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xVirally reviewxVirally Review – New Software Drives Traffic To Your Pages From 20 DIFFERENT Social Media Platforms, In Just A Few Clicks

XVirally Review – A Preface

Hello everybody and welcome to this xVirally review.

xVirally reviewFor those of you producing content out there you will know that the producing the making of the content is only half the work. Actually when you finish making the content you starting the sharing and the spreading on different platforms.

It’s can take a lot of time it’s also kind of tedious and it’s it’s it’s something that you really wish you could automate so you can finish your content share it without too much hassle.

And xVirally is aiming to help you do. so if you are looking for an automatic sharing tool this software is definitely for you.

People already using this already and they’re already finding that it is helping them and out it is saving them a lot of time. So we’re gonna get into how it can help you save time how it can help you make money

And along with xVirally today you can also get your hands on about 25 extra bonus products.

XVirally Review – What Is It?

xVirally is the ONLY social media traffic generation tool that allows you get highly targeted traffic from 20 different social media platforms FROM ONE DASHBOARD.

You can instantly tap into Billions of potential customers

xVirally Review

Today xVirally it’s the only social media management software that allows you get traffic from 20 different social networks. The closest that can do that right now only allows you post to 6 networks.

So unless you’re fine losing traffic from the remaining 14 other networks, xVirally is the best software for you right now.

XVirally Review – Features

xVirally Review20 NETWORKS

It’s the only social media management software that allows you get traffic from 20 different social networks.

The closest that can do that right now only allows you post to 6 networks.

So unless you’re fine losing traffic from the remaining 14 other networks, xVirally is the best software for you right now.


Step 1: Log in to xVirally

Step 2: Connect your social media accounts. You can connect as many as you want…no limits

Step 3: Post your content and xvirally will push it to 20 social networks for you, bringing you loads of traffic


It’s the only social media management software that allows you posts to multiple blogs at the same time.

So you can manage both your social networks and your blogs from one platform, saving yourself time.


It comes at the most insane price ever.

Other social media management software, which by the way does less than what xVirally does, charges monthly to use it.

But you only pay a one-time fee for xVirally. That’s over $588 in yearly savings for you.

XVirally Review – Extra Features

xVirally Review

🏆 Easily Post Your Content To 20 Platforms With One Click
🏆 Save Time With The “Schedule Your Post” Feature
🏆 Engage With Your Facebook And Instagram Audience From Within xVirally
🏆 Add Unlimited Accounts And Group Them By Niche/Businesses
🏆 Never Lack Content For Your Social Media Audience
🏆 100MB Free Image Storage Included For You
🏆 All The Images You Will Ever Need For Your Social Media Posts
🏆 Never Miss A Trend; Ride On It To Get More Traffic Using xVirally
🏆 Post On Your Blog Too Without Logging Into Your WordPress Admin Area


xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #1. Instashop

Instashop will let let you turn your instagram account into a shoppable store, you will be able to sell to your customers directly inside of instagram when they are most engaged… In 3 simple steps you will be able to use instashop to quickly sell any of your offers!

STEP 1: Install instashop plugin to you website

STEP 2: Authenticate instashop with instagram

STEP 3: Configure some settings and start selling

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #2. iGramMachine

iGramMachine is exactly that software tool. It helps put your Instagram account on autopilot, doing the liking and commenting activities for you round the clock, attracting followers to your account even when you are asleep. It’s a powerful tool, but used incorrectly you could appear like a spammer and lose hard earned real followers.


  • ==> Auto Activity: This feature help you auto doing the liking, commenting, following, unfollow, followback, repost media, delete your media activities for you round the clock.
  • ==> Auto Post: This feature help you auto post on your Instagram accounts.
  • ==> Post types: Photo, Story Photo and Video.
  • ==> Preview post: Instagram post preview before posting in real
  • ==> Schedule posts: Manage your post schedule with ease, Save post: Save your posts
  • ==> Emojis: Supported a lot of great emojis
  • ==> Auto Send Direct Message: This feature help you auto send message to your following and followers on your Instagram accounts.
  • ==> Instagram Search: You can search by username or hashtag with keyword.
  • ==> Instagram Download: Enter Media ID or Media URL on instagram to can download any video or photo very easy.
  • ==> Proxy addition and management
  • ==> Target by Followers
  • ==> Target by Followings
  • ==> Target byLikers
  • ==> Target by Commenters
  • ==> Post media with carousel
  • ==> Post story video

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #3. PictuMatic – Image hosting, editing and sharing

Easily create your own photo hosting, sharing, editing and management application in minutes. No Coding knowledge required.

