follow-up Swipes

With 9 awesome Bonuses:
Bonus 1: Back Control Pro WordPress Plugin
Bonus 2: EZ Viral Contest WordPress Plugin
Bonus 3: WordPress Plugin Powerpack
Bonus 4: BIZ Landing Page WordPress Plugin
Bonus 5: WP Sales Automator WordPress Plugin
Bonus 6: ComboLok Squeeze Machine
Bonus 7: WP AD Hub Plugin
Bonus 8: WP Video Commission Plugin
Bonus 9: WP SEO Track Plugin

Personal Use: $21.95
Resell Rights: $27.95
Private Lable Rights: $29.95

NOTE: If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package.

WP Training Kit Review – My Opinion

If you want to leverage the potential of WordPress and PLR for your business success this offer is really for you.

The quality of the package is top notch, and I’m confident you’ll really enjoy the Course, Bonuses and reselling it with PLR license & sales materials.

PLR license and DFY sales materials allows to start make profits with minimal time and money.

This deserves my 100% recommendation.

This is a unique offer and you can turn it into your own personal ATM within minutes only…so grab it ASAP.

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