– Documentation – Picturish comes with in depth documentation that explains everything from installation to all the features.
– Ads – 7 integrated ad spots. All you need to do is paste your ad codes in admin area and picturish will do the rest.
– Analaytics – Google analytics are integrated right into admin area.
– Photo Hosting – Easily create a photo hosting site with massive feature set or just use it as a self-hosted image editing and hosting application.
– Dashboard – Advanced dashboard with feature set that rivals services such as google drive.
– Photo Editor – Powerful integrated photo editor allows the creation of new photos or easy editing of already uploaded photos.
– Admin Area – PictuMatic comes with fully-featured admin area, that allows you to manage your users, photos, ads and many settings such as maximum allowed disk space for each user.
– Sharing – Uploaded photos can be shared easily to all the most popular social services.
– Links – Each uploaded photo has direct, preview, embed, forum and more links generated for any use case.

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #4. FB Viral and Marketing Social App

Did you ever dream to get a viral app fully integrated to the Facebook experience? You’ve got it. With this app you can let you users connect with their Facebook account before being able to access a reserved content (video, article, download link…).

But that’s only one part of this app can do, here are the most awesome and marketing oriented list of features…


– Get and store in your database the users email

– Be able to post a message on your users Facebook wall

– Be able to send an email to your users

– You can send message to only one, or a selected group of users !

– Preview any user data stored in the database (email, name, etc)

– Build-in tool to export your users data into a CSV format

– Automatic send a defined email to your users when they first connect

– Ability to delete the users from the backend interface

– Customize the content reserved for connected users right from a backend form

– Rich text editor for the locked content (new)

This app can get you more traffic, features a proven way to get your real users email, and can be a base for your promotional and marketing projects.

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #5. Viralist – Viral lists script with Facebook App

And guess what, you will be able to do the same as Buzzfeed with our new awesome Viral Script, Viralist.

Viralist is a Viral lists website script written in PHP that lets you build a viral content website with awesome curated lists like Buzzfeed. Viralist supports a lot of media types like Photos, videos(Youtube and Vimeo), SoundCloud audio, quotes, etc. Support for a lot of other media types will be added in future.

Lists get super viral and they are easy to make. With Viralist, your users could make awesome lists for you. They can signup with their email or via Facebook and create lists with our simple and easy interface. You can either enable auto approval or approve the user-created lists manually via the admin panel.

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #6. Pinmarketer

Time-saving tools to automate your Pinterest Marketing for your business! Your virtual Pinterest Marketing Manager. It helps you save time by automating your pinterest tasks such as commenting, replying and selling etc so you can grow leads and engagement.

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #7. TweetBox

Time-saving tools to automate your Twitter Marketing for your business! Your virtual Twitter Marketing Manager. It helps you automates your twitter tasks such as commenting, replying and promoting etc so you can grow leads, sales and engagement.


Search and Comment, Search and Reply, Search and Send, Search and Promote, Search & Invite, Search and Mention, Keyword/Hashtag Contest, Autoreply, Auto Bookings, Auto Coupons, Auto Promotions, Auto Sell etc.

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #8. FB & Promo Builder

This is a WP plugin that allows you to easily create facebook fanpages, facebook sweeptakes directly inside wordpress which is a great way to encourage people to visit, share and promote your money site

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #9. FB Page Analytics:

– Page Reach and Page Impressions

– Interactive Posts

– Page and Tab Visits

– Fans Online

– Likes & Unlikes

– Age and Gender

– Country

– City

– Referrers

– Sources

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #10. FB Page Manager:

Features include;

– Page insights with export options

– Advanced insights section with 127 metrics

– One post to multiple pages with single click

– Individual post detailed insights

– Scrap YouTube/Facebook video to your page

– Supports unlimited pages amd user accounts

– Page limit for each user account

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #11. VIDDOPOP

Create proven to convert video popups using Viddopop app and start leveraging the bouncing off traffic and converting them into lead’s and s’ales.

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #12. FB Viral Box

FB ViralBox lets you take any of your fan pages or posts and turns it into a viral post or page using auto sharing and incentivised sharing. Fastest way to 4X your traffic on Facebook.

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #13.  Viral Quiz Machine

Create awesome and viral quizzes on your WP site, as Buzzfeed does, but with more features! It’s the best and the simplest wordpress quiz plugin ever!

Need MORE TRAFFIC on your WordPress site ?

Need to CAPTIVATE your readers ?

Need to CAPTURE EMAILS faster ?

Need MORE PAGEVIEWS for your ads business ?

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #14. FB TNT – Trending Now Traffic

Facebook Trending Now Traffic is a simple to install wordpress plugin that allows you to drive traffic like the big boys (google, yahoo, bing) around your site and more importantly off your facebook page and onto your website.

FB TNT uses the power of trending information via rss/xml feeds to drive traffic to your website. It’s very simple to use (watch the demo video) and easy to install and setup.

There are many features included in the wordpress plugin such as the ability to set popups, popup delays, and other features to drive targeted traffic to specific offers or landing pages that you are trying to promote.

Start using Facebook and News People want to Read to drive Traffic to your Website!

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #15. WP Facebook Apps Creator

Make your brand shine with custom and branded Facebook page tabs. Take out the hassle and expense of creating Facebook fan page tabs and apps whilst using the wordpress tools that we all know and love…

Features Includes;

=> Easy creation of custom & branded FB Apps

=> Create unlimited Facebook apps

=> Create single page or multi-page mini site apps

=> Completely self-hosted on your wordpress server

=> Facebook pixel integration for remarketing ads

=> Facebook conversion tracking integration

=> Set Facebook standard events tracking

=> Google Analytics integration

=> Custom appearance, look and feel in your apps

=> Custom templates for your theme

=> Compatible with visual composer, Revolution slider, Woocommerce and Buddypress

=> Compatible with WordPress MultiSite

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #16. Reviewer WordPress Plugin

It’s is a premium Plugin that allows you to insert  reviews and comparison tables inside your WordPress blog posts, pages, and custom post types quickly and easily. If you need to create a gorgeous recap box for your full review post or just a simple but powerful user reviews system, this is the plugin you are looking for.

The plugin flexible structure allows you to create any review type: no limits, just create a template and insert your personal review inside your posts or pages. Users and visitors can leave theirs reviews on the review box you have created.

The plugin offers different customizable themes so that you can adapt your reviews and comparison tables to your need. Each theme has a responsive layout to adapt to any devices.

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #17. Social Tracker

Social Tracker is a way to save common searches and browse any social mentions on Facebook or Twitter directly in one dashboard. Get a list of your brand mentions across the two most popular platforms, so you can manage your social media reputation easier.

This script uses Twitter and Facebook’s official API, so there is no threat of having it blocked from platform security and spam changes.

This simple tool lets you store your brand name, so you can find the most recent tweets and Facebook posts that mention your brand or products. Use it on your site or include the code in a WordPress plugin for your clients.

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #18. MyInstaMultilinks

This is a problem solver for Instagram’s linking problem. Have you ever wanted to manage multiple links through your instagram account and you found out you can only put one unique link in your bio? If so, then this is the solution for you and your users.

Create a great website where you register and add as many links as you want and only paste your custom profile’s url in your instagram’s bio and never change it again

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #19. Video to GIF software (app) for Mobile Phones (Android/iPhone)

Video to GIF Maker is app to extract an animated GIF file from a video.

The GIF creation was designed to make this entire process extremely easy for you.

You will be able to trim your video and convert only a segment to an optimized small size gif.

You GIF will be easy to share on the web.

Note: This is exactly the special bonus you need at the moment to enable

you get double value for less. yes! You will access to an app that convert images

to images while you get my complimentary bonus app that convert Videos to Gif.


=> Convert video to gif.

=> Capture video and convert to gif.

=> Pick up video from phone and convert to gif.

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #20. FB Discount Machine

Make your products or promotions go viral – The more you share, the cheaper you buy!

Create a facebook discount locker so customers can share with friends, followers, subscribers or group members on facebook to reduce the price. When they reach the targeted amount, they can unlock your discount. Use for Salons, Shops, Trade Business, Events and Restaurants.

This will help you turn customers into your personal viral marketing team who tells all their friends about your business or products, growing your footfall, sales and referrals overnight.

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #21. FB Business Scraper & Page Analytics

It let’s you collect data from Facebook pages, groups, event and locations. You can scrape, collect emails, telephone, urls, address, ecc in just one click.

Here are some cool features of FB Miner:

– Export results to Excel or Csv format, – Export results table in PDF format,

– Build a database for business contact or Facebook Marketing, – Filter results for each table column,

– Filter results for each table column and many more..

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #22. MediaStreamer

“MediaStreamer” is a complete solution for Live Streaming Business Website and Management System. This CMS Includes almost everything you need to make a Live Streaming and Video Sharing business website.

Viewers can view any channel by single click and no need for registration. Admin can add adsence or custom add to get profit from this system and everything is fully dynamic.

This script is fully responsive for any device. Admin can manage complete website without single line of coding knowledge. It has strong SQL injection protection system which will keep away this system from hackers.

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #23. Live Streamer

Live Streamer is Facebook Live Video streaming tool which allows you to go live in Facebook with Pre-recorded video and share across all your pages. You can go live immediately or schedule live video for future. Also this application has option to create Live Event for more Engagement before actual live broadcasting.

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #24. URL Trimer

URL Trimer is a GDPR compliant. Earn money by starting your own monetized link shortening service, just like adf.ly(adfly), ouo.io, linkshrink.net or shorte.st clone scripts!

Allow members to shorten links & earn money, and keep a share of the profit. AdLinkFly includes a complete publisher and advertiser system, campaigns, referrals, withdrawals, API, translation ready, PayPal, Stripe, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin(Coinbase – CoinPayments), WebMoney, Perfect Money, PAYEER, Money Wallet & Bank Transfer integration, reCAPTCHA integration and much more!

xVirally ReviewxVirally Bonus #25. LiveChat

LiveChat is an intelligent WordPress live chat plugin. This plugin will work in any wordpress site which need a customer sales and support system through live chat.

xVirally Review



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